Chapter 599 - The Destruction of the Sacred Sun Sect

“Heavenly Extreme Realm eleven!”


“He… They are all powerful from the Immortal Weapons Pavilion.”


“The Sacred Sun Sect is going to be finished…”


Yun Jian alone was enough to blow away the souls of everyone present, not to mention the powerful eleven of the Heavenly Extreme Realm Immortal Weapons Pavilion.


Such an alignment would be enough to sweep through the entire Illusory Sea Realm.


"Emperor Dan really has something to do with the Immortal Weapons Pavilion!" The hearts of Tian Xianzi and the other alchemists were in shock.


No wonder Feng Wushen didn't need Tian Xianzi and the others to intervene, it just so happened that he had the help of strong people from the Immortal Weapons Pavilion.


"He's really a strong member of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion! Feng Wushen is also related to the Immortal Weapons Pavilion!" Mo Ling'er's face was filled with disbelief as her body swayed, nearly losing her balance.


Feng Wushen's transcendent status once again set a new high in Mo Ling'er's heart.


Mo Ling'er now only felt that she could not hold her head high in front of Feng Wushen, and all her pride was worthless in Feng Wushen's eyes.


“The Grand Commander of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion has come in person…” Zhuge Liancheng's face was as pale as paper, and an unseen panic bloomed on his face.


Eleven Heavenly Extreme Realm powerhouses shook everyone in the Sacred Sun Sect, and the disciples were so scared that they all wanted to flee the Sect immediately.


They were not afraid of the Dragon God Temple, even if the generals of the Dragon God Temple had magical and strange body techniques, they were still not afraid, but the Immortal Weapons Pavilion was different, and the Immortal Weapons Pavilion was definitely not something that the Sacred Sun Sect could afford to offend.


Hundreds of Dragon God Temple generals, who were continuing to slaughter frantically, had killed more than 5,000 people in a matter of minutes!


“Big Brother Feng has really invited a powerhouse from the Immortal Weapons Pavilion!” Liu Qingyang was filled with dismay and was shocked.


“One Great Commander is enough to deal with the Sacred Sun Sect, and the Temple Master has actually invited eleven of them!” Nangong Zhan and the others looked at Yun Jian and the other eleven mighty Heavenly Extreme Realms in surprise.


Yun Jian and the others did not speak, respectfully waiting for Feng Wushen's order.


“Patriarch Duan, you no longer have a choice!” With an icy gaze towards the terrified Duan Chong, Feng Wushen said coldly.


Hearing these words, Duan Chong, who was in a state of panic, suddenly woke up, his face turning gloomy.


One misstep, one misstep.


Duan Chong had made the wrong decision in choosing to keep Duan Mo Ming alive.


For Duan Mo Ming's sake, Duan Chong came to despise the lives of all the people of the Sacred Sun Sect. Unfortunately, what Duan Chong could not imagine was that even if he had made a move, he would not have been able to save Duan Mo Ming today and it would have cost the Sacred Sun Sect nothing.


Duan Chong asked with a grim expression on his face, “Emperor Dan, what exactly do you want before you are willing to let Duan Mo Ming go?”


Feng Wushen said nonchalantly, “I never wanted to let Duan Mo Ming go. If you had the guts to attack my Dragon God Temple, you should have known that you would end up today.”


As the words fell, Feng Wushen fiercely stretched out his hand and grabbed into the air, a strong force forcibly sucking the badly injured Duan Mo Ming from below.


"Duan Mo Ming!" Duan Chong was about to stop him, but he realized that an extremely terrifying energy from Yun Jian was suppressing them, and Duan Chong was unable to resist at all.


"Yun Jian! Don't stop this master." Duan Chong roared in anxiety.


Yun Jian just ignored him, pretending not to have heard.


Once Duan Mo Ming falls into Feng Wushen's hands, Duan Mo Ming will definitely die.


“Emperor Dan, if you want to kill me, kill me, let Duan Mo Ming go!” Duan Chong yelled in panic.


"You are you, Duan Mo Ming is Duan Mo Ming, no one can save him when I say that I am going to kill him!" Feng Wushen said cold-bloodedly and without mercy, his right hand grabbed the neck of Duan Mo Ming who was flying.


With a cold gaze towards the badly injured Duan Mo Ming, Feng Wushen sneered and asked, “What are your last words?”


“I… I will die before… I won't let you go…” Duan Mo Ming weakly spat out a few words, in a voice so small that it was almost inaudible.




A dagger mercilessly pierced Duan Mo Ming's heart, and a large amount of blood gushed out.


At that moment, there was absolute silence in the room and all eyes fell on Duan Mo Ming.


“You…” Duan Mo Ming struggled a few times, his heart extremely listless.


"Humph! I'll wait for you to take revenge on me after you die!"


Feng Wushen laughed coldly without mercy, then released his hand, and Duan Mo Ming fell to the ground.


"Duan Mo Ming!" Seeing this scene, Duan Chong widened his eyes and roared in pain, his anger erupting uncontrollably.


“Young Patriarch…” The disciples of the Sacred Sun Sect were terrified.


“Big brother Duan…” Mo Ling'er covered her small mouth in misery, her delicate body trembling uncontrollably.


Duan Mo Ming's aura faded away and he was no longer alive.


"Duan Mo Ming is dead... Dead." Cultivators from all directions froze.


The first genius of the Illusory Sea Realm, Duan Mo Ming, has fallen!




Duan Chong's extreme and terrifying power erupted, the Sacred Sun Sect trembled and erupted violently, a palace collapsed one after another, his eyes were red, his murderous aura rushed into the sky, and he went completely berserk.


"Brat! I'll kill you." The furious Duan Chong roared in a frenzy of rage.




The next second, Duan Chong kept appearing in front of Feng Wushen, with speed comparable to instant movement.


However, Yun Jian's speed was even more terrifying than Duan Chong's.


The moment Duan Chong struck, Yun Jian appeared out of nowhere and shot out with even more terrifying speed.






Yun Jian's palm struck with a loud explosion, and Duan Chong's mouth filled with blood as his body shot out like a cannonball.


"Patriarch!" The three old men were startled and went to the height.


"Kill them all!" Feng Wushen said coldly.




As soon as Feng Wushen's words fell, Yun Jian rushed out and the other ten Heavenly Extreme Realm powerhouses also attacked at the first opportunity.


In an instant, Yun Jian arrived in front of Duan Chong and had his palm pressed against his chest.


Duan Chong was shocked, but it was too late to dodge.






Extremely terrifying energy erupted from Duan Chong's body, and Duan Chong spit out blood from his mouth again as a large hole opened directly in his chest.


The Holy Sun Sect Sovereign was killed on the spot.


"Patriarch!" The elders and older members screamed in panic.


“Patriarch Duan has been killed…” The numerous cultivators gathered around were incomparably terrified.


Yun Jian's strike was truly terrifying, killing the number one giant of the Illusory Sea Realm with a single palm strike!


"Boom boom boom!"




The three elders from the Sacred Sun Sect and the remaining two Heavenly Extreme Realm power-ups were also killed one after another, in front of the Immortal Weapon Pavilion power-ups, unable to fight back.


When the Patriarch and the Elders of the Sacred Sun Sect were killed, many disciples panicked and began to flee in all directions for their lives.


"Shoo shoo shoo!"




Hundreds of people from the Dragon God Temple launched into a frenzied slaughter that no one could stop, and Ye Tianwei even executed the Art of Ten Thousand Blades, gathering ten thousand swords to launch the slaughter with unerring precision, the scene was unbearable.


Blood was flowing in rivers in the Sacred Sun Sect, members were scattered everywhere, bodies were piled up like mountains, and the smell of blood was thick.


Even if the Sacred Sun Sect had tens of thousands of disciples, in front of the Dragon God Temple, they would be nothing more than an unbearable pile of trash!


In less than half a demise, none of the Sacred Sun Sect's disciples were spared, all dead in a pool of blood.


The destruction of the Sacred Sun Sect, the number one power in the Illusory Sea Realm!

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