Chapter 600 – Concerns of all parties

West of the city.


There was a huge house, and although it was newly built, it looked quite imposing, and the powers that could enter this house were all among the powers of CangXuan Heaven.


And here, there was even a gathering of elites among the younger generation of CangXuan Heaven.


At this moment, these elites from all the forces of Cangxuan Heaven were directing their gaze towards a plaza within the mansion. The underground currents increased.


There were two waves of teams that were quite large in number facing each other.


Cangxuan Sect.


Sacred Palace.


In the front of the Cangxuan Sect, there were five figures, the five core disciples of the Cangxuan Sect.


Behind them were many of the CangXuan Sect's elite disciples, but at this moment, they were all looking at the opposite side with angry faces and furious eyes.


There, eight figures stood with their hands in the air, their fierceness unmatched, and behind them many of the Holy Palace disciples, as they looked at the Cangxuan Sect with ridicule.


The atmosphere between the two sides was rattling with swords, and a disagreement could directly lead to extremely fierce fighting in the area.


Of course, if these two gigantic sects fought, the other powers would be happy to see it, because only when two tigers fought, would a jackal be able to look for an opportunity and wait for a move.


In a place like Mythical Utopia, even a giant sect would be surrounded by a pack of wolves once they showed their weaknesses.


Not far from the square, an imposing pavilion stood on top of the building, and a few eyes peeked out from here just enough to see the confrontation.


“Oh, this battle is really not small, if they really fought, it would be exciting, Cangxuan Sect is going to suffer” There was a soft voice that gave off a cold and chilling aura.


The voice was that of a man in a black robe. In that black robe, inscribed with a horrible ghost face pattern, his face was thin, like a skeleton.


This was a chief disciple of one of the six giants of Cangxuan Heaven, the Heavenly Ghost Mansion, named Liu Fu.


His words seemed to have some grudges against the Cangxuan Sect, and that was because he had previously fought against the head of the Cangxuan Peak, Tang Mu Xin, but was defeated at the hands of the latter, so he was happy to see the Cangxuan Sect receiving a lesson right now.


Behind him, there were many disciples of the Heavenly Ghost Mansion, and among them, there was a familiar face, which was Zhen Xu.


He had joined the Heavenly Ghost Mansion after the Saint Remains Domain.


Today, he still had that extremely pale appearance, with a gloomy and handsome face, but the Genesis Qi fluctuations surging around him were also becoming increasingly cold and strange.


His gaze, also looking at the square below, swept towards the Cangxuan Sect, and he did not see a certain figure that was once familiar.


He then withdrew his gaze and looked in the other direction, which was now not only his Heavenly Ghost Mansion, but also the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace. The Sword Seeking Sect, the North Sea Dragon Hall, all had bosses leading the parade.


And, to his surprise, he also saw some acquaintances here.


The Hundred Flower Fairy Palace, wearing a black dress, being as charming and seductive as the original Zuoqiu Qingyu.


There, in the Sword Seeking Sect, the young man with a black cloth wrapped around his eyes and carrying a dull sword, although calm and silent, emanating a fierce sword energy, that was the blind sword, Lu Chunjun.


There was also a young man in the North Sea Dragon Hall, naked and carrying a red gold staff, it was Ning Zhan.


The six people who had gathered on their continent to join the six giant sects, plus Zhou Yuan and Lu Luo, had surprisingly gathered here.


The gazes of a few also touched each other, nodding their heads slightly in gesture, but there was not much communication.


"Even if the Cangxuan Sect suffers, I am afraid that the Holy Palace is no better." A woman's voice sounded, she was a head of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, her voice was clearly full of ill will towards the Holy Palace already. who also received a transmission from Tang Xiaoyan's side, the Sacred Palace had made a move against his Hundred Flower Fairy Palace.


Liu Fu left his mouth open and said, "I heard that it was a head of that Cangxuan sect named Zhou Yuan who killed the two heads of the Holy Palace... This rumor is supposed to have some water, right? That one Zhou Yuan, I have never heard of him before"


In the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, Zuoqiu Qingyu's eyebrows raised as he said, “Heavenly Ghost Mansion Head may be wrong, we… The female disciples of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace saw Zhou "Yuan kill Fan Yao of the Holy Palace with his own eyes"


Although she was not the Boss, but the personal successor of the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace Master, her status on the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace side was not low, so for Liu Fu, there was nothing of have to be scrupulous.


Liu Fu seemed to smile and said, "Yes? It seems like he has a few tricks up his sleeve, but when he causes trouble, he hides and lets other disciples take the brunt, so it seems like this Zhou Yuan isn't exactly a good one." kind of character, it can't be said that he used some unsightly tactics at that time to get his way."


He cast his gaze at the square not far away and said, "The eight heads of the Holy Palace came to the door at the same time, this clearly shows that they are not willing to give in today, perhaps Zhou Yuan has already heard the news." , but he does not dare to appear"


“Rather, I pity the other heads of the Cangxuan Sect, especially Hong… His arm has clearly been torn off.”


As soon as this was said, some of the disciples from the other sects nodded their heads slightly, they were not familiar with Zhou Yuan, but now that they saw Zhou Yuan causing trouble and instead making the other disciples bear the burden.


The most important thing is that Zhou Yuan, who was the one who started it all, did not show up in this situation, inevitably giving the impression that he was afraid of the eight bosses of the Sacred Palace being imposing.


“Zhou Yuan is the first person of that generation in our continent, he is not the kind of person that Chief Liu Fu talks about, from what I understand, if he is aware of this and he will surely come” A hoarse voice suddenly sounded.


Many glances were cast, and that was when they saw the young man with a black cloth wrapped around his eyes on the Sword Seeking Sect's side.


After being rejected three or four times, Liu Fu's face was also a little unsightly, looking at the head of the Sword Seeking Sect with a gloomy expression, saying, "What? When was the time to asking the disciples of the Sword Seeking Sect to be so undisciplined?"


The head of the Sword Seeking Sect smiled slightly and said, "Although Brother Lu is not a head, he is the first unelected chosen of my Sword Seeking Sect in a hundred years... He can enter the Sword Prison to cultivate, so Chief Liu Fu should not treat him as an ordinary disciple."


Liu Fu's complexion changed slightly, he naturally knew that only the Chosen could enter the Sword Prison of the Sword Seeking Sect, the overwhelming Sword Qi that permeated it was always like ten thousand blades scraping the bones, even A Boss could barely stand it, this blind man in front of him was able to cultivate in that kind of place...


"This pale continent, poor and isolated, has produced some talents." Liu Fu's eyes were dark and cold, then he glanced at the expressionless Zhen Xu at the back, his heart somewhat resentful.


Because this guy, who was also from that pale continent, was now highly valued in the Heavenly Ghost Mansion.


Hearing him talk ridiculously, Zuoqiu Qingyu and Ning Zhan looked at him coldly.


Liu Fu, however, ignored them and just gave a cold snort, directing his gaze towards that confrontation square.


"Hmph, I'd like to see if that person you've been talking about so much has the guts to show himself here today..."




The corners of his mouth lifted playfully.


"That Zhou Yuan, even if he really dares to show his face, I'm afraid he wouldn't be able to retreat completely."


So, no matter what, it was a dead game for that Zhou Yuan.


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