Chapter 600 - The triumphant return

The strong smell of blood caused vomiting.


Blood was spilled in the Sacred Sun Sect, and the bloody scenes were unbearable.


The practitioners who witnessed the entire massacre were very scared and even fainted from fear.


The destruction of the Sacred Sun Sect can be considered very tragic!


Because of Mo Ling'er, Duan Mo Ming not only put his own life on the line, but also dragged down the entire Sacred Sun Sect.


The fall of Duan Mo Ming and the Sacred Sun Sect has certainly given Zhuge Liancheng a wake-up call.


Zhuge Liancheng was secretly glad that he had not upset Feng Wushen, otherwise he would have ended up the same as Duan Mo Ming, and even dragged the Zhuge family down with him.


The senior members of the Zhuge Family were even glad that they had not faced Feng Wushen during the Alchemy Conference, otherwise the Dragon God Temple would have inevitably struck the Zhuge Family.


The great battle ended, and the generals of the Dragon God Temple began to clean up the battlefield.


"Yun Jian, thank you all for your help, you guys go back first." With his eyes looking towards Yun Jian, Feng Wushen smiled kindly and said.


"Yes!" Yun Jian and the others nodded respectfully and then walked away.


The deference that Yun Jian and the others showed to Feng Wushen undoubtedly shocked the many cultivators present once again.


“The forces that the Dragon God Temple annihilated today, two months ago, had attacked the Dragon God Temple consecutively, the Dragon God Temple only targets enemies.” With his eyes looking at the surrounding crowd, Feng Wushen said softly.


Feng Wushen's gaze swept over Mo Ling'er's body without stopping, as if he was looking at a stranger.


In this battle, the Dragon God Temple could be said to have shaken the Illusory Sea Realm with its might. The Dragon God Temple had broken through from the Star Realm to the Illusory Sea Realm and annihilated twelve great powerhouses, enough to make any power of the Illusory Sea Realm deeply shocked.


The ferocity and ruthless cold-bloodedness displayed by the Dragon God Temple terrified everyone present.


This was the effect that Feng Wushen wanted, Feng Wushen wanted everyone to know the consequences of offending the Dragon God Temple and for everyone to know the Dragon God Temple's fierce methods.


“Senior Tian Xianzi, and all of you, are welcome to visit the Star Realm Dragon Temple as guests when you have time, the Great War has just ended, so we won't be staying long.” With his eyes looking towards Tian Xianzi and the others, Feng Wushen smiled slightly and said.


“I will definitely visit the Dan Long Shen Emperor Hall sometime.” Tian Xianzi nodded, no doubt his deference increased a bit more knowing that Feng Wushen had certain ties to the Immortal Weapons Pavilion.


"Bye". Feng Wushen arched his hand slightly, and then led the Dragon God Temple generals to fight their way back to his home.


"Greetings to Emperor Dan!" Tian Xianzi and the others respectfully saluted.


Watching Feng Wushen leave, Mo Ling'er wanted to say something, but swallowed the words back as they reached her lips.


The crowd from the Dragon God Temple left, and the numerous cultivators who were watching the battle wanted to leave one after another.


By setting foot in the Illusory Sea Realm today, the Dragon God Temple has eliminated a total of twelve major forces, and it is believed that before long, the news will spread throughout the Infinite Domain, and even to any territory of the continent.


By then, the mighty name of the Dragon God Temple will have spread throughout the entire continent.


The generals of the Dragon God Temple will also become fearsome gods of death!


At the end of the battle, the soldiers were very excited, as they had not only destroyed the enemy, but also gained a lot of spoils of war, which was a great harvest.


"Hall Master, today's battle was a painful death!" One of the generals laughed heartily.


“How dare you attack our Dragon God Temple, you are merely seeking your own death!” Another general laughed heartily.


“The Temple Master's strength is really strong, if the Temple Master had used his full strength to perform the Soul Destroyer Sword Skill from the beginning, the battle would have been over long ago!”


"That's it! Duan Mo Ming is no match for the Temple Master at all."


“Temple Master, after this battle, the Dragon God Temple will definitely be famous in the Infinite Domain!”


The soldiers were so excited that they didn't care, even though they were covered in blood, because it represented the outcome of their battle.


Looking at the excited generals, Feng Wushen smiled happily and said, “After we return, cultivate well, and strive for everyone to break through to the Heavenly Human Realm, the Dragon God Temple will definitely become stronger.”


"Yes!" The generals roared with excitement.


If everyone from the Dragon God Temple broke through to the Heavenly Human Realm, more than 500 Heavenly Human Realms, one can imagine how terrifying it would be.


"Brother Feng, we have achieved a great victory this time, shouldn't we celebrate when we return?" Liu Qingyang asked with a smile.


"Celebration! Of course we have to celebrate." Feng Wushen laughed happily.


An hour later, the generals of the Dragon God Temple returned in triumph.


The Dragon God Temple celebrated with a banquet, and all the generals were animated and filled with happy smiles after washing away the blood of their enemies.


News of the Dragon God Temple's annihilation of the twelve great powers of the Illusory Sea Realm had begun to spread rapidly as the Dragon God Temple celebrated.


The news swept through the Illusory Sea Realm and spread from the Illusory Sea Realm to the Star Realm, the Endless Realm, the Western Region, and finally, the entire Endless Domain.


The Zhang family, the auction house, the Heavenly Dao Sect, the Divine Martial Sect, and other major forces of the Infinite Domain were all incomparably shocked by the ferocity and cold-bloodedness of the Dragon God Temple, and even the higher-ups of the Dragon God Temple. Zhang family were startled into a cold sweat.


For a time, the Dragon God Temple undoubtedly became a major presence in the Endless Domain.


The Temple of the Dragon God, the mighty one of the Infinite Domain!


Forces of all sizes spoke of the Dragon God Temple, all of them in awe of the terrifying strength of the Dragon God Temple, especially since the Dragon God Temple had the Immortal Weapons Pavilion behind it!


In the main hall of the Zhang Family, Zhang Tianyun and the elders, as well as the senior members, all had surprised expressions on their faces after receiving the news.


"The twelve forces of the Illusory Sea Realm were bloodied, none were spared, and the Sacred Sun Sect was also bloodied, Emperor Dan's methods are truly terrifying." Zhang Tianyun's face was covered in astonishment, with a bit of disbelief.


"Twelve forces, how many people will have died here?" Zhang Wufeng's old face stiffened a bit, Feng Wushen 's terrifying murders had made him feel incomparable fear.


“Old Master has recruited the help of the Yun Jian Immortal Weapons Pavilion and the others, eliminating the Sacred Sun Sect was as easy as a snap, tens of thousands of people from the Sacred Sun Sect were all killed, the tactics of the Old Master are generally terrifying". Chi Kong couldn't help but tremble as she spoke.


If Zhang Tianyun and the others had seen it with their own eyes, they would have been even more shocked and even puzzled by the frenzied massacre of the Dragon God Temple generals.


The news spread faster and faster, and the news of the Dragon God Temple's annihilation of the twelve great powers of the Illusory Sea Realm had spread from the Infinite Domain.


Word has already begun to spread in the two major regions of the Hegemony Domain and the Northern Xuan Domain.


Only, while the various forces large and small from the Hegemony and Northern Xuan Regions were shocked, they had never even heard of any Dragon God Temple.


What kind of power is so arrogant? To be able to bathe the Sacred Sun Sect in blood, he must be extremely powerful.


When they learned that the Dragon God Temple was backed by the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, they realized that it was not the Dragon God Temple that was powerful, but the Immortal Weapons Pavilion.




"Your Honor, Young Hall Master, we have discovered it." In the Divine King's Divine Hall, a man appeared in an instant and respectfully informed himself.


"Speaks!" Leng Shen, who was sitting cross-legged in cultivation, slightly widened his eyes, and two intimidating sharp auras erupted.


“This man’s name is Feng Wushen, he is none other than the Star Realm Dragon God Temple Master who has been going around lately, many people call him the Dan Emperor, Tian Xianzi as well as many powerful alchemists treat him with respect. ". The man said respectfully.


“Take someone to the Star Realm Dragon God Temple right now! Bring Feng Wushen to me alive!” Leng Shen said slowly, his eyes narrowed slightly, to which Tian Xianzi, these alchemists, Leng Shen treated them directly as air.

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