Chapter 611 – The Plan

Outside the Great Mythical Mountain Range.




The violent wind broke out, forming a huge, heavy layer of wind that enveloped the mountain range as if it was dividing the inside and outside into two different worlds.


On a mountain, Zhou Yuan and other Cangxuan Sect disciples were all gathered here, their eyes staring at the wind in front of them, they all looked terrified, they could feel their own insignificance under this kind of heavenly power.


"Later I will make the first move, tearing a wind path, all of you follow closely, I will protect at the front, and Sister Yaoyao will be at the back protecting." Chu Qing looked at the crowd and spoke.


Facing the Genesis Qi wind here, even Chu Qing's face was slightly heavy as even with his strength he could only tear small passages in this wind, and once he was caught in it, even he was in mortal danger.


When the others saw his face, they naturally understood the danger and nodded their heads incessantly.


If one wanted to enter the Great Mythical Mountain Range, only a Chosen-level strength would be able to open the Devil Wind passage, otherwise not even the heads of the various sects would dare to intervene.


When Chu Qing saw the strong floor, there was a majestic Genesis Qi rising, then he advanced directly into that wind.




Chu Qing was in the lead, his figure walked out leisurely and entered that passage, Genesis Qi hanging down like a mask of light, protecting the many disciples and advancing continuously.


On the other hand Yaoyao stood at the end, her eyebrows vibrating, her soul power helping the stability of the light mask.




Many disciples follow the front line, the surrounding violent wind swept the light cover, made a piercing sound, the light cover has ripples above the rapid diffusion, shaking the appearance of many disciples to see the heart tremble.


Zhou Yuan was also accompanied by Yaoyao in the end, he saw the girl next to him, more than a month of time, it seems that he has become more distant, in the Cangxuan Sect Yaoyao was only with Zhou Yuan, this time she and Zhou Yuan They separated, she had no interest in other things, Chu Qing and the other chosen ones barely had any exchange of words.


'I should be a little lonely during this time, right?'


After all, with his natural aloofness it was a bit difficult to accept others.


This was a bit distressing for Zhou Yuan.


"What are you looking at?" And then, Yaoyao's cold and clear eyes looked at him.


Zhou Yuan smiled, "Are you still angry?"


Yiaoyao gave her a look that was not kind, and the beautiful face seemed to be full of life, saying: "You neglected yourself!...Why would I be angry?"


It was also in front of Zhou Yuan that his kind of indifferent posture would seem to change.


However, seeing Zhou Yuan scratching his head, Yaoyao changed the topic, "However, I heard that you are doing well in the Mythical Utopia."


Zhou Yuan smiled, "Not bad."


Yaoyao looked at him with a slight nod as she said, “Well, Tun Tun has already defeated four Chosen in the Mythical Mountain Range, and now the Chosen of every sect fear him… You will have to work harder if you want to catch up.”


The smile on Zhou Yuan's face hardened.


Yaoyao's red lips rose slightly.


Zhou Yuan shook his head helplessly and turned around, "Speaking of that Jin Chanzi, his intention to kill me is quite strong, if I'm right. It should be an order from the Sacred Palace's senior management."


Yaoyao stunned for a moment, her beautiful eyes narrowed with Zhou Yuan's eyes, and then they said at the same time, "Is it because...Wu Huang?"


Wu Huang was saved by the Holy Palace after having his body destroyed and his spirit escaped into the Domain of Saint Remains, and with the means of the Holy Palace it should not be difficult to recreate his body for him.


"I didn't expect this Holy Palace to do this for Wu Huang." Zhou Yuan frowned, if the Holy Palace had to interfere in the dispute between him and Wu Huang, it would not be good news for him.


After all, whether it was the Great Wu Dynasty or his Great Zhou, it did not count for much in the eyes of the Holy Palace.


“The Holy Palace must not openly interfere in the dispute between you, otherwise the Sect would not let it go” Yaoyao said in a low voice.


"The Holy Palace and the Cangxuan Sect have mutual restrictions at this level, and although the Holy Palace is a little stronger at the moment, I am afraid that it does not want to go to war with the Cangxuan Sect completely"


Zhou Yuan nodded gently, took a deep breath and said, “It will be almost two years since I came to Cangxuan Sect, I think when the Mythical Utopia ends, maybe it is time to find a chance to return there.”


His father was pouring out his strength to fight for the Great Zhou, buying time for himself and perhaps that time was about to reach its limit.


Father, Mother and Great Zhou were waiting for his return.


Yaoyao said, "But with your current strength you are still unable to fight with the Divine Dwelling Realm... If you want to go back and settle your grudges after the Mythical Utopia, then..."


She raised her pretty face and looked into the depths of the Great Mythical Mountain Range and said, “Then that great opportunity deep within this place, you must get it.”


"What exactly is in the depths of the Great Mythical Mountain Range?" Zhou Yuan asked.


"At the moment it is still unclear, this Great Mythical Mountain Range has a naturally formed super boundary, and now the various sects are advancing and destroying the boundary knots, but judging from this momentum that even six-colored treasures can be found." "At the extremes of Utopia, things at that depth must not be simple." Yaoyao said slowly.


Zhou Yuan's heart beat with curiosity at Yaoyao's words, as expected, the depths of this Mythical Utopia were where the true opportunity lay, and its previous outer areas were barren compared to this place.


However, in order to develop his plan to return after the Mythical Utopia, he had to try his luck to find the opportunities in the depths of this Great Mythical Mountain Range."


Zhou Yuan pursed his lips and slowly clenched his five fingers.


'Father mother...


Wait for me, I won't be long, and then I'll come back and once again take back everything that King Wu has taken from us!'


As Zhou Yuan's heart moved with emotions, there was suddenly a surprised clamor from the many Cangxuan Sect disciples in front of him.


Zhou Yuan also raised his head and looked forward, only to see that the wind raging there actually began to retreat, and after a few breaths they completely moved away from the wind and landed on the top of a mountain.


All heaven and earth seemed to be clear at this point.


In front of them, a mountain so majestic that they could not see the end of it stood among the clouds, mysterious and magnificent, and it was unknown how much antiquity was hidden in it.


Zhou Yuan also took a deep breath at this moment, a fire appearing in his eyes.


They had finally reached the deepest part of the Mythical Utopia, but Zhou Yuan also understood that when he arrived here, the Mythical Utopia competition would be the real fight.


Compared to the battles here, the ones they had before were really just appetizers.


In order to smoothly carry out his comeback plan, no matter how formidable the opponent he faced, Zhou Yuan would do his best to fight him by then.

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