Chapter 606 – Do you want to let him die?

Huge cracks opened in the house, while the seething atmosphere in the house was already dead silent, and the heads of all parties were looking at the scene before them in horror, not daring to utter a single air word.


Who would have thought that Jin Chanzi would have taken direct action?...


Normally, according to the rules of the various sects, it was all Chosen against Chosen, and rarely did a Chosen hit a Boss, because then, even if they won, it would still be a defeat.


But right now, this Jin Chanzi not only made a move, but also made a direct attack...


Such a fast and thunderous attack, even if any boss was here, it would have killed them in seconds.


In a loft.


Zuoqiu Qingyu stood up, her delicate cheeks were white at this moment, the faces of Lu Chunjun and Ning Zhan by the window sank, and although Zhen Xu in the Heavenly Ghost Mansion remained unmoved, the cuffs of his sleeves couldn't help but clenched. .


This sudden scene shocked everyone.


Even the other four Sect Heads present were pale, their eyes flickering with intense fear, and Jin Chanzi's previous punch had not stopped in the slightest.


If this were against them, they would definitely have no chance of escaping.


This third Chosen of the Sacred Palace was also too unscrupulous and ignored the rules.


On the square, Tang Muxin and the others' faces were also stunned, and after several breaths, they finally came to their senses, and they trembled as they saw the horrible crack next to them.


It was both anger and fear.


If that blow had been aimed at them, I'm afraid none of them would have survived.


"Jin Chanzi... You, how dare you?!" Tang Muxin's jade finger pointed towards Jin Chanzi, his voice trembled, and a pair of eyes were red: "You have broken the rules, the Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect will not leave you alone!"


With an indifferent smile, Jin Chanzi said, "Let's destroy it, if the Chosen One of your Cangxuan Sect wants to come, my Sacred Palace will follow."


"And I don't believe that your Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect would fight with my Holy Palace for a boss."


His golden vertical pupil, thrown at the collapsed pavilion in the distance, the palace master had also said that he did not care whether that Zhou Yuan was dead or alive, in that case, bringing a corpse should be fine.


Tang Mu


What he was talking about, naturally, was Yaoyao.


How the other Chosen would react was unknown at the moment, but one thing that Tang Mu Xin and the others were very clear about was that it was absolutely impossible to deal with any situation once Yaoyao knew about it at this moment.


He would definitely let Jin Chanzi die!


And Yaoyao is capable enough!


Jin Chanzi smiled without hesitation at the news, clearly not taking Tang Muxin's words to heart.


Tang Muxin took a deep breath and quickly turned around to hit the ruins that had buried Zhou Yuan, he had to make sure that Zhou Yuan was still alive, otherwise once Yao Yao knew about it, the sky would really turn upside down. above.


At this moment, the other heads of the Cangxuan Sect also pondered and hurried to follow.


Jin Chanzi looked at the scene with a smiling face and did not block it, he was confident in his previous punch as he did not hold back, with the strength of that Zhou Yuan there should be no hope of survival.


"Zhou Yuan!"


Tang Muxin and the others arrived at the ruins, and Genesis Qi surged out, lifting a rock.


"Do not scream..."


And just as Tang Muxin and the others were anxiously preparing for rescue, a voice seemed to sound.


Tang Muxin and the others stiffened, looking at the ruins in front of them with some disbelief, as if they suspected that there was a problem with their ears...


"It seems to be Zhou Yuan's voice?" Jin Zhang hesitated.


The others looked at each other a little surprised, they clearly perceived how terrifying Jin Chanzi's punch was before, and Zhou Yuan was hit by a solid blast, even if he had a strong body, it would be categorically impossible for him to resist it, right?




And in the midst of his astonishment, a rock in that ruin was suddenly shaken, and a gray-headed, somewhat miserable figure slowly rose from it.


Tang Muxin and the others looked at the figure in stunned silence, their brains in mush.


This was because they could clearly see that although the figure looked somewhat dusty and bloated, it was simply unharmed.


Zhou Yuan had eaten the fierce blow of Jin Chanzi's surprise attack but it wasn't even half of a thing...


Not only were they stunned, but the originally dead house was also filled with shocked screams rising and falling, a look that stared in horror at the figure standing on top of the ruins.


"How is it possible?!"


In the loft, the heads of the other four sects couldn't even help but scream in astonishment.


Judging from that Jin Chanzi's attitude, it was obvious that he couldn't hold back, but why was that figure still alive?




Zuoqiu Qingyu's tense heart finally loosened, he sat up and covered his swollen chest with his small hand, bit his silver teeth, and said, "This guy, he can be so... Scary."


But immediately she also cast her astonished gaze towards the figure in the distance, she was equally confused as to why Zhou Yuan was safe and sound.


Amidst those countless shocked gazes, Zhou Yuan raised his head and looked at Jin Chanzi in the distance. Slightly smiling, “Upright-eyed son of a bitch, is that all your Holy Palace has taught you?”


In the distance, Huo Tian and the others also looked surprised, clearly not expecting Zhou Yuan to have survived.


Jin Chanzi was also obviously surprised, turning the smile on his lips slightly reduced, his golden vertical pupil looking indifferently at Zhou Yuan, slowly saying, "You are still alive, your life is very hard."


Zhou Yuan raised his neck, his appearance was indifferent, but there was coldness and anger gathering in those eyes.


He looked at his palm, where there was a mysterious yellow liquid that was slowly dripping, and once it landed on the ground it dissipated into the air.


It was the True Water Dragon Saliva that he had obtained from the Genesis Pond Festival.


This item possessed an extremely strong defense, enough to withstand an attack with the full force of a Chosen One.


Jin Chanzi's previous sneak attack was something that even Zhou Yuan did not expect, but at that critical moment, he had urged the True Water Dragon Saliva, which was how he had escaped.


This time, if it weren't for the True Water Dragon Saliva, even if he didn't die, he would have to be seriously injured to the point of being extremely miserable.


In the distance, Jin Chanzi's vertical pupils flickered slightly as he said, "But you are indeed somewhat interesting, no wonder you caused such a fuss."


"Although I don't know why you are unharmed, it shouldn't be your own ability, but if what is expected is correct, it is a kind of protective treasure, right?"


"There should be limits on these things, right?"


"So... If he can save you once, he can save you twice... Ten times?"


With a smile on his face, the astonishing turquoise source energy slowly rose from his body at this moment, a source pressure sweeping away, making all the bosses present look fearful.


There was a hint of killing intent in Jin Chanzi's voice, apparently the previous strike had not worked and had made him a little angry, so right now he was planning to make a move.


Naturally, Zhou Yuan also felt that dangerous aura from Jin Chanzi and there was also a freezing cold covering his eyes, he was not afraid, Jin Chanzi was indeed very strong but when he was really prepared it was not that easy for the latter to cut him down.


"How do you not dare to run away?"


Jin Chanzi saw Zhou Yuan standing in place and couldn't help but laugh.


"If that's the case, then you can go to hell..." He took a step and was about to attack.


However, the moment his steps were taken his body suddenly solidified as he felt an extremely dangerous fluctuation appear, causing the skin of his entire body to tighten at that moment.


Thus, he slowly raised his head and looked at the top of a stone tower not far away, as if it were an enemy.


There was only a stunning blue-clothed girl standing against the wind, her slender posture, her astonishingly beautiful face was dazzling, but at this moment, her pair of clear eyes looked at Jin Chanzi emotionlessly.


"You, do you want to let him die?"


Her red lips opened slightly, with an icy and chilling voice slowly sounding at this moment.


In that voice, there is a trace of subtle anger.


(NT: AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!, My Goddess has arrived!!!!, now you are worth a damn Jin Chanzi xD)

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