Chapter 61 – Cornering Lu Qing'er

When the image of Lu Qing'er being besieged was projected on the huge crystal wall at the foot of the White Spirit Mountain, countless clamors arose and a look of shock filled the air.


"Is that Lu Qing'er from the South Wind School? Number one on the points list."


"Is this a target? That's Shi Kon, and Xiang Liang, Chi Su, Zong Fu, tsk, they're all at the top of the scoreboard."


"This time the South Wind School is in danger, that Shi Kon has obviously come prepared, and I'm afraid he has already made plans for this. If Lu Qing'er is eliminated by them, then the South Wind School, "Who has lost the first place, will be surpassed by the Eastern Abyss School this year, I'm afraid."


"These guys have very thick skin to harass such a pretty girl."


"It's not that it's against the rules, it just means that Lu Qing'er is too careless."


Several voices echoed at the foot of the mountain, but everyone was in high spirits because no matter how you look at it, this battle was feared to be the most exciting scene of the Grand Exam.


In the pavilion, Yan Lingqing and Cai Wei also turned their eyes to the glass wall, their pretty faces somewhat tense.


"Something might be going on with this Lu Qing'er." Cai Wei said.


"This is an operation against the South Wind School." Yan Lingqing hit the nail on the head.


The opponent had grasped Lu Qing'er's whereabouts so accurately, and had not only sent Shi Kon, but had also invited three other people who were in the top five of the scoreboard, which clearly gave no indication. Lu Qing'er had no chance to escape.




Cai Wei frowned a little, because Li Luo was from the South Wind School, of course she was on this side, plus this girl Lu Qing'er had helped the Xi Yang House before, from the senses she didn't want Lu Qing'er was eliminated.


But it was clear that his intentions would not change this elaborate siege.


In the main pavilion, the atmosphere had stagnated silently, and the airflow seemed to have stopped.


Because this came from the old dean's gloomy steep face, in his body, there was a majestic and powerful resonance power faintly appearing, a powerful sense of oppression permeated out.


But the governor next to him didn't care about that feeling of oppression, but instead a faint smile played at the corners of his mouth.


"The Governor seems to have put a lot of effort into this siege, doesn't he?" The old dean's gloomy voice sounded.


Not only the Eastern Abyss School participated in this siege, but also people from the other three schools, so it was something long planned and not improvised.


Xiang Liang, Chi Su and Zong Fu are just cadets, and the likelihood that they decide to cooperate with Shi Kon is because they have been instructed by the school behind them, and in order to gather several universities to unite against the Wind School. From the South, I am afraid that in the entire Tian Shu County, only this Governor Shi is capable of doing it.


With a smile on his face, the governor said, "The South Wind School has dominated Tianshu County's number one academy banner for too long, and to have this situation now can only be said to be a result of the hearts of the people."


"When the Governor comes to this Tianshu County, it is really a rat poop that spoils the soup." The old dean sneered mercilessly.


A flash of anger flashed across the Governor's eyes and he said weakly: "It was also forced by the old dean."


"Don't worry, the old dean will still give you a bad grade in this year's review of the royal court's performance, and by then, the governor will also have to move his position." The old dean said coldly.


A cold smile finally appeared on the Governor's face as he said, "Then you should rest assured, if you lose the number one school sign, the South Wind School's accreditation will not have that gold value."


The two men did not look at each other, but the anger and hatred between their words made the atmosphere of the main pavilion extremely oppressive.


On the other hand, tutor An Lie was observing the situation and staying completely out of the fight between the two parties, as he had seen this situation many times and as long as no one broke the rules anyway, then he would not intervene.


His gaze was limited to observing the image on the top of the glass wall, secretly shaking his head in his heart, facing this predicament, that little girl named Lu Qing'er, I'm afraid it's going to be a shame...




Among the ruins strewn with crumbling walls.


Lu Qing'er's pretty face was icy as she looked at Shi Kon in front of her, her clear voice was filled with biting cold, "It seems like you have put a lot of effort into this scene."


"This is the most important thing for you, Qing'er." Shi Kon laughed.


The ice silk gloves on his hands also have small white scales that resemble the tongue of a tiger beast, and a gentle squeeze will cut off a piece of meat.


Obviously, these specially made ice silk gloves are Lu Qing'er's weapon.


Xiang Liang, Chi Su and Zong Fu also immediately activated their resonance power, each taking out their weapons and fixing their gazes on Lu Qing'er harshly and contemptuously.


The atmosphere in the room froze for a moment.


At the next moment, Xiang Liang and his three men struck, directly from three different directions, and shot out in three shadows of light, attacking Lu Qing'er with a powerful attack.


Lu Qing'er's long hair shook and moved under the agitation of the power of resonance. Faced with the attack of the three people who were shaking hands, not only did he not retreat, but he took the initiative to confront them.


The ice-white resonance force hissed, causing the nearby air to drop, and a faint frost arose on the ruins beneath their feet.




The four resonance powers directly collided with each other, causing the resonance powers to shake and impact, but it was Xiang Liang's three faces that changed, as they clearly felt how dominant Lu Qing's ice resonance power was. 'er, directly dispersing all of his resonance powers.


"It's really a force of the Ninth Seal!"


"Seventh-grade ice resonance!"


These thoughts passed through the three men's minds as they pounced again.


"Red hot palm!" Xiang Liang roared, his body roared with the power of fiery red resonance, as he launched his palm, only to see a fiery red palm print flying towards Lu Qing'er.


"Poison Ivy Technique!"


As Chi Su's hands closed, turquoise resonance power spread across the ground, vaguely seeming to turn into green vines that thunderously wrapped around Lu Qing'er's jade feet.


"Water whip!"


Zong Fu also waved his sleeve and robe, only to see a whip of blue water emerge from the air, wrapped in wet Qi, attacking Lu Qing'er's forehead.


The three of them were obviously prepared for this, and their punches were quite tacit, covering all of Lu Qing'er's vital points at the same time.


"Ring of cold!"



However, Lu Qing'er's jade feet stomped and an ice blue aura surged around her, freezing the ice wherever she passed, and the Xiang Liang trio's attacks dissolved.


The Qi of Xiang Liang's three men stagnated.


But Lu Qing'er violently attacked Xiang Liang, her delicate jade hand waved with a chilling aura that sent chills throughout his body.


Under Lu Qing'er's attack, Xiang Liang instantly fell into a disadvantaged position and found himself in an unusual state of distress. If it weren't for Zong Fu and Chi Su's quick rescue, I'm afraid he would have been defeated in a short time.


Fierce battles broke out in the ruins, which were dazzling to watch.


However, although it was three against one, anyone could see that in this battle, it was still Lu Qing'er who had the advantage, surpassing all three of them.


With such fighting prowess, countless people from outside the mountain watched this pretty, dark-skinned girl in amazement.


"Shi Kon, are you still not making a move?"


As the situation became uglier and uglier, that Xiang Liang finally couldn't help but roar in rage.




And the moment his voice fell, it was as if a little thunder broke out in the ruins, and lightning flashed past, aiming directly at Lu Qing'er.


The sudden and severe attack also made Lu Qing'er's eyes stare, but she was not scared, after all, she had waited for Shi Kon's entrance.


Immediately, in the silk gloves, a cold resonance power gathered, as if there were faint ice crystals emerging and spreading in the gloves.


He extended his palm, colliding forcefully with the thunderous tip of the spear.




Frost and lightning swept across the ground in a moment of collision, spreading throughout the entire place.


And Lu Qing'er's delicate body trembled slightly as she and the attacking figure were thrown backwards.


This is the first time in this exam that Lu Qing'er has failed to gain an advantage in a fight against someone.


On his clear face, a slightly grave intention surfaced, and his eyes looked at the figure in front of him, whose body was covered by the power of thunder light resonance, and said slowly: "The upper seventh grade thunder resonance It's really dominant."


"Qing'er, your seventh-grade ice resonance is also not simple." Shi Kon said with a smile.


"But today you can't escape this situation."


Lu Qing'er remained silent for a few breaths, this Shi Kon was not weaker than her, and now with Xiang Liang surrounded by three others, he was truly at a great disadvantage.


However, if she really thought that was the only way to get him to surrender, she was too naive.


"Since you want to play, then we will play with you until the end." Lu Qing'er said in a cold voice.


Hearing his words, Xiang Liang and the others were astonished.


Under the gaze of those countless eyes, Lu Qing'er suddenly reached out and gently removed the ice silk gloves from her hands.


And the moment the gloves came off, his hands were exposed.


When Xiang Liang and the others saw this, their pupils suddenly shrank, while a gloomy look also appeared on Shi Kon's face.


"This inferior card is finally used..."

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