Chapter 605 – Jin Chanzi

Beyond the unimaginable majesty of the mountain range, there were violent abstruse winds of Genesis Qi everywhere, these abstruse winds formed a layer of wind that protected the mountain range within it, this layer of wind was difficult to break even for the heads of the mountain range. the various sects, only the combined efforts of the Chosen Ones of the various sects were able to wrest the passage from it.


Swoosh! Phew!


At this moment, the many imposing lights and shadows that came out of the wind layer were the Chosen Ones of the various sects that probed the mountain range.


His trip here was clearly to receive the disciples of the various sects.


The entire city was now seething, with countless fiery eyes staring at the light shadows spreading across the sky.


Inside the mansion, the people from the various sects were even more excited, as they all knew that this extremely majestic ancient mountain range before them was one of the true core zones of the Mythical Utopia.


As long as one entered it, the harvest he would obtain would definitely be much larger than what he had before.


The reception of the Elect of the different sects was a necessary condition for them to enter it.


The appearance of the Chosen from the various sects also caused the confrontation between the Cangxuan Sect and the Holy Palace to slow down, the disciples of both sides were glaring at each other fiercely, but the Genesis Qi surging around their bodies had reduced a bit.


Zhou Yuan also looked towards the light and shadows coming out of the wind cloak and smiled lightly, not knowing whether YaoYao had come out or not, he hadn't seen him for almost a month, but he had missed it a bit.


And of course, there was that guy Tun Tun.


And amidst the countless gazes waiting impatiently, a shadow of light appeared directly above the mansion at the fastest speed with an astonishing momentum and then slowly descended.


A number of gazes converged, and then there were a number of people whose faces changed a little, and there was even a dense color of fear in their eyes.


The person who appeared in a white robe, upright body, especially that golden hair, shining in the sunlight, coupled with the majestic Genesis Qi vibrating throughout his body, is truly like a heavenly god.


And the most palpable thing was that this person's pupils were also golden in color, a pair of pupils, even more inverted in their shape, and his gaze was projected, sending chills down the spine.


Zhou Yuan's gaze, likewise, stopped on this person, his face was slightly heavy clearly feeling that dangerous aura, and he looked aside at Tang Mu Xin and the others, only to see that they all looked a little scared. .


"Who is he?" Zhou Yuan asked.


Tang Mu


Zhou Yuan's eyes also glazed over, clearly not expecting the visitor to be so fierce.


He could feel that when this Cang Xuan appeared, the bustling atmosphere of the entire mansion seemed to have cooled down a lot, and the gazes projected from all directions were filled with intense fear.


One person had deterred all forces, which showed the ferocity of this Chosen One Jin Chanzi's reputation.


That Huo Tian and the others also saw Jin Chanzi's appearance, but they looked excited and a little uneasy, as their Sacred Palace Head's performance this time was not very good.


Especially now, that Zhao Jing was still there, not knowing whether he was dead or alive.


And everyone knew that this Jin Chanzi acted unscrupulously, once he knew that they had acted so badly this time, he was afraid that he would become furious.


In that excited and uneasy gaze of theirs, the light in the sky also identified the men of the Holy Palace, and then they fell, their golden vertical pupils sweeping a circle, and finally looked at the Cangxuan Sect disciples who were standing face to face. not far away, as well as Zhao Jing who did not know whether he was alive or dead in the field.


"What's going on?" Jin Chanzi's tone was light.


The other heads of the Sacred Palace were all silent.


Huo Tian stepped forward with a hard scalp and began to report everything, as best he could.


A long time later, when Huo Tian finished speaking, he looked at Jin Chanzi, who was now expressionless and just looked at him, slowly saying, "Are you saying that there are two heads of my Holy Palace who were beheaded by the same head of the Holy Palace?" Cangxuan Sect?..."


"And Zhao Jing also had a crippled arm on the other side?"


Huo Tian nodded with difficulty.


Jin Chanzi looked at him, turned around and laughed saying, “You bosses, you really can do it, my Holy Palace has been suppressing the Cangxuan Sect for many years, and you plan to disgrace my Holy Palace this time?”


Huo Tian and the other bosses looked ugly, but they did not dare to argue.


Jin Chanzi shook his head and indifferently said, “That Ning Mo and Fan Yao are so incompetent, it is better to die so as not to waste the cultivation resources of my Sacred Palace!”


"This Zhao Jing however is a bit surprising, but since he is a failure, he will be punished according to the palace rules when he returns to the palace this time."


"You and the others will have to suffer less when the time comes." He swept his gaze over Huo Tian and the others.


Huo Tian and the others did not dare to answer.


"Take that fool back, don't be embarrassed here." Jin Chanzi said.


Huo Tian even ordered his disciples to take Zhao Jing back.


Jin Chanzi stared at Zhao Jing's broken and burst arm and said with interest, "Which head of the Cangxuan Sect is capable of this?"


Huo Tian hesitated and said, “It is said that he is the new Chief of Saint Genesis Peak named Zhou Yuan.”


"Zhou Yuan?"


Jin Chanzi's vertical pupils seemed to move slightly, turning his lips to slowly raise a strange curve, murmuring, "How Interesting."


Huo Tian did not understand the meaning of his words, but he was sensible enough not to ask for more.


Jin Chanzi on the other hand, took two steps forward, his golden vertical pupils facing the opposite direction of the Cangxuan Sect and smilingly asked, "Which one is Zhou Yuan?"


Zhou Yuan looked at Jin Chanzi and took a step forward.


Jin Chanzi's gaze seemed to be very interested in looking at Zhou Yuan, constantly measuring him up and down, and after a moment, a hint of disappointment appeared in his eyes, is this the goal of the mission that his Palace Master Holy Spirit personally instructed them?


I'm not surprised. What makes him so important to the Palace Master?


"You are the one who killed the two heads of my Sacred Palace and broke Zhao Jing's arm?" Jin Chanzi rambled.


Tang Mu


His eyes were guarded, but he also reminded Jin Chanzi that with the identity of the Chosen One, these boss battles, according to the rules of subterfuge would be a shame if the Chosen One of each sect stooped to participate in his place.


Jin Chanzi smiled lightly and ignored Tang Mu Xin, just looking at Zhou Yuan indifferently.


And Zhou Yuan also looked directly at him, neither dodging in any way nor being as fearful as the others, saying, "The Holy Palace acted too domineering, Your Excellency since you are the Chosen One should control it instead."


His words, however, made many people's hearts jump; this guy was too bold to speak like this in front of Jin Chanzi.


Jin Chanzi was also startled and turned around to laugh out loud.


Tang Muxin and the others were on guard as they stared at him.


After laughing for a moment, Jin Chanzi said, "Don't worry, I'm at least a Chosen of the Holy Palace, how could I lower my status to deal with a kid with a hairless mouth?! If that's the case, Do I still have to lose face?"


Only then did Tang Mu regard.


Jin Chanzi's gaze swept over Tang Mu Xin and the others whose bodies were gradually relaxing, and the corners of his mouth suddenly raised a strange curve.


"However, what is the face? Did I care about it, Jin Chanzi?"


"Seeing that you are upset, I will kill you now"


Laughter with a chilling sound, sounded slowly.


Then, it was in the midst of those countless fearful gazes that the Jin Chanzi waved his sleeve fiercely, and there was a torrent of violent to extreme turquoise Genesis Qi that roared out.




The square split in two where the torrent of Genesis Qi had passed, and finally with a quick, lightning-fast surge, he found himself directly in the middle of that horrified gaze, and struck Zhou Yuan who he was simply unable to dodge.




As for Zhou Yuan's figure it was also as if he had been hit by a strong blow, flying straight back for thousands of feet tearing apart this mansion as well as the countless stone walls and pavilions along the way.




In the end, his body was shot into a collapsing attic and buried in it.


The entire place at this moment was completely silent.


Countless incredulous gazes looked at the smiling Jin Chanzi, no one expected that this third Chosen of the Sacred Palace would be so moody and unpredictable, without any regard for his own identity and that he would directly hit Zhou Yuan when no one could imagine it.


That move should have directly killed the head of the Cangxuan Sect, right?

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