Chapter 602 - Forcing the Heavenly Extreme Realm Back

"Boom boom boom!"


The three mighty ones from the Extreme Heavenly Realm attacked at the same time, arriving in an instant and using their true essence to slam their palms into the spell formation, the explosive sound resounded through the Dan Emperor Mountain, spreading a terrifying force that made the the spell formation would shake violently.


However, the attack from the three powerful Heavenly Extreme Realm only caused the spell formation to stir violently.


The Nine-fold Qiankun God Slaying Formation did not show any signs of breaking.


"What?" The faces of the three Heavenly Extreme Realm powerhouses drastically changed simultaneously.


The three of them couldn't believe that with their Heavenly Extreme Realm power, they couldn't break the Dragon God Temple's spell formation.


The Nine-fold Qiankun God Slaying Formation had become more powerful as Feng Wushen's cultivation level increased.


Although all three of them were Extreme Heaven Realm powerhouses, the strongest was only a third level of the Extreme Heaven Realm, and even if the three joined hands, they would still have a hard time breaking through the Nine-Fold Qiankun God Killing Formation by force.


The defensive power of the spell formation was beyond the trio's imagination.


"Humph! I can't believe I can't break through this spell formation." A man said with grim fury, exerting all his true essence and fiercely launching a frenzied attack.


"Boom boom boom!"


A terrifying impression of energy in the palm of the hand bombarded one after another, and the other two also struck in succession, with terrifying loud noises incessantly and terrifying waves of energy rolling like raging waves, wave after wave.


"How is it possible...?"


However, what surprised the three of them was that even when they bombarded with all their might, the spell formation was only trembling and showed no sign of breaking up.


The three of them bombarded each other with their hands, adding up to hundreds of palms, their power was absolutely terrifying, but they were unable to break the spell formation!


The Dragon God Temple can be considered as solid as gold.


"The three of us together can't break through this spell formation! What kind of formation is this?" One man had a stunned and incredulous look.


The man at the head of the group was also filled with astonishment, and his expression hardened a bit.


"Did you finish testing? It's my turn." Feng Wushen smiled coldly as his hands switched rapidly, manipulating the energy of the spell formation.


“Three Heavenly Extreme Realm powerhouses and they still can’t break through our Dragon God Temple spell formation, tsk, what a disgrace!” Liu Qingyang sneered, his face full of contempt.


"But don't drain your power, by then it will be too late for you to leave!" Chao Shen sneered.


The generals of the Dragon God Temple also had gloating smiles on their faces.


Hearing the taunts of the Dragon God Temple crowd, the faces of the three men were incomparably gloomy, and their hearts contained a surge of anger.


“I will let you see the power of the Nine-fold Qiankun God Slaying Formation of the Dragon God Temple!” Feng Wushen said morosely, his expression turning fierce.


The huge spell formation began to spread a furious aura, shining fiercely with dazzling light, and an extremely terrifying energy was permeated, quite a shocking force.


"This formation is not simple, the power is very terrifying!" The man who led the group frowned, with an expression that made him hesitate for a moment.


"Shoo shoo shoo!"


Under Feng Wushen's control, three terrifying energies burst out of the spell formation with a majestic aura, rushing towards the three Heavenly Extreme Realm powerhouses with an extremely piercing sonic boom.


“This power is even comparable to the second level of the Extreme Heavenly Realm!” A man had a look of astonishment.


"A spell formation that combines defense and attack!" The man leading the group looked extremely serious.


"Ice Xuan Shield!" The ice attribute true essence was boosted, and the man in the lead shouted loudly as a huge tens of meter wall of ice coalesced in front of his body.


"Boom boom boom!"


The energy from the spell formation collided with the wall of ice, and once again the explosive sound echoed through Emperor Dan Mountain, as terrifying ripples of energy churned up, opening a large black crack in the void.


However, although the spell formation was strong, it was still not powerful enough to defeat three Heavenly Extreme Realm powerhouses.


The wall of ice effortlessly deflects the power of the formation.


"How was it? The formations of the Dragon God Temple haven't let you down, right?" Looking at the three of them with his eyes, Feng Wushen smiled weakly and coldly.


"Nothing more than that." The man leading the group responded nonchalantly.


"Nothing more than that?" Feng Wushen gave an evil smile and said, “This is only seventy percent of the formation's power, do you want to try a more powerful one? But with your cultivation levels, you won't be able to stop it.”


Hearing this, the faces of the three finally changed.


"You want to try?" Feng Wushen asked with a cold smile, looking like he was willing to give it a try.


The man at the head of the group stared at Feng Wushen, and seeing Feng Wushen's confidence, he secretly said: "This guy doesn't seem to be lying, if the spell formation possesses stronger power, not only will he not be able to to catch this boy, I'm afraid he will have to take my life."


Not to mention whether they could block the power of the spell formation and trap Feng Wushen, they couldn't even break the formation, so there was no need to talk about anything else.


"We can't even break formation when we join forces, this guy shouldn't bluff." A man frowns.


The man leading the group was silent for a while, and said in a deep voice: "Feng Wushen, consider yourself lucky!"


"If you say any more nonsense, do you think I'll blow them up?" Zhang Junlan yelled coldly, because of what happened to Yanran, Zhang Junlan could be said to have hated the Divine King's Divine Hall to the bone.


At those words, the man leading the group shifted his gaze slightly and looked at Zhang Junlan, saying nonchalantly, “Young Master Zhang, your Zhang family still doesn't dare to antagonize the Divine King's Divine Hall, right? you think you're great because you're the first refining genius on the continent."


“Is the Divine King Divine Hall strong? Not really, right? Don't bring up the Divine King Divine Hall every time, you guys can't represent the Divine King Divine Hall.” Ling Xiaoxiao had a look of contempt on her face.


A fierce gaze was directed towards Ling Xiaoxiao, the man said coldly: “Stinking girl, be careful what you say, you dare to insult the Divine King Divine Hall, are you tired of living?”


“If you want to kill me, you will have to go back and ask your Divine King Divine Hall Second Elder who he was injured by! And ask your Young Hall Master who scared him.” Ling Xiaoxiao said coldly.


Hearing this, the faces of the three men drastically changed simultaneously, as if they already knew what was going on.


“What if we add the Immortal Weapons Pavilion? I'm afraid that even if the Divine King's Divine Hall is strong, it wouldn't dare to make a move easily, right?” Feng Wushen added, emboldened by the look of fear.


"Hmph!" The man leading the group gave a cold, wordless snort, and then the three of them left.


It was true that the Zhang Family's strength was not even greater than that of the Divine King's Divine Hall, but with the addition of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, it was a completely different story.


The Immortal Weapon Pavilion is the number one weaponsmith sect on the continent, and its network of connections is so vast that it can be said to cover the entire continent, and even the Divine King's Divine Hall must fear it.


The three of them alone were not qualified to provoke the Immortal Weapons Pavilion.


If you offend the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, you will die or you will never be able to search for a divine weapon from the Immortal Weapons Pavilion in your life.


A few words from Feng Wushen startled the three mighty ones of the Heavenly Extreme Realm, and the generals of the Dragon God Temple burst into cheers.


As the three of them walked out, Feng Wushen's face turned grave as he said, “The Divine King's Divine Hall has set its eyes on us, we must be careful, the most urgent thing is to raise our cultivation level, and try not to go outside. with nothing else."


"Yes!" The audience responded respectfully.


“Han Kun, Qiusuishan, you guys guard the Dragon God Temple, the rest of you follow me to the Nine-fold Qiankun Tower, I want to help you pass through to the Heavenly Human Realm as soon as possible!” Feng Wushen said seriously.



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