Chapter 612 – Mythical Order Tables

Deep in the Great Mythical Mountain Range, on a green peak.


When the many Cangxuan Sect disciples arrived here, the originally clean green peak also animated, and on the top of that peak, several shadows of light appeared, they were the other Chosen Ones led by Kong Sheng and Li Qing Chan.


Many disciples saw them and bowed before them.


Li Qing Chan's beautiful eyes projected, sweeping the circle of people, with a small nod he said, "Not bad, they got here without much damage!"


She was well aware of how difficult it was for the Chiefs to lead their teams here, and sometimes even if the entire team was eliminated, it was not impossible.


And at this time, the seven Peak Chiefs were still alive, and although there were some casualties, it went relatively well.


"Compared to the Holy Palace, our losses are considered much smaller."


Chu Qing pointed at Li Qing Chan and the others and said, "In the Holy Palace, two of the heads have fallen into the hands of Zhou Yuan, before I went to pick them up the second head of the Holy Palace was left with his arm shattered by "Zhou Yuan"


Hearing this, Li Qing Chan and the other Chosen cast shocked glances at Zhou Yuan.


"But that Jin Chanzi was as shameless as ever, he even attacked Zhou Yuan before, it's a good thing he also had some cards to play, so... He's safe and sound."


In this place, Li Qing Chan and the others were not surprised but moved, they were well aware of Jin Chanzi's strength, even they take it very seriously, however right now even Jin Chanzi's sneak attack was endured by Zhou Yuan and left unharmed?


"Can he block a punch from Jin Chanzi?" A voice filled with doubts was heard, Zhou Yuan looked up and saw Zhao Zhu of Sword Peak who opened his mouth with a face of doubt.


Zhao Zhu's eyes were examining Zhou Yuan, in the past he used to have a high attitude towards Zhou Yuan, he was a Chosen One after all, Zhou Yuan's achievements might be arrogant to other disciples but in his eyes it was nothing.


It was because if it weren't for the status restriction, if he made a move Zhou Yuan would naturally be destroyed since both sides were not at the same level.


But right now, if Zhou Yuan was really able to withstand a blow from Jin Chanzi, it would be a little different because before Zhao Zhu had also fought against Jin Chanzi and the end result of that was that he lost.


So Zhao Zhu was well aware of Jin Chanzi's strength, even he was no match for her, how could a single Zhou Yuan be able to withstand an attack from Jin Chanzi?


The other Chosen, although they had not spoken, clearly had some amazement in their eyes.


"With so many people on the scene witnessing it with their own eyes, there's no way to fake it, right?" Chu Qing smiled casually.


The other disciples also nodded in agreement.


Seeing this scene, only then did Li Qing Chan and the others become truly surprised, and Zhao Zhu opened his mouth and…




At this moment, there was an astonishing beast roar in the distance, and then everyone saw a stream of light transforming into a small beast descending from the sky.


When the little beast landed, it immediately saw Zhou Yuan in the middle of the scene and made a joyful sound, jumping directly onto Zhou Yuan's head and scratching his hair.


Zhou Yuan blushed a little and caught it, this little beast was naturally Tun Tun whom he had not seen for a long time.


"Go away". Zhou Yuan threw it away in disgust.


However, Tun Tun pounced directly on him and scratched him, scratching Zhou Yuan's body with a trail of marks in between, but fortunately his flesh was quite strong and soon those blood marks quickly recovered.


Above, Li Qing Chan and the other sages looked at Tun Tun who was playing with Zhou Yuan, their eyes slightly complicated because during this period of time the Chosen of various sects had fought each other, and Tun Tun Tun had already defeated several Chosen of other sects, and now he could be said to be famous.


Facing Tun Tun, even Zhao Zhu did not dare to provoke him, so after seeing Tun Tun come out he directly chose to shut up, not daring to question and mock Zhou Yuan any further.


Li Qing Chan gave a light cough and said, "Since all the disciples have gathered, let's sit down first while we discuss our next action."


"Chief of the Seven Peaks, come too."




In a bamboo hut on the summit, the Chosen and heads of the Cangxuan Sect gathered as much as they could, which could be considered an elite gathering.


"They have just entered the mythical mountain range and are still not clear about the situation here."


Li Qing Chan's beautiful eyes looked towards Zhou Yuan and other bosses and said, "The Great Mythical Mountain Range is one of the core areas deep in the Mythical Utopia, and in the past when the Utopia was opened, no one has been able to to detect this place, and this time is our chance.


"What is certain now is that in the depths of this Great Mythical Mountain Range there is a hidden celestial opportunity, and how great it is, for the moment, is impossible to confirm, but after our speculation there might even be a Divine Establishment Treasure." of eight colors there".


As soon as this was said, the bosses, including Zhou Yuan, all looked surprised, Eight-colored Divine Establishment Treasure, does that mean that by obtaining them, when they are ready to enter the Divine Dwelling, they will be able to open the Divine Dwelling? Eight Heavens?


The Dwelling of the Eight Heavens!


That even a demonic figure like Jiang Taishen and Chu Qing were at the point where they considered it a goal to strive for, so one could imagine how shocking it was to the crowd that they were still core disciples.


"However, although we know that there is a great opportunity in the depths of the Great Mythical Mountain Range, there is a problem at the moment."


"The Great Mythical Mountain Range is extremely divine, and because the Genesis Qi of the heavens and the earth is too dense, it has given rise to a naturally vast boundary that is impossible to break through even by relying on the strength of a group of Chosen, "So right now the various sects are reluctantly joining forces to work together and assault this border."


"How to make an attack?" Zhou Yuan asked curiously.


Li Qing Chan looked at him and said, "There are many nodes in this boundary, and we are constantly taking out these nodes. This will achieve the goal of destroying the boundary, and only in the end will they be able to reveal the great opportunity hidden in the depths."


"And these nodes also have another name, that is, treasure land"


Li Qing Chan's jade hand waved, and there was the gushing Genesis Qi directly forming a huge map in front of the crowd, and on the map were many densely packed light spots.


“These light spots, all of them are treasure land…” Tang Mu Xin swallowed a mouthful of saliva and trembled.


Li Qing Chan nodded.


Zhou Yuan and the others looked at each other, they had struggled to find a treasure land in that outer region, but now here, there were hundreds of such treasure lands, proving that this Great Mythical Mountain Range was where the spiritual beauty of the Mythical Utopia it was.


"During this period of time there are more than ten treasure lands in the Great Mythical Mountains that have been raided by various sects, and there are more than ten six-color treasure lands, with even lower levels"


Tang Muxin and the other bosses had been stunned and were staring at those spots of light.


"Of course, the location of high-grade treasures is naturally not immune to fighting, after all, everyone knows that the higher the grade, the higher the treasure"


“But later, as more and more nodes cracked, we gradually discovered that there was one thing that for now, should be more important than those Divine Establishment Treasures.” Li Qing Chan spoke slowly.


"What's that?" Tang Mu Xin asked.


"When that great opportunity in the mythical mountain range is revealed, not everyone can enter, and to do so, some type of credentials, or rather, keys, may be required."


"This kind of thing, which we call Mythical Order Tablets, will only be found in some high-level treasures, and it has only appeared a few times. More than one has racked their brains over this Mythical Order Tablet."


"Because according to speculation, if we can't hold this object, even if that great opportunity appears, we will be prevented from entering."


"However, this item is quite rare, even in the Six-colored Treasures it may not be able to appear, and our side has been working hard for a long time, and there are only a handful of Mythical Order Tablets" Li Qing Chan was a little dejected.


"Mythical Order Table?" Tang Mu Xin and the others frowned, clearly unfamiliar with this.


Instead Zhou Yuan who was on the side couldn't help but shake, and then took the mysterious item from the Qiankun bag that seemed to be a broken piece that he had obtained from the Six Color Treasure Land.


“Sister Qing Chan, I got an item before…”


When Zhou Yuan's voice was heard, the eyes of Li Qing Chan, Chu Qing and the others also went to where he was, then they saw the mysterious object in Zhou Yuan's hand, and in the next moment Zhou Yuan could see his eyes. amazed faces.


Then he realized and tried to say, "This item, is the so-called Mythical Order Tablet?"

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