Chapter 614 - The Eight Great Realms of Divine Transformation

Shao Siming boosted his true essence and placed his palm gently on the green boundary.


"The limit of divine transformation can't stop me yet!" Shao Siming was quite sure.


The palm of the hand that was resting on the boundary suddenly glowed with radiant white light and was imbued with an extremely terrifying energetic aura.


"Can it really break the limit?" Yi Tianqing frowned in confusion, seeing Shao Siming's confident look, it didn't seem like he was showing off.


Beidou Tianye snapped: "It's hard to say, the fear of a strong person in the Divine Transformation Realm is beyond our imagination, who knows if he has the divine ability to break through the limit?"


Ling Xiaoxiao said scornfully: "The fifth level of the Divine Transformation Realm is still unbreakable!"


The gazes of all the people turned to Shao Siming, and for a moment, the palace of the Dragon God Temple was silent.


In less than a minute, the miraculous image appeared, only to see Shao Siming's palm, which had strangely penetrated the green boundary.


As the crowd watched in utter shock, Shao Siming's entire body entered the boundary.


Instead of breaking the knot, Shao Siming penetrated it.


With Shao Siming's cultivation level, it was truly impossible to break through the limit by force, but he had other ways.


"He really crossed the line!"


"How is it possible...?"


"Fine... So powerful that Xiaoxiao's limit can't stop it."


The Dragon God Temple was instantly in an uproar as the crowd rose in rampant horror, even disbelief.


"Yin Yang Family Young Master really has some abilities, this is not a simple move, using the power of the boundary itself and performing a secret technique to make it resonate, thus passing through the boundary." Feng Wushen secretly marveled in his heart.


"Heavenly Demon Saint, your grandfather's Divine Transformation Limit is really powerful, and it is true that I can't do anything to forcefully break the limit, but it can't stop me." Shao Siming said coldly and proudly, a hint of pride appearing at the corner of his mouth.


With an icy look towards Ling Xiaoxiao, Shao Siming continued: “By the way, I forgot to tell you that the space within a radius of 100,000 feet is already under my control, so if you want to summon strong people, I still have to go through my consent.” .


"With you alone, you may not be able to win!" Ling Xiaoxiao's pretty face was as cold as frost, and her chilling aura was overwhelming.


“Brother Feng, what about this? Chi Yuan Pavilion Master and the others are only in the Heavenly Extreme Realm, and together they are only unable to defeat Shao Siming.” Liu Qingyang asked in a panic, feeling like his heart was about to burst.


Feng Wushen's face was solemn, and he did not reply.


The terrifying pressure of the fifth level of the Divine Transformation Realm shook the crowd of the Dragon God Temple, nearly suffocating them, each of them weak and pale, revealing a painful look.


"Shoo shoo shoo!"


At this time, Chi Yuan and the others headed for the Dragon God Temple, keeping an eye on Shao Siming.


" Chi Yuan, Zhang Wushou, I only have one purpose, to win Feng Wushen back, if you get in my way, don't blame me for being ruthless." Shao Siming said coldly.


"Then there's only one way to let it go!" Zhang Wushou said in a deep voice.


Chi Yuan also had no intention of backing down.


“I know that everyone is in the Divine Transformation Realm, so stop hiding it, do you really think you can fool me if the others can't see it? The Yin Yang family knows any major power on the continent well.” Shao Siming sneered.


“Divine Transformation Realm?” Hearing these words, Liu Qingyang and the crowd from the Dragon God Temple were shocked.


“Pavilion Master of the Chi Yuan and Old Clan Master Zhang, are they both in the Divine Transformation Realm?” Nangong Zhan's eyes widened in surprise.


“No… Isn't that possible? I thought it was just the Extreme Heavenly Realm!” Leng Mucheng was so scared that he almost collapsed on the ground.


“No wonder Chi Yuan Pavilion Master and the others are fearless, I never thought it would be the Divine Transformation Realm!” Huanyang swallowed in horror.


Chi Yuan, as well as the Immortal Weapons Pavilion Protector and the Elders, were all in the Divine Transformation Realm, and Zhang Wu Soul and Zhang Yun Tian, as well as Zhang Wu Feng, were also in the Divine Transformation Realm, having concealed their cultivation for so many years that outsiders had no idea of the heights they had reached.


The eight are the highest pillars of the Infinite Domain, the most powerful.


"The eight of you come together, don't waste my time, just so you can see the true power of the Yin Yang family!" Shao Siming said coldly, his face covered in arrogance.


The Young Master is planning to fight eight with one!


Shao Siming was only at the fifth level of the Divine Transformation Realm, where did he get the confidence to challenge the eight Divine Transformation Realms of the Infinite Domain?


Arrogance! He is very arrogant!


"We are embarrassed by Young Master's high level of cultivation, so we have no choice but to bully the juniors with the many!" Chi Yuan's tone was slightly cold, and her aura began to surge wildly.


An extremely terrifying aura slowly rose above Chi Yuan, like that of a ferocious beast awakening.


Destructive energy surged from within the Chi Yuan, and in an instant, the void collapsed, shaking the entire Infinite Domain!


“Fifth level of the Divine Transformation Realm! The Lord of the Chi Yuan Pavilion is truly at the fifth level of the Divine Transformation Realm! That is even as powerful as Shao Siming!”


Sensing this surging and terrifying Chi Yuan energy, the crowd in the Dragon God Temple was so terrified that they couldn't help but scream.


Zhang Wushou and the others also stirred up their true essence and released their true power.


"I really didn't know without coming to the mainland that there were such terrifyingly strong people in this world!" Feng Zhengxiong was terrified in the extreme, his face was pale as paper, and he could hardly breathe.


“Zhang… Zhang Junlan, your grandfather is truly at the fourth level of the Divine Transformation Realm! No wonder the major powerhouses of the Infinite Domain are so afraid of you, so the Zhang family is so terrifying! "


"Third Divine Transformation Realm! Second level of the Divine Transformation Realm! It's terrifying."


“The legendary powerhouse of the Divine Transformation Realm, who had never seen before, has seen ten of them today!”


A terrifying aura permeated, the kind of terrifying energy that was enough to turn heaven and earth into color, causing the crowd in the Dragon God Temple to panic to the extreme.


The terrifying aura of the energy of the eight powerhouses of the Divine Transformation Realm covered the Infinite Domain.


However, even facing the top eight Divine Transformation Realm in the Infinite Domain, Shao Siming's face did not change, without panic or qualms.


Shao Siming has seen many strong people in the Divine Transformation Realm.


“With eight Divine Transformation Realm, dealing with Shao Siming is never a problem!” Liu Qingyang said excitedly.


"Exactly! Don't say he has to be dealt with, kill him!" Chao Shen said excitedly.


Knowing that the Immortal Weapons Pavilion and the Zhang Family had so many Divine Transformation Realms, the crowd from the Dragon God Temple was shocked and excited.


"Humph! Don't be happy yet." A cold snort suddenly came out of Fu Yang's ears.


The crowd from the Dragon God Temple was stunned, and then they also saw that the faces of Feng Wushen and Zhang Junlan were grave, without the slightest hint of excitement.


"The Yin Yang family possesses the power of the bloodline!" Ling Xiaoxiao snapped.


As soon as Ling Xiaoxiao's words came out, the excited and excited crowd of the Dragon God Temple fell silent.


"I don't think they've fought for many years, have they? Come on, let me see how strong you are, or let yourself stretch your muscles!" Shao Siming laughed coldly as a monstrous battle spirit rose up into the sky.


"I have long heard that the Young Master of the Yin Yang Family is powerful, but I have never had the chance to meet him, so today I am lucky." Chi Yuan's body was imbued with battle intent.


"Take out all your strength, don't hold back, as a weapon refining pavilion and weapon refining family, you should all have immortal weapons, right? Don't hold back, because if you hold back, you most likely won't get that chance again ". Shao Siming said coldly, with a bitter murderous aura like a wildly spreading substance.



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