Chapter 604 – The Chosen One Appears



As Zhao Jing's strong body collapsed to the ground a deep voice spread out, the entire square seemed to tremble, and of course, along with it, were the hearts of the countless spectators.


All eyes now looked at the right arm exploding in foam of blood, not knowing if it was alive or dead, with dense horror.


Above the attic.


That Heavenly Ghost Mansion Chief Liu Fu who was originally holding a cup of tea and calmly waiting for the Cangxuan Sect to make a fool of himself, his face was now frozen and the horror and fear in his eyes were almost impossible to hide.




The tea cup in his hand was even more smashed by a slap that couldn't help but be smashed.


"How is it possible?..." He swallowed a mouthful of saliva, with some difficulty.


But at this moment no one above was in the mood to laugh at him, as the heads of the other sects were also looking at the scene before them with agitated faces.


The previous scene where Zhou Yuan and Zhao Jing collided and then Zhao Jing's right arm exploded into blood foam was really too shocking.


No one expected that Zhao Jing who had always had an absolute advantage in the previous battle, would be completely defeated by Zhou Yuan right at that instant.


That Zhao Jing was not a nobody, but the second head of the Sacred Palace, ah!


This was an existence that could definitely be ranked in the top five among all the bosses in the entire Cangxuan Heaven!


The complex gazes of the heads of the various sects cast their eyes on the young figure of the Cangxuan Sect, compared to the other heads, Zhou Yuan, the head of Saint Genesis Peak seemed to be at the bottom of the list of the seven heads of Cangxuan Sect, both in terms of reputation and seniority.


This made the heads of the various sects not pay too much attention to him, although they had already heard about Zhou Yuan's achievements they still had a dubious mentality.


However, at that moment when the cruel reality presented itself to them, they had to put aside that cheerful attitude and in its place there was condensation and scruples, and even a hint of fear.


The youngest head disciple of the Cangxuan Sect had already tried everything with his strength.


That boss of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace also breathed a long sigh of relief, then looked at Zuoqiu Qingyu's side and exclaimed, "Qingyu this friend of yours really is too fierce."


He was indeed too fierce, directly into the most frontal stance, opening Zhao Jing's arm with a harsh blow.


Zuoqiu Qingyu blinked her seductive peach blossom eyes. In fact, at that moment her heart was no less shocked than others, because although she had confidence in Zhou Yuan, she actually at most thought that Zhou Yuan could fight Zhao Jing to a draw.


But in this scene right now, that Zhao Jing was clearly almost killed by Zhou Yuan.


"This guy, how has he become so much stronger than the last time we met?!" She muttered in her heart, then her beautiful eyes looked towards Chief Liu Fu of the Heavenly Ghost Mansion and said, “Humph, no one will suspect Zhou Yuan now, right?”


Liu Fu lowered his head and silently wiped away the water stains on his body, looking a little messy not daring to pick up Zuoqiu Qingyu's words because at that moment he was also shocked by Zhou Yuan's fierceness.


He didn't want to get into so much trouble, so right now it was better to talk less.


Seeing him like this, Zuoqiu Qingyu also felt very relieved, and that was when she no longer paid any attention to him, just looked with her beautiful eyes towards the figure in the square that had become the focus of countless lines of sight.


On the railing, Lu Chunjun and Ning Zhan were also looking down, both of them looking extremely dignified.


"What a powerful blow."


Ning Zhan said slowly, “His body has been cultivated to an extremely deep level, and even that Zhao Jing cannot compare with him.”


They, the North Sea Dragon Hall also had a body cultivation method, but among the many heads of the North Sea Dragon Hall none were able to reach Zhou Yuan's level.


Perhaps, only among the Chosen could it be found.


Although Lu Chunjun's eyes were blind, he could feel the previous clash of the two amazing powers, and the strongest of them should belong to Zhou Yuan.


"That punch..."


Lu Chunjun esteemed him in his heart, and finally said slowly, "He has stood before us again."


Ning Zhan scratched his head and said helplessly: "What a pervert! I originally thought that I could avenge my past embarrassment with this match! But seeing the current state of things, even if we fight again, we won't be able to fight at all ah "


The corners of Lu Chunjun's lips twitched, as if he was smiling, he gently stroked the heavy sword on his back, and said in a hoarse voice, "It's good if there is a target ahead, it will also give me something to chase."


"You know... Practicing in that Sword Prison, when I can't keep up with the tension, I will think of him."


Ning Zhan fell silent and said, “Even if you are blind, you can’t spoil yourself like this, right?”




A sharp sword qi shot out from Lu Chunjun's fingertips like a curved moon, shooting fiercely towards Ning Zhan.


Ning Zhan smiled inattentively as his palm curled up, and Genesis Qi surged to form an earthy yellow Genesis Qi, swallowing that sword Qi in one gulp before the Genesis Qi stirred violently and finally gradually calmed down.


"Just kidding".






Tang Mu


"Brother Zhou Yuan, your strength, you have become stronger again!" Tang Mu Xin took a deep breath and couldn't help but sigh.


They were still bewildered earlier due to Zhou Yuan's decision to clash heavily with Zhao Jing, however at this moment, that bewilderment was considered completely unraveled. Because that Zhao Jing who was extremely violent in his eyes, was like a paper tiger in Zhou Yuan's eyes that could be broken with a single punch.


The other bosses also had somewhat complicated eyes, especially Baili Che whose face was alternately blue and white, he might have scolded Zhou Yuan for being stupid, but now he realized that it was not that Zhou Yuan was stupid, but that his eyesight was Too low.


Now when Zhou Yuan, compared to their last encounter had become too strong.


So although Baili Che was reluctant to admit it, he knew that Zhou Yuan had completely put himself in front of him…


Zhou Yuan looked at Tang Muxin and the others, but instead, he smiled and held his fists and said, "It's a good thing we didn't fail, or else we would have lost the face of our Cangxuan Sect."


“Rather, we have lost sight of him again” Thunder Prison Peak Chief Xie Yan said slowly.


"Since this matter was started by me, I naturally need to finish it, don't want to intentionally steal the limelight from Senior Brother Xie Yan." Zhou Yuan smiled.


The ever-carefree Xie Yan moved his lips and then shook his head.


“Be careful, that Huo Tian may be going crazy” Tang Mu Xin suddenly said.


Zhou Yuan turned around and directed his gaze towards the Sacred Palace not far away, as his bosses were also gradually recovering their senses from the shock caused by Zhao Jing's collapse.


Leader Huo Tian was terribly gloomy, he slowly raised his head, his cold gaze fixed on Zhou Yuan, having a voice as cold as the cold wind, echoing.


"Well, what a good boss of the Holy Genesis Peak of the Cangxuan Sect!"


"I was very wrong, you are the one who hid deep inside..."


“Since you are so powerful, then today my Holy Palace will come and learn from you!”


The moment his voice fell, the other heads as well as all the disciples of the Holy Palace all had Genesis Qi gushing out of their bodies, and their eerie gazes were fixed on the Cangxuan Sect's side.


Seeing Zhou Yuan, his appearance did not ripple, and he said, “If you want to fight, then my Cangxuan Sect will naturally accompany you to the end.”


He extended his palm and shook it gently.




At the same time, at the back of that Sacred Palace disciple a Genesis Qi suddenly rose into the sky, only to see hundreds of figures passing by, they were Zhou Yuan's group who arrived.


The seven heads of the Cangxuan Sect also gathered at this time.


The group that appeared behind them caused a slight commotion in the Holy Palace, Huo Tian's face became more and more ugly as he stared at Zhou Yuan, originally the situation here was one where they had an absolute advantage but together with The latter's appearance, all this had changed.


The current situation was even more embarrassing for them.


The strengths of both sides were in a balanced state, and once the war started, they would definitely lose a lot, and when the time came they would give way to a fisherman's gain.


Thus under the prying gazes of countless eyes in that mansion, both sides were at odds, but it was clear that no one was willing to start a dispute, and for a while the atmosphere was awkward.




However, this uncomfortable atmosphere did not last, as an enormous sound suddenly echoed through the heavens and the earth.


The loud sound attracted all eyes, then countless people saw the distant mountain range that countless violent Genesis Qi were approaching, then, there were many shadows of powerful light shot out.


As soon as those light shadows appeared, they made the mansion boil.


"The Chosen from various sects have arrived!"

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