Chapter 605 The Challenge

"This guy seems to have a hostile attitude towards me."


Feng Wushen was secretly depressed in his heart, he had just returned to the academy and had not provoked anyone at all, yet Tian Ying was hostile towards him.


Secretly shaking his head and sighing, Feng Wushen did not care, his gaze then turned towards the battle high in the sky.


The battle between Xiaohen Xi and Fu Yan seemed to be even at first, but as time passed, Fu Yan was already falling behind.


Of course, this was only possible because Fu Yan was able to hold out for so long thanks to the mercy shown by Xiaohen Xi.


But in the end Fu Yan fought hard and was defeated.


The difference in strength between the two of them was so great that the reason Fu Yan challenged was simply to energize himself.


"Many thanks to the Second Prince!" The defeated Fu Yan clenched his fist in thanks.


"Now you know how good I am, don't you?" Xiaohen Xi had a smirk on her face.


"It is not more than that!" Tian Ying spoke nonchalantly, her voice was not loud, but the crowd could hear her clearly.


If someone else had said this, Xiaohen Xi would have broken all of his legs.


But these words were spoken by Tian Ying, and Xiaohen Xi did not have any temper, and no one in the academy thought that Tian Ying was arrogant, because he had such strength to defeat Xiaohen Xi.


"Hmph!" Xiaohen Xi coldly snorted, then headed towards Feng Wushen and ignored Tian Ying.


"What is the origin of Tian Ying?" asked Feng Wushen, quite curious about Tian Ying.


Xiaohen Xi shook her head and said: "I'm not sure, the royal family can't find out your identity either, the dean saw your amazing talent so he let you into the academy, it is definitely very mysterious."


"Very mysterious actually." Feng Wushen nodded undeniably.


Just as Xiaohen Xi came down, Tian Ying ran out and looked at Feng Wushen, then reached out and pointed at him, saying coldly and arrogantly: "I want to challenge you!"


"Challenge me?" Feng Wushen faintly froze and thought: “This guy is hostile to himself, does he only want to challenge himself?


"What? Are you scared?" Tian Ying was confident, he seemed to be sure of Feng Wushen.


Feng Wushen slightly shook his head and said: "You are no match for me, I advise you to challenge another."


As soon as Feng Wushen's words came out, the entire student audience instantly boiled over.


"Feng Wushen is too arrogant, isn't he? How dare he say that Tian Ying is not his opponent."


“Although Feng Wushen's strength is stronger, at most he is stronger than the Second Prince, when the Genius Rank Martial Competition was held, his strength was not much different, I think he is afraid of Tian Ying.”


“It is said that Tian Ying defeated the Second Prince before he had exerted his full strength, even the ninth level of the Heavenly Yuan Realm is no match for Tian Ying, how dare Feng Wushen say that Tian Ying is no match for him! ?".


There was an uproar in the numerous academies, as Feng Wushen's simple statement made them feel that he was arrogant and conceited.


Not only the students, but also the dean and the elders, felt that Feng Wushen was a bit arrogant.


As the first genius of the academy, Tian Ying's strength was evident to Xing Tian Feng and the others.


Although Xing Tianfeng was the senior, he was not even sure that he could defeat Tian Ying.


"How do you know I'm not your opponent if you don't try? Besides, it's me who challenges you, you have no reason to reject me." Tian Ying asked with a frown, her face cold.


Feng Wushen said indifferently: "Your talent is really impressive, and your strength is not weak, but you are really no match for me."


"Pavilion Master, can you really defeat him?" Xiaohen Xi asked in surprise, Xiaohen Xi could not see Feng Wushen's cultivation level and had never been to the Dragon God Temple, so he did not know anything about Feng Wushen's current cultivation level.


"Feng Wushen, the rules of the academy, you can't break them this time!" Xing Tianfeng was quick to say that he also wanted to see what realm Feng Wushen had reached.


“Er…” Feng Wushen had a bitter smile on his face, and after a slight hesitation, he said, “Very well, since the Dean has opened his mouth, then I accept your challenge.”


So reticent?


Feng Wushen is clearly not looking at Tian Ying!


"I have never seen such an arrogant man!"


"Feng Wushen just looks down on Tian Ying!"


"This guy really owes it!"


Without a doubt, Feng Wushen's words provoked the students again.


Tian Ying's face turned directly gloomy.


From the day Tian Ying entered the academy to the present, he has stood at the top of the academy, without being surpassed by anyone.


Now that Feng Wushen had said that he was no match the moment he opened his mouth, how could Tian Ying accept this insult?


At this time, Feng Wushen had already left and reached the center of the square.


Looking at Tian Ying with his eyes, Feng Wushen smiled slightly: "Use all your strength, don't hold back!"


"That depends on your skill!" Tian Ying responded in a morose manner.


"I meant your thunder power!" Feng Wushen smiled weakly.


At these words, Tian Ying's gloomy face couldn't help but change drastically, looking at Feng Wushen with incomparable shock.


Feng Wushen truly knew that he possessed the power of thunder within him.


"How can you know that I have the power of thunder within me?" Tian Ying's heart shuddered, no one in the entire academy knew, only Feng Wushen could see it.


Feng Wushen had only met Tian Ying for the first time, and Tian Ying hadn't even activated the power of thunder, so how was Feng Wushen to know?


Hesitant and shocked, Tian Ying was already thrusting out the power of thunder with terrifying force, his entire body dazzled by electrical wires.


A terrifying lightning bolt spread out and swept across the square, causing the students to recoil in fear.


"What kind of power is this?"


"Tian Ying's aura is rising very quickly! What a terrifying thunder attribute power."


"Tian Ying has really been hiding his strength!"


Sensing this terrifying thunder attribute power from Tian Ying, the students were terrified and shocked!


"By fighting with me, you really reserved your strength!" Xiaohen Xi's face was filled with horror, and her expression hardened.


Xing Tianfeng and the elders, as well as the mentors, gasped, no one knew that Tian Ying still hid such terrifying power.


In the blink of an eye, Tian Ying's aura had risen to the level of the ninth level of the Heavenly Yuan Realm!


Such terrifying combat power, not to mention the dean Xing Tianfeng, even Imperial Emperor Duan Tian Hun had never reached such terrifying heights.


"Where is your spirit weapon?" Feng Wushen smiled weakly.


Even in the face of such a powerful Tian Ying, Feng Wushen's face did not change in the slightest.


This could not fail to shock the students.


Is Feng Wushen really that powerful?


"I don't know if you can block my power!" Tian Ying frowned slightly, he didn't think that Feng Wushen's strength was really that strong.




With these words, Tian Ying slammed his foot into the ground with a loud bang, a large crater exploded on the ground, while Tian Ying's figure had already turned into a blue light in an instant and appeared in front of Feng Wushen.


Tian Ying stood up with a fierce and powerful attack that was quite intimidating.


Tian Ying blinked, and Feng Wushen did not move at all.


"Big Brother Feng!" Lin You was filled with worry.


"It's really a show off!" Seeing that Feng Wushen was motionless, the crowd of students revealed their contempt, all still thinking that Feng Wushen hadn't noticed.




Tian Ying's attack did not stop in the slightest, as a fist plunged into Feng Wushen's chest with a loud bang, and in the next second, everyone present was completely stunned.


The entire school was silent, all faces frozen in place, as if the world had stopped.



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