Chapter 601 – Huo Tian, Zhao Jing

In the huge square, two waves of people faced each other, the atmosphere rattling.


Tang Muxin was standing at the front of the crowd, his face was now frozen, his gaze staring straight at the front of the many disciples of that sacred palace.


Two figures in front, one dressed in white, he had a long and elongated body and seemed quite soft, his lips were slightly thin and when he smiled it gave him a sharp feeling.


And this person was the head of the ten heads of the Sacred Palace, the head of the Heavenly Sacred Palace, Huo Tian.


And beside Huo Tian was a heavily built man, dressed in black, with an untamed gaze, and a pair of eyes that had a fierce light on the surface, making him look like a desperately ferocious ape.


He was the second of the ten heads of the Sacred Palace, and was the head of the Earth Sacred Temple, Zhao.


Previously, the arm of Chen Ze, the head of the Hong Peak of the Cangxuan Sect was torn off by him, and there was still blood between his fingers dripping downwards.


"Tang Mu Xin, your CangXuan Sect, that Zhou Yuan killed the two heads of my Sacred Palace, if you do not hand over this man today, then my Sacred Palace will not rest with you." Huo Tian said weakly.


"Hmph, you have the nerve to say it, the head of your sacred palace was killed by Zhou Yuan, that is a lack of skill"


Tang MuXin's beautiful eyes were cold as ice, and there was anger in them, "If you want to fight, my Cangxuan Sect will accompany you, the Holy Palace does not have a low reputation, but sneaking in secretly is embarrassing."


When the two waves had met before, they had been at peace with each other, but Zhao Whale of the Holy Palace had suddenly come out, while Chen Ze had hurriedly resisted but one arm was torn off in a moment.


That Zhao Whale smiled as he said, revealing his teeth, "I heard that Hong Peak's meat cultivation is famous in Cangxuan Heaven, but testing it today, it is not as good as my Earth Holy Temple."


Beside Tang Mu cold, "You dare to compete with me again?!"


Zhao Whale hugged his chest, looked at him obliquely, and said, "If you want to die, I can certainly satisfy you."


Chen Ze's eyes were red and he was about to rush out, but was stopped by Tang Muxin.


"Do not fall into the method of provocation." Tang Muxin said with a deep voice.


That Huo Tian had one hand behind his back and his eyes were flat, "If the two heads of our Sacred Palace were really defeated by the hands of that Zhou Yuan, I naturally have nothing to say."


"But according to the information we received, it was that Zhou Yuan who, by many despicable means, suddenly attacked while temporarily cooperating and becoming an ally of Fan Yao while he was unprepared, and that was why he was attacked by that brat."


"What Zhao Jing did before was to pay you back for everything that brat did."


“If not, what makes you think that a new disciple who has just entered the Cangxuan Sect for only two years can defeat the rank three boss of my Holy Palace ranking?”


There were many eyes watching here, so naturally everyone heard this and started whispering, if Zhou Yuan was really plotting a treacherous alliance, that would really be a bit despicable.


Tang Muxin, Su Yao and other bosses looked ugly, this Huo Tian's words are really vicious, they actually want to carve Zhou Yuan into this kind of reputation, this reputation whether it is true or not, no one will dare to cooperate with Zhou Yuan in the future.


"Zhou Yuan was an outstanding performer when he was in my Cangxuan Sect, and killing his Holy Palace Head did not require the use of these tactics." Tang Mu Xin sneered.


Huo Tian smiled weakly and said, "If that's the case, then you should let that brat out and show him to us personally."


Tang Muxin said, "Zhou Yuan hasn't arrived here yet, so if you want to see him, you will have the chance later."


Huo Tian shook his head and sighed, "It seems that this person not only has despicable means, but also no guts."


He looked towards Chen Ze and said, "Boss Chen Ze, I feel that your revenge for this broken arm should be on that Zhou Yuan's head."


Actually, he still had the idea of making trouble.


Chen Ze's eyes were cold and he stared at Zhao Whale, ignoring his words.


"It seems that you guys are not willing to hand over that brat..."


Huo Tian sighed, but his eyes were filled with coldness, “Since things have come to this, someone has to give me an explanation for the two dead heads of the Holy Palace.”


"If you don't want to involve the other disciples, then we, the bosses, will be here today, fighting."


Huo Tian nodded at Zhao Jing, who walked out slowly and smiled darkly, “Which Chief of your Cangxuan Sect dares to fight me?!”


Tang Muxin's pretty face was cold and was about to go out.


"Oh, Chief Tang Muxin, you and I are the two heads of the two major sects, if you are going to make a move then I can only go down and accompany you. We have fought before, and it doesn't seem like you have any advantage." Huo Tian smiled at the situation.


Among the five Cangxuan Sect chiefs here, Tang Mu Xin was the strongest, and as long as he didn't make a move, the others were no match for Zhao Jing.


And their purpose this time was to step on the Cangxuan Sect in front of others, otherwise, when the Chosen One arrived, they simply would not be able to account for it.


Tang Muxin's pretty face became colder and colder, this Huo Tian, he was clearly prepared.


"I will do it". Sword Peak Chief Baili Che had cold eyes, the other party had stomped on the door like this, if they did not fight back, the face of the Cangxuan Sect would lose all its glory.


Although he and Zhou Yuan had many grudges within the sect, but at this moment they represented the Cangxuan Sect, here one wins and one wins, one loses and the other loses!


If you have any grudges, go back to the sect and fix it.


(NT: The only Sect that I have loved out of all the novels I have read <3)


"This Zhao Jing is second only to Huo Tian among the ten heads of the Sacred Palace. Strength should not be underestimated, I have a slightly better Genesis Qi base than you, second only to Senior Sister Tang Muxin, I will be the one who Do it.” The silent Thunder Prison Peak Chief, Xie Yan, suddenly said.


"Is Senior Brother Xie Yan sure of himself?" Snow Lotus Peak Chief Su Yao asked.


Xie Yan remained silent and shook his head slightly, saying: "This Zhao Jing is very dangerous, the second head of the Holy Palace, his reputation is worthy of the name."


The others also frowned, the current situation was clearly that the Holy Palace wanted to force them to fight, otherwise they would have to directly start a war, and at that time the damage would truly spread.


But the problem now was that Zhao Jing was indeed strong, even Xie Xie was not very sure, and once Xie Xie lost this one, it would be very difficult for the Cangxuan Sect to keep their face.


And this was what the Holy Palace wanted.


It would be an extremely dangerous and vicious battle.


"Let me try".


Xie Yan waved his hand, and then walked out slowly.


Zhao Jing's eyes narrowed as he looked at Xie Yan, jokingly, "So it's Thunder Prison Peak Chief Xie Yan...In this game, are you going to play with me?"


Xie Yan didn't say anything, but in his body there was a slowly rising thunder Genesis Qi.


Zhao Jing's mouth raised a fierce smile, and his five fingers also slowly clenched, an astonishing momentum emanating from his body.


Everyone was looking at the situation at this moment.


The Cangxuan Sect and the Holy Palace had clearly chosen this method to resolve some grudges between the two sides, but looking at this appearance, the Head of the Cangxuan Sect, Xie Yan, seemed to be a little disillusioned by the momentum.


Under the gaze of those countless eyes, Xie Yan took a step forward and his Genesis Qi roared.


However, at the moment when he was about to explode his Genesis Qi, a sudden sound in the wind echoed in the sky, and a black light descended from the sky, as it fell heavily between the squares.


When the smoke and dust cleared, only an ancient black paintbrush inserted into the ground could be seen.


At the top of the black brush, a thin figure stood silently, as a calm voice echoed out.


“Since this matter started because of me, please let me try, thanks to Senior Brother Xie Yan… Such a foolish creature does not need Senior Brother’s personal help…”


At that moment inside the mansion countless lines of sight condensed on the figure standing on top of the black brush.


In the next moment, countless astonished voices sounded.

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