Chapter 601 - The visitor is not good

Emperor Dan Mountain


The Dragon God Temple was so powerful that the upper echelons of many great and small powers of the Star Realm came to visit it.


All kinds of gifts arrived one after another, and almost all the top brass of all the major and minor powers in the entire Star World came and took gifts to the point of having hand cramps.


Today is the busiest day since the creation of the Dragon God Temple.


All visitors are invited, and the Dragon God Temple welcomes all the forces and families of the Star World.


“The Master of the Dragon God Temple is magnificently gifted, he is the first genius of my Star Realm and even the Infinite Domain!”


“Not bad, not bad! The Master of the Dragon God Temple used the sixth level of the Heavenly Human Realm to kill Duan Mo Ming, who is at the eighth level of the Heavenly Human Realm, his strength is so strong that no one below the Extreme Heaven Realm can beat him!”


“The Master of the Dragon God Temple has made such amazing achievements at such a young age, the Dragon God Temple will definitely be able to surpass the Immortal Weapon Pavilion in the future!”


All the great powers spoke highly of the Master of the Dragon God Temple and showed their goodwill to the Dragon God Temple.


On the continent, strength reigns and the weak fall prey to the strong.


You are weak, people stomp you to death!


You are so strong that people dream of bending over to please you.


In response to the visits from the various powerhouses and families of all sizes, although Feng Wushen entertained them personally, he knew the purpose of these people.


Of course, as long as they weren't enemies of the Dragon God Temple, Feng Wushen wouldn't make things difficult for them and would just do superficial and perfunctory work.


As the news spread more and more, the Evil Giants and the Yin Yang Clan, who had been following Feng Wushen, had also discovered it.


On top of a mountain near Emperor Dan Mountain, a figure stood proudly in the void, gazing at the Dragon God Temple.


“So you have the backing of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, no wonder you are so arrogant and high-handed!” The man chuckled weakly, his eyes shining with an imperceptible glint of mischief.


"Knowing that you are here, the artifact will definitely not run away, there are other important things at this time, the artifact is for you to keep for now." The man muttered, then blinked and disappeared.


At the same time, there were several men on top of another mountain on Emperor Dan Mountain, their eyes were also looking at the Dragon God Temple.


“The Dragon God Temple and the Immortal Weapon Pavilion are simply not related, do we really have to make a move?” a man asked, frowning.


Another man said: "This Feng Wushen is not straightforward, he was able to finish off Duan Mo Ming, so it is clear how strong he is, this person is also a Dan Emperor, if we don't get rid of him, there will be no end of trouble." in the future".


The man leading the group was undeterred and said nonchalantly, "Following orders."


"Shoo shoo shoo!"


With those words, the three men blinked and disappeared, and when they reappeared, they were already in the sky above the Dragon God Temple.


A terrifying aura spread out, covering the Dragon God Temple in the blink of an eye.


The majestic aura is extremely intimidating.


This is the aura of a strong man from the Extreme Heavenly Realm!


The generals of the Dragon God Temple, who had appeared like lightning, converged on the plaza and looked askance at the three men high up in the sky.


"What an incredible posture." The three men were slightly surprised.


"Who are you?" Huanyang asked with a cold cry, his face rough to the core.


The three men did not respond, and all three had icy faces, and it was clear to the naked eye that they came from a bad place.


In the main hall, Feng Wushen and the others noticed, and Feng Wushen smiled faintly coldly and said: "A guest has arrived."


“Dragon God Temple Master, it is a powerhouse of the Heavenly Extreme Realm!” A man exclaimed in alarm, his face full of horror and worry.


“It can't be an enemy, right? If it were an enemy, I'm afraid the Dragon God Temple would be… before the powerhouse of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion arrived.”


"It's over, I should have known not to come back another day, but it's today!"


"The three of them are in the Extreme Heavenly Realm, they must be powerful people of some great power! It's over, it's over!"


The higher-ups of the great powers that had come to visit him were in a state of panic, all secretly regretting their visit to the Dragon God Temple today.


"Go out to receive the guests." Feng Wushen smiled slightly, undeterred.


Outside the door of the main hall, Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao and the others filed out of the hall, followed by the higher-ups of the major powers of the Star Realm.


"Welcome to the Dragon God Temple, my name is Feng Wushen, I don't know who the masters are." Feng Wushen smiled slightly, like a hall master.


“Divine King Divine Hall!” The man leading the group said nonchalantly, and his gaze zeroed in on Feng Wushen.


“The Divine King’s Divine Hall?” Feng Wushen froze, with a very surprised expression.


"Leng Shen sent them." Ling Xiaoxiao's pretty face instantly turned icy cold.


"It seems that Leng Shen has already found out." Zhang Junlan frowned, the Dragon God Temple had annihilated twelve forces in the Illusory Sea Realm, with such a shock, the Divine King's Divine Hall must know, it was not difficult to find out the identity of Feng Wushen.


Feng Wushen could see that they were coming from a bad place, but he did not expect that they were from the Divine King's Divine Hall.


“The Divine King’s Divine Hall?”


Hearing the man's response, the senior members of the various powers and families of the Star Realm who had come to visit the Dragon God Temple were instantly startled, their eyes wide with horror.


“Dragon God Temple Master, there are still some pressing matters within my clan, so I will take my leave.” A sect master said in a panic, and without waiting for Feng Wushen to say anything, several people rushed out.


"Dragon God Temple Master, my wife is about to give birth, I have to take a look again and visit her again later."


"Dragon God Temple Master, I'm so sorry, we can't afford to offend the Divine King's Divine Hall, so I'm leaving."


(NT: This one was sincere at least xD)


“Lord of the Temple…”


All the major and minor powers, as well as the high command of the family, found excuses to leave, a group of people panicked, no one dared to stay.


In the blink of an eye, the Dragon God Temple turned quite cold.


"How old are you to have a baby? Do you have that kind of power?" Liu Qingyang had a look of contempt.


"A group of people eager for life and death." Beidou Tianye shook his head.


Zhang Junlan stretched out his hands and said helplessly: "I have seen a lot of these people."


"It's good to go, the Dragon God Temple is much cleaner, if I have time to talk nonsense with them, I might as well cultivate." Feng Wushen did not care at all, he did not want to waste time with these people.


"Feng Wushen, there are some things that are not yours and never will be, and you will only invite death if you take them." The man leading the group said coldly.


"You are right, what is not Leng Shen's will never be his, and he will be killed sooner or later if he seizes the power of space." Feng Wushen shrugged and smiled coldly.


"How dare you?!" The other man yelled in rage, his terrifying murderous aura fixating on Feng Wushen.


“I have been ordered to capture you today, and the Young Hall Master has even said to destroy your Dragon God Temple!” The leading man said in a morose tone, and as he spoke, the terrifying power of the Extreme Heavenly Realm began to spread out.


An invisible and terrifying aura enveloped the entire Dragon God Temple.


“For Leng Shen to send only the three of you is too much to underestimate my Dragon God Temple.” Feng Wushen laughed coldly, and the Extinguishing Power activated, as an overbearing power surged out.


"There is no self-esteem!" The man leading the group had a disdainful look on his face.


“Nine-fold Qiankun God Slaying Formation! Open up.”


Feng Wushen formed a seal with both hands and finally brought them together, followed by an explosive shout.


The Dragon God Temple shook violently as a huge spell formation that covered the Dragon God Temple emerged and merged into a semicircular energy shield, protecting the Dragon God Temple.


"A simple spell formation still wants to stop us?" The man at the head of the group said dismissively, and the three of them pounced at the same time, wanting to forcefully break the formation.


"A simple spell formation?" The corners of Feng Wushen's mouth curled into a fierce smile as he gloated, “With just the three of you, do you still want to break through my Dragon God Temple's grand formation?”



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