Chapter 617 - Chi Yuan's Fiasco

"Too weak?"

Shao Siming's arrogant words couldn't help but freeze Chi Yuan.

A monstrous rage surged from his body, a ferocious murderous aura that filled both of his eyes.

The three words Immortal Weapons Pavilion are enough to make this continent tremble.

And as the head of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, Chi Yuan, the best person on the continent in refining weapons, is an even more powerful presence on the continent.

Even the Lord of the Divine King's Divine Hall must fear it.

But such a terrifying being is said to be too weak when it comes to the Young Master's mouth!

An insult! This is an insult to Chi Yuan!

The Immortal Weapons Pavilion Guardian and the Elders, as well as Zhang Wushou and the others, also froze.

Chi Yuan broke out in such a terrifying fight, and Shao Siming said that he was too weak!

"Is it too rampant?" Liu Qingyang was filled with dismay.

A cultivation level of the fifth level of the Divine Transformation Realm and a combat power as high as the peak of the sixth level of the Divine Transformation Realm, is he still weak?

“Earth Rank High Grade Martial Art! Nine Rev Kill Finger!"

Shao Siming knotted the fingers of his sword, the tips of his fingers bursting with golden light, imbued with impressively terrifying energy.

With the cold cry of Shao Siming's voice falling, his fingertips pointed at the head of Chi Yuan's spear.



The tip of the finger collided with the tip of the spear with a loud rumble that shook the heavens and the earth, the extremely destructive energy turned into a circle of light and stirred, the dim space instantly lit up, and in the The moment the energy spread, Chi Yuan spat out a mouthful of blood and his body was knocked out.

"Pavilion Master!" The Immortal Weapons Pavilion Protector and the Elders were greatly alarmed and their hearts plummeted.

If Chi Yuan lost as well, none of them would be a match for Shao Siming, and then not only would they be unable to protect Feng Wushen, but even they would be involved.

With all his strength, Chi Yuan was not able to defeat Shao Siming, but he was injured from the crash.

This shows the huge difference in strength between the two.

"How so? Calling him weak is still showing his face." Shao Siming said with contempt, fierce and harsh, Shao Siming was not even under the slightest pressure, but extremely relaxed.

"Do you know why I advised you to stay out of it in the first place? Because I didn't take them seriously at all." Shao Siming smiled playfully and coldly.

"He really said that he didn't take Chi Yuan Pavilion Master and the others seriously at all!"

"How outrageous! He is arrogant."

"Just lawless! Do you really think that just being a Young Master makes you anything?"

The Young Master's words instantly enraged the generals of the Dragon God Temple.

It is a pity that they do not dare to act in anger, nor do they have the ability to stand up to the Shao Siming.

The young master's words were certainly very arrogant, but the force was there, and anyone who disagreed could attack at any time.

Chi Yuan's eyes were red and filled with blood, and his anger raged wildly, as if there were hellish flames burning in his heart!

Chi Yuan is enraged!

One of the mainland's giants had been insulted by Shao Siming, so how could Chi Yuan accept it?


The furious Chi Yuan roared madly, his face full of rippling veins, his terrifying martial soul energy gushing out uncontrollably, the void trembling violently once more.

"What? Angry? There must be a lot of people on the continent who feel sorry for killing you." Shao Siming was not the least bit scared of Chi Yuan's anger and continued with a sneer.

"You provoke me for no other reason than to see how much power I have hidden! Now I will do what you wish." Chi Yuan roared with mad fury.


With his spear stuck into the void, Chi Yuan clasped his hands together and his aura shot up wildly.

At this moment, Chi Yuan's aura surged up again, with waves of Qi bursting into the sky, his entire body bursting with dazzling blue light, and wild and terrifying energy sweeping through like a tsunami.

"The power of the Ancient God of Water!" Feng Wushen couldn't help but say in surprise.

“I never thought that the Chi Yuan Pavilion Master had the power of a Water God!” Ling Xiaoxiao was also quite surprised.

“Good … So powerful… The Chi Yuan Pavilion Master is really hiding his strength!” The generals of the Dragon God Temple gasped.

"Ho ho ho ho!"

Chi Yuan frantically pushed the power of the Water God, desperately, and the air currents of space, rising up, condensed into the shape of a huge ferocious beast head at a speed visible to the naked eye.

"Boom boom boom!"

At the same time, a column of water from the earth rose up into the sky, transforming into hundreds of giant snakes.

A few minutes later, an incomparably large sea floated above the void, a sea so large that it was enough to submerge the entire Infinite Domain.

With the terrifying power of the Water God squeezed out, it was as if Chi Yuan controlled the entire continent's water source, and the water attribute energy was extremely terrifying and enormous.

"Go to hell!" Chi Yuan roared in rage, his murderous aura rushing into the sky.

Fierce beasts, giant snakes rushed madly, the huge sea, instantly coalesced into monstrous beasts, madly rushing towards Shao Siming, monstrous energy, enough to destroy the Infinite Domain.

"This power is worth using all my strength!" Shao Siming 's aura was high, and his battle intent rushed to the sky.

With the full power of his bloodline activated and golden light exploding, Shao Siming's aura rose furiously as energy that destroyed the heavens and earth coalesced into his palm.

With an icy gaze at the incomparably large beast's attack, Shao Siming did not flinch.


Shao Siming clasped his hands together, his long hair windless, his hands then slowly parted and flexed into the shape of claws.

A fist-sized golden ball of energy was clumped between the two hands, the surface of the energy ball was covered in golden threads, its terrifying power was immeasurable, and its aura was impressive.

The terrifying power is compressed and recompressed, the more terrifying the ball of energy it permeates, the more terrifying the energy it contains.

"Shao Siming is so terrifying, his aura has risen again!"

"In the battle just now, Shao Siming hadn't even used his full strength! How terrifying has he become?"

"It can't be the eighth... Eighth level, right?"

Yi Tianqing and the others were terrified, all the scares in their life together were not as many as today.

"Middle Grade Immortal Art! Triple Destruction!"

Shao Siming coldly yelled, then waved his hand violently, and golden balls of energy the size of his fist shot out.

In the face of the huge ferocious beasts and the sea, the energy ball seems insignificant and extremely small.

But no one dares to underestimate, but fears.



At the moment when the energy ball collided with the incomparably huge beast, the energy ball exploded, the destructive energy swept wildly, shaking Chi Yuan to spit out blood, the destructive energy, wherever it passed, the huge ferocious beast was turned into smoke, and all the water attribute energy turned into smoke.

In the blink of an eye, the power of the Water God that Chi Yuan had desperately awakened disappeared in an instant.

The only thing in the void was a brilliant golden light.

"This is not possible... This is never possible..." Chi Yuan was extremely scared, desperately pushing the power of the Water God, but in the end, it was so unbearable that everything disappeared in an instant.

What kind of terrifying martial art is this?

A mid-grade Immortal Art, overwhelming and terrifying in its power, truly possessing the power of destruction.

Zhang Wushou and the others fell silent, and apart from the horror, the only thing left was despair.

Shao Siming, an unbeatable power, an invincible being.

At this point in the battle, Shao Siming was unharmed, having only spent part of his true essence and bloodline power.

"Chi Yuan, as I said, you are too weak, so I will send you on your way first." Shao Siming laughed coldly and waved his hand as the golden light scattered.

Chi Yuan is, at this moment, falling.

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