Chapter 617 – The Holy Palace breaks in

Among the mountains, countless eyes looked at the two figures that appeared within the valley, no one had thought that Jiang Taishen would still have such means to be able to send two Chosen from the Sacred Palace across the boundary.


“That is Chi Lei, as well as Chai Ying who is known as the newest Chosen One of the Holy Palace.”


On this side of the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace, Gong Wan's beautiful eyes narrowed as she looked at the two figures who had entered the valley and said slowly, "I told you not to underestimate Jiang Taishen, being able to "Sitting at the top of the Chosen Ranking for so many years, he has quite a few tricks up his sleeve."


“Right now this limit, although it saves the Cangxuan Sect a lot of trouble, but now it is going to be a burden instead, Chu Qing and the others cannot be distracted to deal with those two intruding Chosen, rely on that one Zhao Zhun who stayed behind is no match for those two."


"Once they are allowed to enter the seven-color treasure, the Cangxuan Sect disciples will probably suffer serious damage, and at that time they will have to lower their heads and let the Holy Palace take the Seven-Color Treasure."


On the side, Zuoqiu Qingyu and Lu Luo were also worried upon hearing the words, because of Zhou Yuan's reasons, they naturally did not have much goodwill towards the Holy Palace, so they also did not want to see the Cangxuan Sect suffer.


The gazes of the other sects also looked at the valley, turning around and sighing, who would have thought that Jiang Taishen would still have such methods, but in this case the Cangxuan Sect's situation was going to be bad.




Chu Qing, Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng and the other Chosen's faces were also changing a little at this moment, they looked at the two figures that appeared at the entrance of the valley, clearly also caught off guard by Jiang Taishen's hand.


"Why don't we remove the limit first and finish them both off as soon as possible?" Kong Sheng's voice was low as he sent a message to the other Chosen.


Li Qingchan immediately vetoed: "Once the limit is removed, it will become great chaos, and the Holy Palace will still be able to enter the Seven Colors Treasure as long as it is in chaos."


"Then what else? How can Zhao Zhun only deal with the two Chosen Ones?" Kong Sheng was expressionless.


"What's the hurry?..." Yaoyao's bright eyes were projected, her face astonishingly beautiful, she conveyed, "Although the other party has barged in with two Chosen, at the entrance of the valley Zhao Zhun is not the only one in the place"


The other Chosen were shocked, and only then remembered that in addition to guard Zhao Zhun, they also seemed to have an alternate guard assigned...


Kong Sheng couldn't help but laugh and said, "Are you talking about Zhou Yuan?"


"Don't be ridiculous, although Zhou Yuan did quite well in this Mythical Utopia, it was only at the boss level. The second time, right now this is a Chosen battle, I'm afraid he is not qualified to interfere."


"Even if he intervenes by force, he would only humiliate himself"


The other Chosen were silent, although Kong Sheng's words were not pleasant to hear, they were still the truth, Zhou Yuan's strength should be considered the highest among the Bosses, but at the Chosen level it was still not enough. .


Chu Qing remained silent and said, "Since Zhou Yuan is also a guardian, no matter what, he must be given a chance, and when the time comes, if we find that he is no match for them, then we will have to give them a chance." “Step back and let the Holy Palace take a bite out of the seven-colored treasure this time.”


Kong Sheng was a little reluctant for words, but in the end, he didn't say anything more because he knew that if the situation really reached that point, in order not to harm the other disciples in a major way, then they really had no choice but to compromise.


It's just that leaving the treasure with that Zhou Yuan was too unreliable.


- Valley -


Two figures stood in front and behind Zhao Zhun blocking his path of retreat as much as possible.


At this moment, Zhao Zhun was also pale, his majestic Genesis Qi rising from his body, facing the two Sacred Palace Chosen in a hurry, he was obviously aware of the great sense of threat.


"Hehe, Zhao Zhun get out of the way otherwise something bad might happen today." In front of Zhao Zhun was a black man, his palm with Genesis Qi intertwined around it, was now looking at Zhao Zhun in front of him with apparent smile.


His name was Chi Lei, and he was a Chosen One of the Holy Palace.


"Chi Lei, you play with him, I will go directly to that seven-color treasure land." Behind Zhao Zhun, the figure stretched a lazy back and said weakly.


This person had a rather young face, and his appearance was considered beautiful, but of course the powerful Genesis Qi emanating from his body was a testament to his strength.


His name was Chai Ying, and his reputation in the Holy Palace was not small, because among the Chosen of the Holy Palace today, he was the youngest and his potential was not small, even Jiang Taishen had said that with a little more time , Chai Ying would definitely be able to enter the front ranks of the Sacred Palace Chosen as well.


Saying that, he wanted to turn around.


"High!" But when Zhao Zhun saw this, his face turned cold, and with a wave of his sleeve, he shot out a Genesis Qi that was as sharp as sword light.


Chai Ying's steps rotated, and with a twist of both palms, he was able to trap the Genesis Qi like a sword between his palms, and then fiercely grab it and crush it.


“Zhao Zhun…” He raised his head and looked at Zhao Zhun, his eyes narrowed, “It seems like you really want to die.”


"Since that's the case... Then let's kill you first."


He then released his powerful Genesis Qi.


"Chi Lei, let's do it together"


Chi Lei, who was situated in front of him also nodded with a smile, his eyes staring at Zhao Zhun without any warmth, and his strong Genesis Qi slowly rose.


Zhao Zhun's face was extremely heavy, but he did not retreat, because he knew that he was the last guardian, and if he allowed the two Sacred Palace Chosen in front of him to enter the Seven Color Treasure Land, then the disciples of the Cangxuan Sect who were there would definitely suffer a large number of casualties.


"If you want to pass by here, you just have to ask the sword in my hand." Between Zhao Zhun's palm was an iron sword that flashed, with a cold and crisp sword blade.


Although he knew that with his strength, it was unlikely that he could defeat two against one, but right now, it was clear that he had no other options.


Chai Ying and Chi Lei were staring at Zhao Zhun with smiling eyes, but the killing intent in their eyes was gradually becoming stronger.


"Zhao Zhun, it seems that this time in the Mythical Utopia you will be the first Chosen One of the Cangxuan Sect to perish." Within the bodies of Chai Ying and Chi Lei the Genesis Qi burst out violently in this instant, and then that majestic attack was about to of being released.


However, at the moment they were about to attack, a laugh suddenly emerged out of nowhere, causing the Genesis Qi that surged around them to stagnate slightly.


"I say..."


"I've been here for half a day, and you guys are too good to ignore it anyway?"


Chai Ying and Chi Lei's eyes narrowed, slowly turning their heads to look at a young figure who was standing in the shadow of the mountain wall. They had actually seen the presence of that figure when they showed themselves, but they didn't. They paid him no attention.


Seventh Heaven of the Alpha-Origin Realm, one slap in the face and he would die miserably.


Only, to their surprise this little mouse that did not seem very impressive to them, instead of hiding properly, took the initiative to interfere at this moment.


Chai Ying licked his lips, looked at the figure in the shadow of the mountain wall, sighed, and then looked at Zhao Zhun with some compassion, "Is everyone in your Cangxuan Sect so eager to die?"

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