Chapter 609 – Rejection

In the huge city countless gazes now turned towards the mansion that had been reduced to ruins, especially when Jiang Taishen and Chu Qing appeared, making the atmosphere of the place even more different.


The first two and second in the Chosen rankings were having a confrontation right now.


Needless to say, Jiang Taishen's prestige in the Holy Continent was forged with incomparably illustrious battles.


Chu Qing's achievements were much rarer, but he was also a very famous person as almost the entire Holy Continent knew that this head of the Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect was notoriously lazy... When trouble came to the door, the My first idea was not to solve it, but to quickly avoid it.


Of course, laziness was lazy but Chu Qing's strength was something that no one could question.


It wasn't as if he hadn't fought with Jiang Taishen at the beginning, and although the final result was a slight victory for Jiang Taishen, Chu Qing was somehow able to retreat from the whole body, and Jiang Taishen was not able to do anything to him.


From this point, one could see Chu Qing's strength.


And now, when these two who were almost the top of the Cangxuan Heaven's young generation faced each other, it naturally caused countless people to wait anxiously.


In the Mansion of Ruins.


Jiang Taishen looked at the current Chu Qing and smiled lightly, his eyes were narrow and his smile was like a line, giving him a gentle feeling.


"Chu Qing, it is very rare to see you take the initiative to invite a battle."


Chu Qing touched her beautiful face, and her eyes surreptitiously glanced at Yaoyao, Because she had to act ah, because of the latter's character, if she didn't act I'm afraid Yaoyao would definitely not finish this until everyone is finished.


Furthermore, as the head of the Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect, if Jiang Taishen wanted to make a move to deal with Yaoyao, even though he was really lazy there was no way he would just sit back and do nothing.


"Jiang Taishen if you want to fight just come with me." Chu Qing exclaimed.


Jiang Taishen smiled imploringly, "Actually, I would like to fight you again but now is not the time to do so... Chu Qing, today our various sects fight here the situation will be chaotic. The great opportunity hidden in the depths of the Great Mythical Mountain Range is now in the world, but it may be even more difficult.


"So in today's matter, how about each of us take a step back and temporarily rest our troops?"


"After all, if you want to fight, when the time comes, I believe my Holy Palace will satisfy you." Jiang Taishen said meaningfully.


Chu Qing smiled brightly, "It would be best if you are willing to admit defeat."


Jiang Taishen shook his head and said, "It is not an admission of defeat, but a step back from each other."


Chu Qing said casually, "It's all the same, all the same."


The corners of Jiang Taishen's mouth twitched, this Chu Qing Great Spiritual Law was becoming more and more skilled.


Chu Qing turned her head and looked at Yaoyao revealing a kind smile as she said, "Junior Sister Yaoyao, look they have all admitted defeat too, let's leave this for now."


Yaoyao swept him with an indifferent gaze and said, "What if I say no?"


Chu Qing slapped his chest and said, "If you say no, then we will beat them!"


"Let's fight then." Yaoyao said.


Chu Qing was in a stalemate, somewhat sad, before the parties had temporarily reached a consensus to attack the Great Mythical Mountain Range with all their forces first, the Chosen of all parties could not do anything for the moment, otherwise they might incur the wrath of all parties.


Just as Chu Qing was at her wits' end, Zhou Yuan's figure appeared next to Yaoyao, he looked towards Yaoyao and smiled, "Let's put this matter aside for now!"


Yaoyao said calmly: "Give me a reason."


Zhou Yuan raised his head, his gaze looking towards the blonde Jin Chanzi in the distance with a coldness passing through his eyes.


The latter, at this moment he was also aware of his line of sight and his eyes looked weak, the corners of his mouth raised, and the contempt in his eyes was not hidden, clearly not putting it in his eyes.


"Because I want to take care of that person." Zhou Yuan said slowly.


His voice did not hide anything, so Jiang Taishen and Jin Chanzi also heard the words.


Jiang Taishen was still smiling while Jin Chanzi couldn't help but laugh softly, and with a playful intention on his lips, he shook his head weakly talking to himself, he said, "You don't know how thick the sky is."


More people who heard this also secretly shook their heads, apparently taking this as Zhou Yuan's act in order to capture the scene, there is no need to take it seriously.


Instead, Yaoyao's bright eyes stared at Zhou Yuan, and the coldness that lingered on her cheeks gradually receded, and she finally nodded slightly. "What ambition."


She naturally understood that it was better for Zhou Yuan to face the strong enemy since it was the only way to hone him, but when she arrived earlier she happened to see Jin Chanzi's surprise attack on Zhou Yuan, and at that moment her heart was filled with shock and killing intent, so he did not hesitate to act directly against Jin Chanzi without hesitation.


"Then I will leave his life for you to pick up." Yaoyao glanced at Jin Chanzi, then withdrew her gaze and said in a low voice.


Aside from that, Chu Qing saw that Yaoyao had finally restrained her emotions and breathed a sigh of relief, and then gave a thumbs up to Zhou Yuan, in the Cangxuan Sect, I am afraid that the only one who could make Yaoyao hold back a little was really Zhou Yuan.


It's not that he feared the Holy Palace, it's just that right now was not the time for a real confrontation.


"Jiang Taishen, you should go."


Chu Qing turned her head and looked towards Jiang Taishen and the others, her eyes slightly drooping as she said, “But there is also advice here, although the Holy Palace is strong don't underestimate my Cangxuan Sect too much.”


Jiang Taishen smiled at the words, "After all, Cangxuan Sect is the former lord of Cangxuan Heaven, so how could my Holy Palace underestimate him?"


Only his voice, in addition to the previous word, intensified slightly.


Jiang Taishen's gaze swept back to Zhou Yuan's side, and he said with interest, "So you are Zhou Yuan, it's a bit interesting. But if that's all, why does the Palace Master have interest in him?" ?"


The last sentence only he and Jin Chanzi could hear.


Facing Jiang Taishen's gaze, Zhou Yuan's brows wrinkled slightly as he sensed that the former was measuring some prey.


However, Jiang Taishen quickly withdrew his gaze and took a look at those heads and disciples of the Holy Palace not far away, and did not say anything but turned around and headed towards the city outside the passage area.


He did not even bother to ask about the casualties of the Holy Palace heads and disciples, because in his opinion these people were just weak, if they died it was better since then they would not need to waste the Holy Palace's cultivation resources anymore.


Jin Chanzi retreated, and when he left, his golden vertical pupils locked on Zhou Yuan, and he said carelessly, "Boy, this time it's you who was lucky, if I meet you next time, I'm afraid you won't be so lucky." "


Zhou Yuan looked at him and said slowly, "Who knows? Maybe next time the fifth place on the Chosen list will have to be replaced."


Jin Chanzi giggled and looked at Zhou Yuan with contempt, his feet stepped on the Genesis Qi and rose into the air, while there was a smile of contempt coming from afar.


"Idiot, foolish creature."


"I'm waiting for you to humble yourself."

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