Chapter 602 – Thirty Percent of Power

On the square where countless eyes were watching, when Zhou Yuan's sharp brush slowly rose and aimed at Huo Tian and Zhao Jing, the atmosphere in the arena instantly became overwhelming.


That Huo Tian stared at Zhou Yuan with narrowed eyes, and then smiled, only that smile had an eerie coldness that spread, “You are the one who used despicable means such as betrayal, sneak attack, and assassinate Fan Yao? Zhou Yuan?”


But in the face of such vile slander from Huo Tian, Zhou Yuan did not have the slightest idea of explaining because at a time like this what he had to do was not explain and, in front of countless people, crush the head of his Sacred Palace once again. , at that time, this vile slander of Huo Tian would naturally turn into a joke and then fall on his face.


So he just looked at the two with an unperturbed appearance and said slowly once again: "Which of you wishes to give instructions? Or are you two coming?"




His words spread and also caused quite an uproar, many eyes were amazed, although they still did not know Zhou Yuan's abilities this madness was truly worthy of a confident young man.


Huo Tian smiled weakly and said nothing more, only the eyes that were staring at Zhou Yuan became increasingly cold, circling as he nodded slightly at Zhao Jing. Rambling: "The young man doesn't know how big the sky is, so it's only fair to teach him a lesson... Remember to crush his jaw, arms and legs, and break them too"


"Since you have damaged the reputation of my Holy Palace, you must naturally pay the price."


Zhao Jing laughed fiercely and walked out slowly, the ground under his feet cracking with every step, the surface of his skin had a lustrous flow towards it and he was obviously also a body cultivator.


He stood in front of Zhou Yuan loosely, his gaze was tyrannical, his five fingers slowly clenched, “Boy, if you had played mouse and hide, you could still keep your life from your dog, but alas… Not anymore.” You have a chance to regret it."




As his voice fell his body gradually expanded, and a faint black light flowed over his skin and a shocking sensation of power erupted between the vibrations of his muscles causing the air to sound like a sonic boom.


A sense of oppression was slowly released, and around the square many eyes became heavy.


This Zhao Jing was from the Earth Hall of the Holy Palace, and the Earth Hall like Hongya Peak of the Cangxuan Sect was dedicated to body cultivation, and his flesh was strong enough to move mountains and push cities.


At that moment, Zhao Jing was like a ferocious ape.


Zhou Yuan who was standing in front of him gave off an unimpressive feeling, as if Zhao Jing only needed to throw a punch and Zhou Yuan's entire body would be destroyed in an instant.


Countless gazes gathered here, freezing on the two facing figures.


Even the sound of the wind seemed to stop at this moment.




The stagnation only lasted a few breaths of time and in the next moment, a violent momentum violently erupted from Zhao Jing's body, his feet stepped on the ground, and the ground crumbled.


His figure on the other hand, was like a cannonball, shooting violently, its speed was so fast that it produced sonic booms.


His five fingers were clenched and his fist roared, the space was slightly shaken.


Zhou Yuan looked at the incoming figure, his body moved away, at the same time from his sleeve he expelled Golden Genesis Qi roaring.




Zhao Jing's fist fell directly shattering the torrent of Genesis Qi.


He looked at Zhou Yuan who chose to dodge and the corners of his mouth smiled even more fiercely as he stomped his feet, his speed instantly skyrocketing leaving a trail of shadows, appearing directly behind Zhou Yuan amidst the countless screams.


"Give me death!"


He smiled fiercely and shot with a fist, directly at Zhou Yuan's head, his hands were ruthless.


Zhou Yuan's eyes swept behind him, he also clenched his five fingers into a fist and shot out with a backhand, when this fist shot out his skin began to glow with jade light, and his bones also had silver light blooming on them. they.




Their fists collided and the violent shock wave of power erupted, the stone floor under their feet was constantly bursting and cracking, the destructive power was extremely astonishing.


All eyes looked at the field spinning in slight shock to see that the two figures, both, were motionless.


They were not surprised by Zhao Jing, after all, his strength was really strong and that flesh body was tempered to an extremely fierce level, but what surprised them was that Zhou Yuan was able to catch Zhao Jing's blow without losing ground. .


"Interesting, so you have also cultivated your body"


Zhao Jing looked at the jade light blooming on Zhou Yuan's body and was slightly horrified, then the tyranny in his eyes grew even more and he smiled fiercely, "Okay, kid. I have torn off that Hongya Peak boss's arm." , I'd like to see how long you can last in my hands!"


Boom! Boom!


The moment his voice fell, only the black light flowing over his body became more and more intense and in the next moment his fists burst out like a storm, transforming into countless fist shadows, each of which contained a extremely terrifying power.




The sound of the fist hissed and left a deep trace on the ground.


It was such a big offensive that everyone was watching in amazement.


Countless fist shadows quickly enlarged in Zhou Yuan's pupils, and Zhou Yuan's face was calm, the jade light on his body increased in intensity, the silver light emanating from his bones intertwined with the jade light. .


He struck out with his palms, also transforming into Daoist palm shadows, his palm style was not as violent and fierce as Zhao Jing's, but he had his own cheerful and relaxed posture.


Boom! Boom!


At that distance fists and palms collided, and terrifying energy shockwaves continued to erupt, shaking the space.


Countless lines of sight were staring at the two's encounter, and in terms of momentum it was undoubtedly Zhao Jing who maintained the absolute advantage, his offensive like a storm, like a torrent.


Zhou Yuan on the other hand was a blade ship in the middle of the stormy torrent, in danger of capsizing, but the surprising thing was that at every moment of danger Zhou Yuan was finally able to disable it.


However when they saw this, the people present could already feel that Zhou Yuan had some strength, after all, to be able to hold onto Zhao Jing's hands for so long, if he was able to kill Fan Yao it might not be impossible.




On the field, there was another fierce and tough confrontation.


Zhou Yuan and Zhao Jing both shot back.


Huo Tian looked at the arena, but his face was slightly sunken as he said, “Zhao Jing, stop playing!”


What he needed was for Zhao Jing to destroy Zhou Yuan, not for him to show how good Zhou Yuan was.


Zhao Jing shook his neck and smiled: “This guy’s meat is not bad, it is rare to find someone who can fight me strongly…”


However, he also knew that now was not the time for easy fighting, so he cast a fierce glance at Zhou Yuan and said, "Boy, right now 60 percent of my strength hasn't even been used."


Zhou Yuan smiled weakly and said, "I tell you, you punch as soft as a woman's fist."


Zhao Jing's eyes were shining as he stared at Zhou Yuan, his hands snapped together and in the next moment, streams of black air slipped from between his flesh and blood, only to see his skin that began to turn into a dark color. black iron at this point, his palms became huge and his black nails became sharp.


His already tall and sturdy body swelled once again, resembling a giant several feet tall.




He roared to the heavens, his fists hitting his chest, emitting a sound like that of golden iron.


A terrifyingly ferocious aura spread from his body.


At the back, Tang Muxin and the others looked at the current Zhao Jing and their faces changed slightly, and Chief Chen Ze of Hongya Peak who had broken his arm said, "This is the ape skill of the Hall of Earth! Extremely powerful! This Zhao Jing is going to give it his all"


When Tang Muxin and the others heard this, worry crossed their eyes as well.


Zhou Yuan looked at the demonic Zhao Jing, but no tension appeared in his eyes, this Zhao Jing was indeed very strong and if he had not broken through to the Golden Blood Realm right now it might take some effort to defeat him.


But, alas... There was no "if."


Zhou Yuan took a deep breath, eyes slightly closed, and muttered… “What I used before was only thirty percent of my strength.”


At this moment, between Zhou Yuan's heart the drop of golden blood gently stirred.


Countless golden threads of blood spread out connecting with flesh and blood.


The moment Zhou Yuan's pupils opened, there was a golden light shining in his pupils.


“Next, I will show you the body power of the CangXuan Sect…”

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