Chapter 607 – Deadly Strike

"You, will you let him die?"


When that chilling voice sounded from the red lips of the stunning girl in blue at the top of the stone tower, the temperature of the entire mansion seemed to drop abruptly at that moment.


That chill caused countless people to shudder, and then their eyes looked at that silhouette in fear.


"Who is she?"


“Looking at the patterns on his sleeves, he should also be from the Cangxuan Sect, but why have I never heard of it before…”


“Dare to speak like this to Jin Chanzi, who must also be a Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect, but I have never heard that this figure exists among the Seven Chosen of the Cang Xuan Sect…”


"The seven Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect, the only one who is a woman is Qing ChanLi, who is also stunningly beautiful, but she is clearly not the person in front of her."




Many voices passed silently, but more people were confused. After all, Yaoyao had not entered the Chosen list of the Cangxuan Sect, and her fame had not spread, so many people did not know her.




Others were unfamiliar, but Zuoqiu Qingyu at the top of that pavilion stood up excitedly, his beautiful eyes shining as he looked at the stunning girl who looked like a pavilion in the distance while standing at the top of the tower.


"Zuoqiu Qingyu, who is she?" A head of the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace couldn't help but ask.


Because the shock caused by the green-robed girl's appearance was really not small, and although none of the people could feel very strong Genesis Qi fluctuations in her body, the kind of dangerous aura that emanated from her body was only stronger than Jin Chanzi's.


"Her name is Yao Yao, and she is also a partner who came with us from the Mainland, but she is very close to that guy Zhou Yuan." Zuoqiu Qingyu said.


"Did he come with you from the Holy Continent?" The head of the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace was stunned and said, "But his strength?"


Zuoqiu Qingyu smiled and said: "Yao Yao is the most mysterious, I haven't been able to discover her strength, anyway she is always the strongest among us, even Zhou Yuan is a little different from her."


"This time, that Jin Chanzi is going to be unlucky."


Chief Liu Fu of the Ghost Mansion intervened, "What are you kidding? That Jin Chanzi is fifth on the Chosen list, in the Cangxuan Sect those who can defeat him are few and far between."


However, Zuoqiu Qingyu just looked at him obliquely, not paying him any attention, but that made Liu Fu quite angry.


"I would like to see what he can do to dare to say that he will bring bad luck to the Golden Toad..."






When Zhou Yuan saw that familiar silhouette, he was also surprised, and gave her a bright smile, waving his hand at the latter even with a cool face.


However, Yaoyao only looked at him with clear eyes, and then withdrew her gaze, an attitude so carefree that it made Zhou Yuan touch his nose in a gray manner.


He knew that Yaoyao should have seen the scene where he was attacked by Jin Chanzi before, and her attitude now was to blame him for being careless when encountering enemies.


Yaoyao ignored Zhou Yuan, her cold and thorough eyes turned to Jin Chanzi.


At this moment, Jin Chanzi also turned all his attention towards Yaoyao, and recognized the latter, as they had fought with several Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect previously, so he was aware of Yaoyao's additional figure in the Cangxuan Sect.


Only, Yaoyao rarely fought, but the little mysterious beast that followed was extremely ferocious, and its fighting power was not inferior to that of the Chosen.


"So it's the Chosen One of the Cangxuan Sect, you've come so quickly, but since you're here, it seems there's no way to teach that brat a lesson, so let's finish here today." Jin Chanzi smiled weakly.


With that, he approached the side of the Holy Palace disciples.


However, as soon as he moved, suddenly his invisible soul power hissed out and came in with a fierce explosion.


There was a turquoise Genesis Qi whistling from Jin Chanzi's body, forming an aura of source energy around his body, deflecting the invisible divine soul power, and his body trembled slightly.


"Who told you that this ends here today?" Yaoyao's icy eyes showed indifference.


Jin Chanzi's golden vertical pupils also looked at Yaoyao and sneered, "Oh? Do you want to fight with me? Now that the Chosen from the various sects are conquering the Great Mythical Mountain Range, all sides are safe and sound. You want to break this situation for all sides to fight again... Can't a mixed battle open up that great opportunity?"


Meanwhile, Yao Yao's willow eyebrows knitted, "What does that opportunity have to do with me? What do I care if you can get it or not?"


Jin Chanzi was stunned, he was already considered moody and unscrupulous when he acted, but he didn't expect this incredibly beautiful girl in front of him to act even more unscrupulous.


Even the greatest opportunity in that Mythical Utopia seemed to have no weight in his mouth.


"What do you want?" Jin Chanzi said coldly.


"I told you, since you want him dead, then you should die first." Yaoyao's eyes dropped slightly, but between her bright eyebrows a majestic spiritual power was now exploding.




The entire mansion trembled violently, and then, countless fearful eyes saw the earth crumble, and countless rocks rose into the air, as if wrapped by invisible hands, and finally formed a huge ball.


The giant sphere was round, and shadows covered half of the mansion.




In the next instant, the giant ball came down forcefully, its cover was covered with the power of an invisible divine spirit, the air was now a sonic boom, it was terrifying.


That Jin Chanzi looked at this scene, his pupils also shrank slightly, he no longer dared to slow down, his hands slammed, and the turquoise Genesis Qi rose into the sky, directly transforming into a huge palm of Genesis Qi.


"Ten thousand hands of poison!"


In the giant palm of Genesis Qi, poisonous gas rose and foul stench came out of the nose.




The two collided fiercely with each other, and for a moment it was as if the sky and the earth cracked, the mansion shook violently, shock waves erupted, and this mansion was razed to the ground in an instant.


Countless figures shot out in a mess and landed in the surrounding area.


Their fearful gazes looked at the center of the engagement.


There the stunningly beautiful girl in blue was still standing at the top of the tower, while in the distance, Jin Chanzi's figure shot backwards, the latter now with a slightly gloomy face.


In the corners of his eyes, there was even a trace of blood surfacing.


"What a strong spiritual power!"


The Chosen One Jin Chanzi made a gloomy sound, although he had smashed that giant ball before, the divine soul power covering it attacked like a shadow, directly causing his divine soul to sting, if he later deactivated it with his Genesis Qi he feared that even his divine soul was erased by the power of the opponent's divine soul.


And around the mansion, the countless lines of sight watching this scene were all secretly sucking in a breath of cold air, no one thought that it would be Jin Chanzi who would be slightly at a disadvantage in this match.


Was this girl in blue that scary?


Not far away, Zuoqiu Qingyu smiled, and then looked at Chief Liu Fu of the Ghost Mansion and said, “How come?”


At this moment, Liu Fu, with a pale face and fearful eyes, stared at Yao Yao in the distance, and then smiled embarrassedly at Zuoqiu Qingyu, not daring to say another word.


That girl, even Jin Chanzi is a little unable to deal with her, grasshoppers like him better stop bouncing around, or else he might be casually pressed to death, with his knowledge of those Chosen from the Heavenly Ghost Mansion , I'm afraid they would never come to avenge him...


"Have you played enough yet?" In the mansion that had turned into a flat land, Jin Chanzi stared at Yaoyao and relaxed.




Yaoyao whispered, "Do you think I'm playing with you?"


"I just said... If you are going to let him die, then today, you are going to die here too!"


As his voice fell, there was suddenly an extremely majestic condensation of soul power between Yaoyao's eyebrows and in the end an almost shapeless flame formed from his eyebrows and floated down, landing on his jade hand.


That formless flame seemed extremely thin, but when Jin Chanzi saw it, his face finally changed drastically and his inverted pupils shrank to the size of a pin.


"Soul fire?!"


His voice, with a hint of horror, also sounded at this point.

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