Chapter 616 - The Battle of the Divine Transformation Realm (2)

On the Temple of the Dragon God the destructive energies followed one another.


"The Young Master was only pushing the power of his bloodline, he shouldn't have dodged it!"


"I don't know if he's hurt."


"Shao Siming's aura has already broken through to the seventh level of the Divine Transformation Realm and has surpassed the Chi Yuan Pavilion Master, Old Master Zhang Clan's attacks of theirs can't hurt him!"


Feng Zhengxiong and the others looked extremely serious, even though they knew that they couldn't hurt Shao Siming, they had quite a lot of hope in their hearts that they could seriously hurt Shao Siming.


"Young Master of the Yin Yang Family, his strength is truly terrifying, and above him are the Grandmaster, High Priest, Protector, and Family Head." Ling Xiaoxiao frowned, knowing the strength of the Yin Yang Family very well.


"A Young Master is so terrifying, and there are actually many more than him who are more powerful?" Yi Tianqing became very scared and trembled.


"It's horrible, right? And the High Priest, the great teacher, and the Protector..."


"There is even more terrifying Yin Yang family head!"


The crowd from the Dragon God Temple only felt that they were about to die of fright, that kind of terrifying power was unimaginable.


"Shao Siming's aura has not weakened in the slightest, but has grown stronger." Feng Wushen suddenly spoke, staring into space.


"More powerful?" The moment they heard the words, the crowd from the Dragon God Temple changed dramatically, and everyone couldn't help but swallow.


And so it is.


In the void, as the destructive energy ripples gradually dissipated, a faint golden light began to shine from the darkness of space, then became more and more dazzling.


The peerless aura vanished like a gust of wind, effortlessly dispersing the falling energy.


Shao Siming was unharmed, and a shield of golden light coalesced on the surface of his body to protect him.


"It's true". Chi Yuan frowned deeply, having guessed the result.


"Young Master's power is too much for us!" Zhang Wushou snapped, his old face already a bit pale after the fierce battle.


With Shao Siming's terrifying strength, if you look at the entire continent, including the strongest of the mysterious powers, he is considered one of the first.


If he didn't have some strength, how dare Shao Siming be reckless in front of Ling Xiaoxiao?


"Show your true abilities! I will show no mercy." Shao Siming said with an expressionless face, and at this moment, Shao Siming's aura was completely different from before.


With the power of his bloodline activated, Shao Siming's aura took on additional bloody fury.


"The real battle begins now!" With a wave of his hand, Shao Siming's shield of golden light disappeared, and his true self appeared in full view of the crowd.


"Care!" Chi Yuan admonished, with an extremely serious face, sensing a strong aura of danger.


The corners of Shao Siming's mouth curled dangerously as he raised his hand slightly, trailing a ball of golden energy across his palm.


"I will show you the unique martial arts skills of the Yin Yang family!" Shao Siming laughed coldly, the dangerous arc of his face taking on a few more points.


"Lower Grade Immortal Art! Destruction!"


With a fierce cry of cold, the ball of golden energy resting in his palm was crushed by it to no avail.


"Immortal Art?" Chi Yuan's face suddenly changed drastically, her eyes flickering in fear.


"Shao Siming is about to perform an Immortal Art!" The crowd from the Dragon God Temple changed their expressions dramatically, growing more and more frightened.


"Quick! Protect the body with true yuan." Feng Wushen shouted fiercely.


"Humph! It's late." Shao Siming laughed coldly, but looked at Feng Wushen in surprise.


"Not good!" Chi Yuan's face changed enormously again, not daring to think any further, she rushed to do as she had been told and urged her true essence to protect her heart veins.


"Boom boom boom!"




However, before Zhang Wushou and the others could react, an explosion suddenly erupted from their bodies, and terrifying energy erupted within them, causing them to spit out blood.


Even Chi Yuan, who had protected his heart true yuan in time, felt a powerful force spread throughout his body, and it was good that he protected himself in time, otherwise he would have been seriously injured.


"Grandfather! Father! Great Elder." Zhang Junlan panicked beyond measure, he had never expected Shao Siming to be so powerful as to feel invincible.


Zhang Wushou and the other eight Divine Transformation Realms joined hands, but not only were they unable to hurt Shao Siming, they were instead easily and heavily injured by Shao Siming.


"How is it possible? Without it being noticed."


"How did Shao Siming's life power get inside me?"


"What the hell is going on here? What kind of martial art is this?"


Zhang Wushou and the others were scared and bewildered, no one knew why Shao Siming's power had exploded within them.


After Shao Siming had made a single move, Zhang WuShou's six men were badly injured and extremely pale, completely losing their combat power.


Instantly and severely damaging five powerful Divine Transformation Realm!


"Such a terribly strong person is simply too much to handle!"


“The eight Divine Transformation Realms, except for the Chi Yuan Pavilion Master, the other seven are seriously injured!”


"Young Master's power is too terrifying!"


The Young Master was so terrifying that many generals from the Dragon God Temple felt desperate.


"Boy, it seems you know quite a bit about the Yin Yang Clan's martial techniques, it seems the Heavenly Demon Saint has told you quite a bit." A cold gaze swept towards Feng Wushen down, and Shao Siming said with a cold smile.


In Shao Siming's opinion, the reason Feng Wushen knew about the Yin Yang Family's martial arts techniques was that he had heard about them entirely from Ling Xiaoxiao.


“Brother Feng, um… what the hell is going on here?” Liu Qingyang asked dumbfounded, as the gazes of the Dragon God Temple crowd turned to Feng Wushen.


"Destruction is a unique martial art of the Yin Yang Clan, quite terrifying and unfathomable, this martial art can spread an invisible energy that cannot be seen or felt, it cannot be felt, but it can enter the enemy's body to power up! launch an attack!" Feng Wushen explained.




After hearing Feng Wushen's explanation, the crowd withdrew a breath of cold air in horror, feeling chills all over their bodies.


"But as long as the heart's true yuan is protected, this invisible force is not a threat, and one's own strength is able to resist this invisible force." added Feng Weshen.


"So that's it." Chi Yuan was secretly glad that he had protected his heart in time.


"Very well said, it is a pity that it is too late, Chi Yuan alone does not have that ability to defeat me." Shao Siming laughed coldly.


Hearing this, Chi Yuan's face sank and he said grimly: “Even if you are strong, if you really put up a fight, I am afraid you will have to be seriously injured!”


"You can try!" Shao Siming was not threatened in the slightest.


“Earth Rank Mid-Rank Martial Skill! Void Shadow Divine Step!"


With a ferocious cry, Chi Yuan instantly released her stance and charged away with her spear in hand!


"Shoo shoo shoo!"


Chi Yuan's posture is extremely powerful. In the blink of an eye, thousands of figures appear, and in the blink of an eye again, thousands of figures disappear from nowhere, so strange that it is impossible to catch them.


“Earth rank High Grade Martial Art! Thunder shakes heaven and earth."


In the next second, the sound of Chi Yuan's furious shout suddenly came from above Shao Siming, and Chi Yuan held a long spear, carrying a destructive spear aura as he plunged down, that destructive aura was like a falling meteorite. and rubbing flames.


"Chi Yuan, you are too weak! Even with an immortal weapon, you are still too weak." Raising his head slightly, Shao Siming laughed coldly.


Shao Siming was so arrogant as to say that the Immortal Weapons Pavilion Master was too weak!



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