Chapter 613 - Chi Yuan's Decision

The Immortal Weapons Pavilion and the Zhang Family are among the giants of the continent and have supreme status in weapon smithing.


The Yin Yang Family, as a large mysterious family, naturally knows quite a bit about the Immortal Weapons Pavilion and the Zhang Family.


Chi Yuan and the others had a serious look, they were all wondering what had happened.


But if Shao Siming appeared in the Dragon God Temple, then something big must have happened.


"Not to mess with Shao Siming, it seems that this has to do with Emperor Dan, this is going to be troublesome!" Taking a look at the heavily injured Feng Wushen, Zhang Yuntian muttered, a cold sweat breaking out on his back.


"What the hell is going on here? How did Emperor Dan provoke them?" Zhang Wufeng was puzzled, not knowing what had happened.


"What is the reason for Young Master's appearance, I wonder?" After a long silence, Chi Yuan then asked.


Zhang Wushou snapped, “Young Master Shao, we can discuss things properly.”


From Chi Yuan and Zhang Wushou's tone of voice, it could be heard that they were quite fearful for the Yin Yang Family and were simply not willing to mess with them.


They would never choose to make relationships worse when they can make a big deal out of it.


The consequences of offending the Yin Yang family are clearer to Chi Yuan than anyone else.


“Chi Yuan Pavilion Master, Zhang Clan Old Master, Feng Wushen killed a descendant of my Yin Yang Family in the Yanhuang Tago Desert, he has to come back to me, killing to pay for his life, everyone should know about it.” Shao Siming said nonchalantly.


"What?" Hearing this, the faces of Zhang Wushou and the others changed drastically.


"Did the master kill someone from the Yin Yang family?" Chi Yuan was scared to death.


How dare Feng Wushen? How dare he kill the descendants of the Yin Yang Clan! Don't you want to die?


"And what if we kill him? The treasure we found, he still wants to steal it, is it possible?" Zhang Junlan coldly shouted, not needing to fear Shao Siming at all.


"Lan'er, what's going on? Speak up." Zhang Yuntian hurriedly asked.


Zhang Junlan then told them what had happened, and only then did Zhang Wushou and Chibuan and the others learn the story, and why the Evil Giant Fu Yang was here and why they were fighting Shao Siming.


It's all about the artifacts, to put it bluntly.


"The teacher killed him, that's what he asked for!" Zhang Junlan finally added.


"If you kill a member of my Yin Yang clan, you will have to pay with your life!" Shao Siming said lazily, his icy gaze sweeping over the assertive Zhang Junlan.


“I will only deal with Feng Wushen alone, and will never involve anyone else, of course, those who stand in my way are another story, Lord Pavilion of the Chi Yuan, Old Master of the Zhang Clan, I think you should not interfere.” Shao Siming said with a slight smile.


"......" Zhang Wushou and Zhang Yuntian fell silent.


On one side was the terrifying Yin Yang Family, and on the other was the Dan Feng Wushen Emperor, whom they could not afford to offend, leaving them in a great dilemma.


Chi Yuan looked at Feng Wushen and said calmly: "Shao Siming, you may not know that Feng Wushen is my master!"


"Oh? Feng Wushen is your master?" The moment he heard that, Shao Siming first froze, a strange and extremely absurd feeling surfacing his face.


"A master? The Chi Yuan Pavilion Master is actually the Dan Emperor's disciple! This... How is it possible..." Tian Xian Zi's eyes widened instantly, this was absolutely news. explosive for him.


In the entire Endless Domain, aside from the Zhang Family and Ling Xiaoxiao and theirs and a few others, no one knew of Chi Yuan's worship of Feng Wushen as his master.


"Master of the Chi Yuan Pavilion, it's unbelievable that you, the number one artifact smith on the continent, would worship such a brat as your master." Shao Siming laughed weakly, and his words were tinged with a bit of sarcasm.


“Shao Siming, after hearing what Young Master Zhang just said, stating that the circumstances are true, as it was Master who desperately tried to obtain the ultimate treasure and the descendant of the Yin Yang family died by forcibly snatching it away, he can only be blamed for being less skilled than others." Chi Yuan said without condescension, not at all bothered by Shao Siming's sarcasm.


"Less skilled than others?" Shao Siming's face finally turned cold, and his eyes narrowed slightly, he had heard him too well.


With these words, Chi Yuan was clearly on Feng Wushen's side. “Pavilion Master…” The Immortal Weapons Pavilion Protector and here hearts were shocked and looked at Chi Yuan in dismay.


None of them could understand why Chi Yuan was siding with Feng Wushen at this time, knowing that being an enemy of the Yin Yang Family would be downright suicidal.


There was an absolute reluctance in the hearts of the guardians and the elders, because the Yin Yang family was too strong.


Zhang Wushou and Zhang Yuntian and the others looked at each other, they both saw the shock in each other's eyes, never thinking in a million years that Chi Yuan would actually dare to antagonize the Yin Yang Family for Feng Wushen's sake.


Even Feng Wushen's heart was quite surprised.


At such a critical time, Chi Yuan was on his side. If the Yin Yang Family got angry, he was afraid that the Immortal Weapons Pavilion would have to be destroyed the next day.


"I never thought that Chi Yuan would really dare to gamble." Feng Wushen secretly said, although he knew that Chi Yuan had worshiped him because of his realm of weapon refinement, what Chi Yuan had done today caused Feng Wushen to be moved.


"Chi Yuan, do you want to protect Feng Wushen?" Shao Siming asked morosely.


Chibi Yuan nonchalantly said, “If Young Master feels that the Immortal Weapons Pavilion still carries some weight, I hope this matter will be resolved.”


Shao Siming said morosely, “Chi Yuan, do you know the consequences of being an enemy of the Yin Yang Family? The Immortal Weapons Pavilion has gone through many years to reach its current glory, do you want to see the Immortal Weapons Pavilion disappear?”


Chi Yuan's cultivation level was not weak, he was also at the fifth level of the Divine Transformation Realm, and his strength was only comparable to Shao Siming's.


Not to mention, Chi Yuan was the number one refiner on the continent, with many magical treasures, so if they really had to fight, Shao Siming might not be their opponent.


Furthermore, the Immortal Weapons Pavilion Protector and the Grand Elder are in the Divine Transformation Realm.


In addition to this, Zhang Wushou, Zhang Yuntian, and Zhang Wufeng of the Zhang family are strong in the Divine Transformation Realm.


With so many powerful people here, Shao Siming was more or less leery of some things.


"Since I have already worshiped Emperor Dan as my master, I will never betray my master, even if the Immortal Weapons Pavilion is destroyed in the end, I will never regret it!" Chi Yuan said firmly.


"And my Zhang family!" Zhang Junlan stood out and said.


Zhang Wu Ling looked at Shao Siming and said slowly: "Shao Siming, this matter can't actually be blamed on the Emperor, so why not make a big deal out of it?"


"Aren't you afraid of making an enemy of my Yin Yang family?" Shao Siming asked with a gloomy expression, with an extremely ugly face.


Shao Siming did not expect that the Immortal Weapons Pavilion and the Zhang Family would fall out with the Yin-Yang Family over a little Feng Wushen.


Shao Siming did not bother to think about why the Immortal Weapon Pavilion and the Zhang Family were so protected from Feng Wushen, nor did he need to.


This is because with the terrifying strength of the Yin Yang Family, taking out the Immortal Weapons Pavilion and the Zhang Family would be as easy as a snap.


"Where did you get all this nonsense, if you want to take Brother Feng away, you have to see what you can do!" Ling Xiaoxiao coldly yelled, only Ling Xiaoxiao in the entire room was not afraid of the Yin Yang family.


"Shao Siming, aren't you very strong? Why don't you dare to make a move? Are you afraid?" The heavily injured Fu Yang, opened his mouth and sneered.


Shao Siming's face was gloomy as his body slowly floated down, saying coldly, "I'll see who dares to stop me!" Shao Siming walked up to the huge green boundary and said scornfully, “Can a mere boundary of the Divine Transformation Realm stop me?”




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