Chapter 603 – Black Knight



In the wretched square Zhao Jing roared to the heavens, black light permeating his body, making his flesh look like black iron, indestructible.


At that time Zhao Jing was a living ape demon.


The ferocity and tyranny were terrifying.


At this moment even Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others in the tall building had a trace of nervousness in their eyes, after all Zhao Jing at this moment was really too terrifying.


Boss Liu Fu of the Heavenly Ghost Mansion looked at this scene, turned around and looked at Zuoqiu Qingyu, sneering: “Being able to forcibly take out Zhao Jing’s ape ability!…This Zhou Yuan has some abilities.” , but unfortunately... That kind of price, I'm afraid its life is very small."


The other bosses present were all pale, they knew that if they stood in front of Zhao Jing at this moment it would definitely be something difficult to resist.


This second head of the Sacred Palace was worthy of his name.




Amid the countless gravity-tinged gazes, Zhao Jing's tyrannical pupils locked directly on Zhou Yuan and this time, there was no more nonsense, only the curvature of his mouth became more and more ferocious.




Zhao Jing's body crouched slightly, and in the next moment his feet stomped on.


Huge cracks spread beneath his feet, while his figure like the ancient ape demon pounced on the Dragon, carried a shadow that enveloped Zhou Yuan.


"Monkey Demon Arm"


Screams resounded, only to see Zhao Jing's right arm black light spread out, and he even grew black hair, his arm in a moment turned into a sturdy ape demon arm.




A punch was thrown, and a huge chasm had been torn across this square.


The shadow of that fist directly covered Zhou Yuan.


It was fierce to the point of no return.


Faced with such a terrifying blow from Zhao Jing, Tang Muxin and the others at the rear, they all changed color, their Genesis Qi surging around their bodies already ready to start making a rescue move.


However, while those countless eyes were horrified by Zhao Jing's destructive strike, Zhou Yuan who stood amidst the shadows seemed calm.


The golden light in his eyes was faintly visible.


There was also a faint golden light spreading over his skin at this moment, as if an ancient golden pattern had formed on the surface of his body.


The drop of golden blood between his heart vibrated violently.


"Boy, kneel before me!"


Zhao Jing shouted harshly, and the fist of destruction finally carrying a storm, poured out.


Zhou Yuan was expressionless, his five fingers slowly clenched, golden lines of light extended from his arm, gradually covering the surface of his fist, indescribable power, roaring and surging in his body like a raging Dragon, the strength of that kind of power I had never felt before.


The power that the Golden Blood Kingdom brought was also beyond Zhou Yuan's imagination.




Under the gaze of countless vibrant gazes, Zhou Yuan shot out with his fist, colliding directly with that Zhao Jing in the most head-on manner, colliding heavily with her.


"Just looking for death!" Seeing this scene, countless people shook their heads.


At that time, Zhou Yuan's fist was quite insignificant under Zhao Jing's punch, so they didn't understand why exactly Zhou Yuan would be so stupid and choose the harder shock.


But at that point, it was too late to say anything.


In the next moment Zhou Yuan would be hammered alive into a pulp, right?




The moment the two collided, huge shockwaves erupted wildly and the entire plaza, all the stone slabs were lifted from the raw ground, and layers of earth were constantly splintered.


The disciples of the Cangxuan Sect and the Holy Palace were retreating in succession.


If the heads of all sides had not acted at the same time, I am afraid that the aftershocks would have spread, and even the entire mansion would have been destroyed at this point.


The aftershocks gradually receded, but all those eyes were staring at the central part of the square.


The smoke and dust gradually dispersed.


Two figures appeared in everyone's eyes.


The two people there kept their fists against each other, and both bodies seemed to have remained intact.


"Who won?" Countless gazes were directed at the two figures, suspicion rising in their eyes as it seemed impossible to distinguish between victory and defeat.


Huo Tian was also looking at the field with his eyebrows furrowed, also unable to make out the situation.


"What is the situation?" There were other bosses besides him who asked.


Huo Tian said indifferently, “It should be Zhao Jing who wins, that blow of his even I would have to use many means to resist, this Zhou Yuan daring to clash with him, no doubt seeking death.”


The other heads of the Sacred Palace also nodded their heads, they were equally aware of how strong Zhao Jing was.


That blow, it would be impossible for any of them to resist, and Zhou Yuan would undoubtedly die if he fought so hard.


Tang Muxin and the others were also watching this scene with great tension.


"This fool, what's the point of colliding with Zhao Jing?" Baili Che couldn't help but grit his teeth and curse, if Zhou Yuan was hammered to death alive it was his Cangxuan Sect that would be humiliated.


The other bosses didn't say anything, but there was concern in their eyes as well.


Above the tall building, everyone was holding their breath, even Zuoqiu Qingyu's jade hand couldn't help but tighten, her beautiful eyes looking down without daring to move.


The entire atmosphere inside the mansion seemed to freeze, as the two figures stagnant in the square also froze.


That stalemate lasted dozens of breaths of time.


In the center of the square, Zhou Yuan's eyelids twitched slightly as he looked at the tall and sturdy ape-like demonic figure in front of him, and a long breath of air slowly exhaled from his nose.


His body was the first to make a move, retracting his fist slightly and then he no longer looked at Zhao Jing, but instead ignored Zhao Jing and walked directly towards Tang Muxin and the others.


And Zhao Jing didn't move a muscle.


Countless shocked gazes were fixed on Zhou Yuan's body.


"Zhao Jing, what are you doing?!" Huo Tian screamed violently.


Everyone wasn't quite sure what was going on right now.


"Boy, what did you do to him?" Huo Tian's strange gaze looked at Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan's footsteps stopped and his voice was calm, "It seems that the flesh and blood technique of the Earth Hall is not as strong as I thought, so what reason do you have to mock my Cangxuan Sect?"


"As for him?"


Zhou Yuan slightly tilted his head with his indifferent eyes, snapped his two fingers and it echoed throughout the place.




And the moment the ring finger rang, everyone was horrified to see that Zhao Jing's sturdy, ape-like right arm was being torn to pieces at that moment.


Blood splattered everywhere!


His entire arm was broken raw at this point.


And Zhao Jing's body slowly collapsed onto his back.




(NT: OOOOHHHH!!!!, I imagine that scene and it is too epic xD)


The entire mansion was in an uproar at this moment, and the countless gazes looking at this place were filled with intense disbelief and horror.


In the next moment all eyes gathered on the young figure who had his back turned to Zhao Jing.


Those gazes were full of shock.


Who would have thought that Zhou Yuan, who had seemingly fallen at an absolute disadvantage in that terrifying clash of heavenly thunder and earth fire, was so terrifying that the counterattack of that blow had shattered Zhao Jing's arm like an ape demon?


How terrifying was that power?


Inside the mansion, those eyes that gathered on Zhou Yuan's body, emitted a trace of fear that gradually emerged at this moment.


None of them expected that this new Saint Genesis Peak Chief, who was unknown among the seven chiefs of the Cangxuan Sect...


It was the most deeply hidden Black Knight!

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