Chapter 606 - Double Whammy

"This... how is it possible..."


The entire academy was silent for around two minutes, and Tian Ying's face was extremely surprised before she finally froze and spat out a few words.


This strike from Tian Ying condensed the power of the strongest thunder, and its destructive power was quite terrifying.


But with such terrifying force, when he struck Feng Wushen's chest with all his might, not only did he not defeat Feng Wushen as badly as the crowd thought, he was unable to even push Feng Wushen back half a step.


The power of Tian Ying's punch was truly terrifying, but Feng Wushen's strength was even more terrifying, and this Feng Wushen punch could not even feel the slightest sting of pain.


"No... No way... Did my eyes get teary?"


“Tian Ying attacked with full force and no reservations, the power of this strike is definitely comparable to the ninth level of the Heavenly Yuan Realm! How is it not going to injure Feng Wushen?”


"Feng Wushen is really unharmed! Not even a frown! How is it possible?"


As the silence was broken, the crowd of students instantly erupted, with a great ripple of screams that rose to the sky in a feeling of astonishment.


Tian Ying was terrifyingly strong, the pinnacle of the academy, and such terrifying strength couldn't shake Feng Wushen in the slightest.


"Is it possible that Feng Wushen has reached the Heavenly Human Realm?" Xing Tianfeng couldn't help but exclaim, and that was the only possibility that could make sense.


Feng Wushen's strength was so strong that it had surpassed the imagination of everyone in the academy.


With Feng Wushen's current physical strength, not to mention Tian Ying, not even a strong person of the fourth or even fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm would be able to shake Feng Wushen by half a step with an all-out attack.


Feng Wushen stood still, neither fighting back nor using his true essence to resist, completely relying on the strength of his flesh to easily withstand Tian Ying's attack.


This is too much of a blow, isn't it?


Is he still a human being? This is a monster!


“Is the pavilion master really that strong when it comes to strength? Could it be the Heavenly Human Realm?” Xiaohen Xi guessed shocked in his heart.


As the crowd in the academy was shocked, Feng Wushen smiled faintly and said, “Can you take out your spirit weapon now? Otherwise, you won't have the slightest chance of defeating me.”


Hearing these words, the shocked Tian Ying, her face grim again, then launched into a frantic attack.


"Bang bang bang!"


A series of explosions startled the crowd as terrifying energy swept through the plaza, shaking it violently and spreading cracks in all directions under their feet.


However, what shocked the academy crowd even more was that Tian Ying's frenzied attack still proved unable to shake Feng Wushen, and even as the ground in the plaza collapsed, Feng Wushen's face did not change.


Feng Wushen stayed put, allowing Tian Ying to attack wildly.


The academy audience was totally stunned.


"Oh, Brother Feng's strength is so terrifying!" Lin You broke out in a cold sweat, and her terrified face was pale.


Looking calmly at Tian Ying, Feng Wushen smiled slightly: "Even if you throw ten thousand punches, the result will still be the same, bring out your true abilities, and use your most powerful martial art."


Hearing this, Tian Ying stopped his attack.


As Feng Wushen slowly rose into the sky, Tian Ying's gaze was fixed on Feng Wushen, and somewhere in his hand, he had already pulled out a still white longsword, a high-quality spirit weapon!


Tian Ying's aura surged out, reaching the peak of the ninth level of the Heavenly Yuan Realm.




Tian Ying's feet slightly bent, and then stomped on the ground with a thunderous explosion, the plaza exploded into a large crater, spraying debris, his body shot up into the sky, carrying a fierce aura towards Feng Wushen.


Seeing this, Feng Wushen raised his hand slightly and extended his index finger, with the other four fingers together.


The moment Tian Ying approached, the flying sword in his hand again launched a fierce and stern attack, greeting Feng Wushen with a variety of difficult and vicious sword styles.


"Ding ding ding!"


With a single index finger, Feng Wushen was able to parry all of Tian Ying's fierce and hard attacks with a constant cracking sound and without any effort.


The extremely violent energy spread downward, and the students couldn't help but tremble.


That Feng Wushen finger was as if it was made of steel, and a high-quality spirit weapon flying sword couldn't even hurt it.




The more they watched, the more amazed and horrified the crowd of scholars, each swallowing hard.


“The strength of the Feng Wushen is too terrifying…”


“Feng Wushen hasn't even pushed his true essence yet!”


"What realm has he reached?"


The students were pale and dumbfounded, terrified by Feng Wushen's terrifying strength.


"Do you want to test your sword skills or martial arts techniques?" Feng Wushen asked with a slight smile.


Tian Ying's face was extremely ugly, he could already be completely sure that Feng Wushen was extremely powerful and was in no way below him.


But the good-natured Tian Ying never wanted to give up.


Tian Ying stopped his attack and moved away from Feng Wushen.


“High Grade Xuan Martial Art! Infinite Soulbreaker Claw!"


Tian Ying exerted all his thunder power, formed a one-handed seal, and gave a last stern cry.




Tian Ying struck out with a claw, a huge tens of meter blue energy claw with the sound of cracking air rushed towards Feng Wushen, the attack was so severe that it had the urge to tear the void apart.


The energy claw is so fast that it can reach you in the blink of an eye.


"It's not moving? Are you so sure?" Tian Ying frowned, her gaze fixed on Feng Wushen, but the latter did not move at all.




Until the very end, Feng Wushen did not move at all, allowing the energy claws to pounce on him with deafening explosions as the furious energy completely engulfed Feng Wushen.


"Feng Wushen doesn't seem to be dodging!"


"I wasn't even going to dodge, this guy is so confident!"


"Feng Wushen is too rampant, isn't it? Tian Ying's martial skills aren't even in his eyes!"


The students gasped again.


"Since when has Feng Wushen become so arrogant and conceited?" Zhen Yuntian frowned, this was completely different from what they knew of Feng Wushen.


Feng Wushen was so arrogant that he couldn't help Xing Tianfeng and the others from feeling that Feng Wushen seemed to have changed since he left the academy.


After the terrifying energy ripples gradually dissipated, Feng Wushen's figure appeared in everyone's gaze.


Feng Wushen was unharmed!




Seeing Feng Wushen unharmed, the crowd fell back in horror and trembled in astonishment.


“This…” Tian Ying was completely stunned.


"Impossible! Absolutely impossible." Tian Ying was doubly devastated, also the first genius of the academy, she did not believe that Feng Wushen was so powerful, so powerful that she felt helpless.


“High Grade Xuan Martial Art! Thunder Finger!"


“Early Earth Grade Martial Skill! Destroy the Heavenly Seal!"


"Thunder God Sword! Thunderbolt!"


Tian Ying executed terrifying martial arts techniques one after another, including Earth rank martial arts techniques and Earth rank sword skills, and a wave of terrifying energy bombarded Feng Wushen's body one after another.


Any one of these immensely powerful martial arts techniques could leave academy crowds in the dust.


However, the explosion on Feng Wushen's body was like a stone sinking into the sea, and Feng Wushen remained unharmed!



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