Chapter 611 - The Young Master

A strong person in the Divine Transformation Realm has the power to destroy the heavens and the earth, and is the ultimate existence on this continent.


In front of the Divine Transformation Realm, anyone is an ant.


"Brat, we meet again." A middle-aged man appeared above the Dragon God Temple, his sinister gaze fixed on Feng Wushen.


Feng Wushen's face was incomparably ugly as he strained to take out the pills and consume them.


The visitor was none other than the evil giant that Feng Wushen had met earlier in the Yanhuang Tago desert.


"Temple Master, how are you?" Han Kun asked worriedly, already terrified to the core at that moment.


In the face of a strong person from the Divine Transformation Realm, the strongest Sixth Grade Alchemist is not enough, and the Divine Transformation Realm can be killed if he wants to.


Feng Wushen forced himself to shake his head, “I'm fine…”


As he spoke, Feng Wushen took out the Immortal Weapons Pavilion token and wanted to summon the Immortal Weapons Pavilion's powerhouse.


strongman of the Evil Giant Clan did not give him any chance.


The Evil Giants strongman reached out and grabbed it through the air, a terrifying force immediately caught Feng Wushen, and the token in his hand fell off.


"Temple Master!" Han Kun and Qiushuishan's faces changed radically.


"Don't come any closer!" Feng Wushen shouted.


"I'll see what other tricks you can do." The Evil Giant sneered playfully.


His sinister gaze turned towards Tianhe, scaring him so much that he involuntarily took a few steps back, trembling, his soul flying.


"Get lost if you don't want to die!" The Evil Giant said morosely.




Tianhe swallowed a mouthful of saliva in extreme horror and dodged without hesitation, fearing that if he was a second slower, the mighty Evil Giant would change his mind overall.


"Brat, I gave you an upset in the desert, I should have killed you, but you're in luck, our Evil Giant Clan Chief wants to meet you." The Evil Giant Clan's strongman grimaced, his palm flexing his claws, and sucked Feng Wushen into the air, taking Feng Wushen with him.


As soon as the Evil Giant's most forceful words left his mouth, his face suddenly turned to the side and he shook his head to stare into space.


In the void, an extremely terrifying aura of oppression enveloped the sky, an aura that seemed out of the world, causing the faces of the strongest of the Evil Giant to stare in disbelief.


"The Yin Yang Clan!" The Evil Giant frowned.


Atop the Dragon God Temple, a short youth appeared at an unknown time.


The young man was twenty feet tall at most, dressed in magnificent brocade, had the face of a teenager, and was quite handsome.


Those who do not know his identity definitely think that he is a boy.


However, those who knew him were completely terrified upon seeing him, for he was the Young Master of the Yin-Yang Clan, a terrifying portent of the fifth level of the Divine Transformation Realm!


“He… His aura is even more terrifying…” Han Kun shuddered, having never seen such a terrifying power.


"The Young Master of the Yin-Yang Family!" Feng Wushen glanced at the young man.


The Dragon God Temple was definitely the liveliest today, not only did it attract the strongest of the Divine King's Divine Hall, followed by the Evil Giants, and finally even the mysterious Yin Yang Family, Shao Siming, arrived.


“Third level of the Divine Transformation Realm, who I thought he was, but it turns out to be the most foolish Big Boss of the Giant Evil Race, Fu Yang.” Looking at Fu Yang with a flat yet intimidating gaze, Shao Shiming spoke slowly with a hint of cold arrogance between his words.


Hearing these words, Fu Yang's face turned incomparably gloomy, his heart was filled with monstrous rage, but he did not dare to burst out.


The difference in power is too great, and Shao Siming, as the core member of the Yin Yang family, is absolutely terrifying!


"Even though I'm stupid, I'm better than you cheap brat!" Fu Yang gritted his teeth and yelled angrily, a grimace on his face.


With these words, Fu Yang couldn't help but let Shao Siming's face chill a few degrees, a glacial coldness that made the heart tremble.


But Shao Siming also made no move, being extremely patient.


"Boy, you are Feng Wushen, right? Killing someone from my Yin Yang family, how dare you?" An ice cold gaze was directed towards Feng Wushen, Shao Siming said coldly.


"I don't care that you are from the Dragon Clan, if you are willing to hand over the divine weapon, I will spare your life." Shao Siming continued.


"Then you kill him first, otherwise how can I trust you?" Feng Wushen responded with a tense reply.


"You are not qualified to negotiate with me." The Young Master said morosely.


"Then you can figure it out yourselves." Feng Wushen shrugged tensely, and his pale face curved into a cold smile.


"Fuyang, leave the man behind and you can go." Shao Siming spoke coldly, with a threatening and commanding tone to his words.


"Do not even think about it!" Fu Yang did not hesitate to coldly yell, so hard to catch Feng Wushen, how could he let others?


"You seek death!" Shao Siming slightly frowned and coldly yelled as a biting and monstrous killing aura spread out frantically.


A murderous aura alone is suffocating.


“Would the Evil Giants be afraid of your Yin Yang Clan? If you want the divine weapon, kill me first!” Fu Yang shouted angrily, foolish but never afraid of any strong enemy.


“Heavenly God Lock!” Fu Yang yelled coldly and with a wave of his hand, a black chain instantly bound Feng Wushen.


"A high-grade immortal weapon!" Feng Wushen was secretly amazed, worthy of being a high-ranking member of the Evil Giant Clan, a high-quality immortal weapon at the first shot.


"You are really stupid, you know that you are no match for Shao Siming, and yet you tie me up, isn't that giving her the immortal weapon along with her?" Feng Wushen sneered.


"Shut!" Fuyang said with grim anger, waving his hand again as a terrifying force protected Feng Wushen and returned to the Dragon God Temple Plaza.


Fu Yang's aura exploded, and the terrifying energy of the third level of the Divine Transformation Realm was already in full swing.


The space in tens of thousands of meters collapsed in a flash of dazzling green light, and the originally clear sky turned dark.


The earth within a radius of tens of thousands of meters is in a state of vibration.


The Dragon God Temple's towering palace , even though it was protected by the Nine-Fold Qiankun Tower, had countless cracks tearing and spreading at this moment.


"The palace is going to be finished!" Qiusuishan was incomparably terrified and was no longer able to move.


"Han Kun! Quickly call Xiao Xiao and protect the Dragon God Temple!" Feng Wushen yelled.


The palace was too strong to resist this terrifying force.


Terrifying energy covered almost the entire Endless Domain, and countless cultivators were all frightened by this terrifying energy.


“Third level of the Divine Transformation Realm!” In the palace of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, Chi Yuan opened his eyes in vain and frowned: "Not good! The master is in danger!"


"The aura of the Evil Giants!" The Immortal Weapons Pavilion Protector's face changed greatly, his eyes flashing with a flash of panic.


At the same time, in the Zhang family palace, the oldest members of the family, including the old family member Zhang Wushou, and the family member Zhang Yuntian, also felt the terrifying power.


"The Evil Giants are strong! This force is in the Dragon God Temple! Emperor Dan and Lan'er are in danger!" Zhang Wushou was shocked and rushed to the Dragon God Temple at the first opportunity.


"Third level of the Divine Transformation Realm! Something big is not good." Grand Elder Zhang Wufeng and the others blinked and disappeared, each with an incomparably serious expression.


The terrifying energy of the Divine Transformation Realm alarmed the entire powerhouse of the Infinite Domain.


However, the Young Master of the Yin-Yang family did not change his countenance.


"There is no self-esteem!" Shao Siming did not change his face, merely scorning this Fu Yang Heaven Destroying Energy.



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