Chapter 613 – Seven Colors

Inside the room, everyone's eyes were focused on the slightly defective mysterious item in Zhou Yuan's hand, and even Chu Qing, Li Qing Chan and the others had astonishment appearing on their faces.


Because the item in Zhou Yuan's hand was actually what they called the Mythical Order Tablet!


"You, how do you possibly have a Mythical Order Tablet?" Zhao Zhu was the first to speak, his voice filled with disbelief, they had been fighting in the Great Mythical Mountain Range for so long, and now they only had two Mythical Order Tablets, thus showing the rarity of this item, how could Zhou Yuan possess this item when he came from the end of Mythical Utopia?


"When we were on the outskirts, we also came across a six-color treasure land, and then I found this item in it." Zhou Yuan shrugged.


Li Qing Chan's red lips stretched slightly and said, "Even in a six-color treasure land it is not necessarily possible for a Mythical Order Tablet to appear, your luck is too good!"


"Let me take a look."


Zhou Yuan did not have any hesitation, and directly handed the item in his hand to Li Qing Chan.


Li Qing Chan took it, looked at it carefully, and with a slight movement of his forehead, said, "Yes, it is indeed the Mythical Order Tablet, but this Mythical Order Tablet of yours is broken...maybe if we wait a few years more is completed"


"Is there a solution?" Zhou Yuan asked.


Qing Chan Li nodded and said, "According to our speculation, this kind of Mythical Order Tablet should be the result of that great opportunity that took shape in the depths of the Great Mythical Mountain Range back then, and was sprinkled like seeds in "Mythical Utopia and then gradually absorb the Genesis Qi, and finally take shape."


"And because of this, this mythical board has some kind of attraction with that great opportunity, so only those who have it can enter where the opportunity is."


"So that's all"


Zhou Yuan was suddenly surprised.


"Then this broken board, wouldn't it be useless?"


Li Qingchan smiled with red lips, "Broken Mythical Order Tablets like yours is actually quite normal, because even in the Great Mythical Mountain Range those Mythical Order Tablets in the six-color treasure lands are occasionally broken as well, but the Mythical Order Tablets "Mythical Order Tablets are of the same origin and species, so it's just a matter of finding a few more broken ones and putting them in contact and they will naturally seem to merge and become a complete Mythical Order Tablet."


Zhou Yuan was considerate and said, “In that case, would I need to get a few more of these to qualify and pursue that Great Opportunity?”




But as soon as he said that, Zhao Zhun couldn't help but sneer, "You haven't thought too well, even if you have found a complete Mythical Order Tablet, I'm afraid you also don't have the qualifications to touch the Great Chance."


"Because?" Zhou Yuan asked calmly.


Zhao Zhun said indifferently, "Because you don't contribute enough, according to the rules, only those who have made a great contribution are eligible for this qualification, and it is not anyone who has a Mythical Order Tablet."


"What contribution?" Zhou Yuan asked again.


This time it was Li Qingchan who spoke, "The so-called contribution is calculated by the six-color treasure lands, according to the rules, you have to earn at least five six-color treasure lands before you can have the qualifications to have access to that great opportunity.


"Such a rule also prevents you from sitting back and enjoying your success, after all, the other disciples are basically not qualified to touch that great opportunity, but something has to be paid, and we as Chosen Ones and bosses have the obligation to compensate them."


"Of course, if someone obtains a Mythical Order Tablet and does not contribute enough, they can hand it over and exchange it for a Divine Establishment Treasure"


Zhou Yuan's face remained unchanged as he nodded his head slightly and did not refute it, as such a rule had its own foundation, but of course, regarding the handing over of the Mythical Order Tablet in exchange for an Establishment Treasure Divinely, Zhou Yuan did not consider it as he also had his own ambitions.


When Li Qingchan saw that Zhou Yuan didn't say anything, she also knew what he was thinking, so she returned the incomplete Mythical Order Tablet to him.


"Next to discuss."


Li Qingchan's beautiful eyes looked at the crowd and said slowly, "I'm afraid we are in trouble."


"What do you mean?" Chu Qing was also stunned and asked in confusion.


Li Qingchan looked at him and said, "When you and Yaoyao went out to look for them, we opened a knot and... We have discovered a land of seven-color treasures."


"A seven-color treasure land?" Chu Qing was also a little moved by these words, knowing that the seven-color treasures detected by all the sects during this period of time were only three, but he did not expect that his side would be so lucky to unearth one.


"This should be good, right?" Chu Qing asked.


“It is really good to unearth the seven-color treasure, but the problem is that the location of that seven-color treasure is in our Cangxuan Sect and the Holy Palace… The disputed area of the demarcated territory.” Li Qingchan said slowly.


"In other words, this seven-color treasure land, the Holy Palace side will definitely interfere."


Chu Qing scratched his head and said sadly: "There seems to be another problem."


"This is our opportunity, how can we say it is a problem?" Kong Sheng was expressionless, he was very upset with Chu Qing's lazy and outrageous mentality.


"Hehe, although the seven-color treasure land is extremely rare, it is indeed too notorious right now, and it happens to be in that disputed area, so when the time comes not only the Holy Palace would have an excuse to fight for it." "But the other four giant sects would also secretly covet him." Ye Ge smiled.


"Then you want to give away this seven-color treasure land directly?" Kong Sheng.


Ye Ge spread his hands and said, "That's impossible, but I just want to say that to swallow this seven-color treasure, my Cangxuan Sect must be united."


Kong Sheng's face softened at this point and said, "I propose that we hold on with all our strength, hold back the other side's main force, and send a Chosen One to guard the seven-colored treasure, the peak chiefs will lead the disciples to the treasure land to search for the Seven Colored Treasure and the Mythical Order Tablet within it."


“As long as the Seven-Color Divine Establishment Treasure and the Mythical Order Tablet are at hand, the Holy Palace can only retreat, otherwise it will be a simple waste of time.”


Li Qing Chan's forehead also nodded slightly as he said, "Okay."


The rest of the Chosen also nodded their heads, after all, it was difficult to discover a seven-colored treasure and it was still under their noses, it was impossible to make them give up.


Not only did they do it thinking, even Zhou Yuan nodded his head.


Chu Qing on the other hand sighed a little desolately, it seemed like they were going to have a tough fight with the Holy Palace this time.


"Then who should be sent as a guard?" Li Qingchan looked at the other Chosen.


The other Chosen would face the Chosen of the Holy Palace head-on, and only the guardians would stay behind; if the other side had Chosen sneaking in, the guardians would be the last layer of protection.


Otherwise, once the Chosen One of the Sacred Palace sneaked in, the other Peak Chiefs and their disciples would be no match for him at all.


Kong Sheng intoned, “Let Zhao Zhun go, the rest of us must restrain those Sacred Palace Chosen to buy them time to search for the Divine Establishment Treasure and Mythical Order Tablet.”


The others had no objections.


Zhao Zhun also nodded and said, "If anyone comes in, I will take them out."


After some discussions among the Chosen, this was how it was decided.


Instead, Zhou Yuan who was on the side suddenly said, "Can there only be one guard? In case Zhao Zhun can't resist them, there might still be substitutes who can come forward."


Kong Sheng said expressionlessly: "We are short of manpower and have no more Chosen to stay behind."


Zhou Yuan smiled, pointed to himself and said, "Although we don't have any extra Chosen, I think I can barely handle it."


Zhao Zhun sneered at the words, "Zhou Yuan, this is a matter between Chosen, what qualifications do you, a Chief, have to take charge of this? Just because you used some means to resist a strike from Jin Chanzi?"


"And don't think we don't know what you're thinking, you just want to mix in some contributions, right?"


Zhou Yuan smiled and did not deny it, his purpose was really like this, because that last great opportunity was something he could not give up.


Li Qingchan said, "Zhou Yuan, this matter is not trivial, if the other Chosen One really sneaks in then and defeats Zhao Zhun that means our strategy has failed, at that time, I'm afraid we will have to give up this seven treasure." colors or else the other disciples will be dead or injured.


"So, I'm afraid there's no point in having an extra guard or not."


His subtext was that if it really came to that, even if Zhou Yuan was an alternate guard, it would be better to let him make way; by resisting he would be nothing more than a mantis blocking a car.


In the end, it was clearly Li Qingchan who thought that although Zhou Yuan's strength had increased a lot, there was still a huge gap between him and a Chosen One.


Zhou Yuan smiled a little helplessly at the words, saying, "Not even if I try?"


Zhao Zhun said coldly, "The path has to be taken step by step, the battle between the Chosen is not something you can interfere in, if you want to become an alternate guard you at least need the nod of two Chosen, who do you think "Here would I allow such an unreasonable request on your part?"


Her gaze held mockery, but the next moment she became a little stiff.


Because she saw Yaoyao's pretty face calm, slowly raising her hand, her voice clear, "I allow it."


And then, Tun Tun who was lying on Zhou Yuan's head also looked suspiciously at Zhao Zhun and extended her claws, her intention was clear.


(NT: How cute <3)

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