Chapter 604 Graduation Extravaganza

"Is he the one who can freely enter and leave the academy, Feng Wushen?"


“I can't see his cultivation level, but he's a genius who came in first in the last Genius Rank Martial Competition, so his strength shouldn't be weak.”


"I have heard that he is the first genius of the academy and that he is more powerful than the second prince."


The newly arrived students at the academy, who did not know Feng Wushen and had only heard of him, were gawking at him.


Feng Wushen is the only student in the history of Tian Yan Academy who can freely enter and exit the academy.


Feng Wushen is still the first genius of the academy, number one in the genius ranking martial duel, and incomparably strong.


Therefore, all the new students are very curious about Feng Wushen and want to know what he is like.


"It doesn't look good either."


"Maybe even the second prince is now worse."


"Although I can't see his cultivation level, I think he is much worse than Duan Wuqing."


"Don't talk nonsense, it's our Imperial Grand Commander! The strongest being of the four empires."


Many of the new students were whispering comments, they all felt that Feng Wushen was one of the time wasters and not as powerful as they claimed.


Feng Wushen and Xiaohen Xi descended, and Feng Wushen greeted: "Dean, Elder."


"Feng Wushen! It's you for real." Dean Xing Tianfeng even thought that he had been misunderstood by his old eyes.


Grand Elder Zhen Yuntian also looked at Feng Wushen with an expression of disbelief.


"It's me!" Feng Wushen nodded.


"Brother Feng! Great! You really are back." Lin You rushed up excitedly and laughed out loud.


"Lin You! I haven't seen you for a long time, your cultivation level has risen to the seventh level of the Heavenly Yuan Realm, not bad, not bad." As his eyes looked at Lin You, Feng Wushen laughed happily.


Lin You was Feng Wushen's childhood best friend and he was glad that he had not seen him for a long time.


"Great Commander, it has disappeared without a trace!" Su Lieyang smiled.


"Su Liyang! Eighth level of the Heavenly Yuan Realm! Impressive! Impressive." Feng Wushen recognized Su Lieyang at a glance and was filled with a happy smile.


At the beginning of the Genius Rank Martial Competition, Su Lieyang was one of them, and Feng Wushen had a strong impression of him.


The three of them fought side by side to get first place in Tian Yan Academy!


The current academy is no longer the academy it was before. In recent years, the empire has grown in strength, the academy has more resources for cultivation, and the students are progressing rapidly.


At the moment when Feng Wushen's words fell, he suddenly sensed a stern gaze watching him, and Feng Wushen couldn't help but turn his head to look.


"Seventh level of the Heavenly Yuan Realm, it must be the one that Xiaohen Xi is talking about." Feng Wushen secretly said in his heart, briefly looking at that student in large numbers.


“This is… The power of ancient thunder! It truly possesses ancient power.”


With a single massive gaze, Feng Wushen froze as he sensed the aura of ancient power that permeated that student's body.


You don't know until you see it.


The student, named Tian Ying, was a year younger than Feng Wushen and the others, but he was the first genius of the academy and completely took Feng Wushen's place.


“No wonder he was able to defeat Xiaohen Xi, he must be strong enough to fight against the ninth level of the Heavenly Yuan Realm!” Feng Wushen secretly said.


"It's the super genius I was talking about, Tian Ying, this guy has an Earth rank martial skill and is very powerful!" Xiaohen Xi whispered into Feng Wushen's ear.


"Oh? Yan Huo Empire still has Earth rank martial skills?" Feng Wushen had a look of surprise on his face.


As Feng Wushen was shocked, Xing Tianfeng's furious curses suddenly reached his ears.


" Feng Wushen! Brat, how did you promise me in the first place?" Suddenly, Xing Tianfeng cursed angrily and approached Feng Wushen furiously.


Hearing this, Feng Wushen was startled, and his face revealed an embarrassed smile as he scratched his head, “Dean, I'm sorry, I forgot, haven't I come back already? Just in time.”


In the Yan Huo Empire, I am afraid that only Xing Tianfeng, the dean, would dare to speak to Feng Wushen in such a manner.


"This boy hides so deep, I can't know the depth of his cultivation, nor do I know what realm he has reached, nor can I know his alchemy realm, this boy is really mysterious!" Zhen Yuntian frowned, his old eyes still looking at Feng Wushen.


But Zhen Yuntian couldn't make it out no matter how hard he looked at it, and anyone who didn't know would still think that Feng Wushen was an ordinary person.


Off to the side, Elder Su, also with a serious look, and Zhen Yuntian exchanged glances, both could see the doubts in each other's eyes.


"Humph! Do you still have the nerve to say that?" Xing Tianfeng rebuked, glaring at Feng Wushen fiercely.


“Dean, take it easy, take it easy, I will send a volume of Earth rank martial skills to the academy later, will it always be like this?” Feng Wushen whispered into Xing Tianfeng's ear.


“Earth rank martial skills?” The moment he heard the words, Xing Tianfeng froze, his old face then covered in surprise, Xing Tianfeng immediately grabbed Feng Wushen by both shoulders and hurried to ask: "Really?"


"I, Feng Wushen, never lie!" Feng Wushen said with a face full of seriousness.


"Hmph! That's more like it." A smile finally appeared on Xing Tianfeng's old face.


"The party starts!" Zhen Yuntian exclaimed.


The so-called graduation ceremony is actually a challenge for the new students to challenge the graduates, as an incentive for them to work hard in their training.


The same thing happened when Feng Wushen challenged the first genius of the academy.


A sixth level Heavenly Yuan Realm student jumped into the plaza and confidently said, “I want to challenge the Second Prince!”


The student, named Fu Yan, is also one of the geniuses at the academy.


Among the new students, Fu Yan is second in strength after Tian Ying.


"Good boy, you really have the guts, how dare you challenge me, it's not the last time I'll give way to you, you just punched me, do you really think you can beat me?" Xiaohen Xi said.


"Last time you said you would lose if I hit you." Fu Yan gave a heated smile.


"Oops! The brat is looking for a fight!" Xiaohen Xi boosted his true essence and charged fiercely.


"Stay in shape Illusionist Yang!" Fu Yan yelled under his breath and released his body technique.




Xiaohen Xi arrived in an instant and swung a fist downward, hitting Fu Yan with an explosive bang, the fierce power shaking the plaza with a buzzing vibration.


"Where to run!" Xiaohen Xi recognized him at a glance, raised his head, and his body shot up into the sky.


"Boom boom boom!"


A fierce battle unfolded as Fu Yan fought with all his might, with explosions high up in the sky and powerful forces spreading out one after another.


The eyes of all the students looked up to the sky, their childish faces had an expression of excitement.


But only Tian Ying's gaze was fixed on Feng Wushen.


Feng Wushen's gaze shifted, and Tian Ying did not avoid it in the slightest, appearing as if she wanted to take on Feng Wushen.


"What a tough look, an eighth grade martial soul talent, his origin must not be straightforward, and I wonder who he is?" Feng Wushen said secretly in his heart, growing curious about Tian Ying.


The Yan Huo Empire was only a small country, and the birth of an eighth grade Martial Soul Talent was an absolute miracle.


With an eighth grade Martial Soul Talent, he was undoubtedly a top-tier Heavenly Pride even when placed on the continent.


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