Chapter 618 - No Mercy

A terrifying energy had already gathered as Shao Siming's sword finger pointed far away at the falling Chi Yuan.


Lord of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, one of the giants of the continent, Shao Siming said that he would kill without hesitation.


"Pavilion Master!" The Immortal Weapons Pavilion Protector and the three Elders were greatly alarmed.


"Young Master! Stop!"


"If you dare to kill the Pavilion Master, the powerful people of the Endless Domain, the Hegemony Domain, and the Northern Xuan Domain in all directions will never let you Yin Yang Family go!"


The guardians and elders roared in rage, and although they were seriously injured, they desperately charged forward, trying to save Chi Yuan however they could.


"Threats are useless to me!" Shao Siming said dismissively, the so-called strongmen from the main regions of the continent were not something he took seriously at all.


“The Pavilion Master of the Chi Yuan is badly injured! The Old Master of the Zhang Clan and the others are also badly injured!” Beidou Tianye was full of worry.


"Brother Feng, what's up with this? Do something quick." Liu Qingyang asked in a panic, everyone's hearts burning with anxiety.


Chi Yuan was fighting for Feng Wushen and the Dragon God Temple, and no one in the Dragon God Temple was willing to watch Chi Yuan get killed by Shao Siming.


Chi Yuan was badly injured and was unable to avoid Shao Siming's deadly attack.


Feng Wushen's face was extremely ugly. He wanted to save Chi Yuan, but he had no strength to do so.


Shao Siming is so scary !


"Humph! Don't send yourself to death, with your strength, how are you going to stop Shao Siming? Even Chi Yuan fell to a crushing defeat, let alone you!" An icy gaze swept over Feng Wushen, and Fu Yang was filled with disdain.




The terrifying energy accumulated in the sword finger shot out in vain as Shao Siming's words came down, lightning fast, with an extremely ferocious attack.


The Young Master is never merciful when he attacks.


This terrifying energy was enough to turn Chi Yuan to dust!


"Xiaoxiao!" Right at the moment when Shao Siming struck, Feng Wushen cried out fiercely, pulling Ling Xiaoxiao into the sky.


Instant movement!


Feng Wushen and Ling Xiaoxiao rushed to Chi Yuan's side in an instant, with Feng Wushen grabbing the falling Chi Yuan while Ling Xiaoxiao picked up the Divine Transformation Limit.


"Instant move!" Shao Siming frowned slightly and scurried away instantly.




Right at the moment when the terrifying energy was about to impact the Divine Transformation Cap, Shao Siming dodged and waved his right hand with a thunderous explosion, sending his own power flying directly away to avoid hitting the Divine Transformation Cap and hurt yourself.


Even Shao Siming did not dare to touch Ling Xiaoxiao's limit of divine transformation.


"Your divine transformation limit won't be able to stop me!" Shao Siming laughed coldly as his palm flexed its claws and fiercely penetrated Ling Xiaoxiao's boundary.


Shao Siming was incredibly fast, his hand passed through Ling Xiaoxiao's cheek, grabbed Feng Wushen's neck, and pulled him out of bounds.


At one point, Ling Xiaoxiao didn't even react, and Feng Wushen was already in the hands of Shao Siming.


"Brother Feng!" Ling Xiaoxiao's pretty face changed greatly, and she said angrily, "Quickly, release Brother Feng, or I'll let you die without a burial place!"


"Heavenly Demon Saint, I won't hurt you in the slightest, but I hope you won't stop me." Shao Siming said lazily, evidently very fearful of the power behind Ling Xiaoxiao, so fearful that he did not dare to hurt Ling Xiaoxiao in the slightest.


"Let Brother Feng go now! If you dare to hurt Brother Feng, I will definitely destroy your Yin Yang Clan!" Ling Xiaoxiao cried out fiercely and in rage as the terrifying power of her bloodline erupted, her aura shooting wildly.


"Shoo shoo shoo!"


The generals of the Dragon God Temple stepped forward, and hundreds of them, including Feng Zhengxiong, surrounded Shao Siming.


“No… Don't let him take Master away…” The heavily injured Chi Yuan strained, with a very small voice.


"Shao Siming, release him!" Zhang Wu Ling yelled in a deep voice, already ready to fight for his life at any moment.


"None of you can stop me!" Shao Siming made a proud face.


"Don't even think about removing the Temple Master!" Huanyang yelled angrily, even if they were facing a strong person from the Divine Transformation Realm, for Feng Wushen's sake, they weren't even the slightest bit afraid.


The heavily injured powerful men from the Immortal Weapons Pavilion and the Zhang Family, as well as Tian Xian Zi, rushed over.


"Let Dusty go!" Feng Zhengxiong coldly yelled, as a father, wouldn't you just stand by and watch Shao Siming take Feng Wushen away?


"Father! Mother! Get out of here." Feng Wushen strained, and with his current level of cultivation, he was unable to break free.


"Oh? So it's your parents, it seems that you really have nothing to do with the Dragon Clan." Shao Siming said in astonishment, and the corners of his mouth turned up in a playful grin.


"You heard what I said!" Ling Xiaoxiao yelled angrily, looking a bit angry.


"Is it worth sending yourself to die for a Feng Wushen?" Shao Siming asked with a cold smile.


“To you, the Temple Master is just an insignificant cultivator, but to us, he is a new father! Thanks to the Temple Master, we are where we are today. Even if we have to go to the sword mountain and the sea of fire , we will never back down. If you want to take the Temple Master, you can step over our corpses!" Chao Shen said fiercely, fearlessly.


"Pass?" Shao Siming first froze, then burst out laughing and sneered: "Since you all want to die, I will do it for you now."


"Retreat! It's an order." Feng Wushen roared in anxiety.


"Temple Master! We will not continue to live." Huanyang and the others were determined not to leave.


Terrifying energy surged from Shao Siming's body, and a halo of golden energy floated in the palm of his left hand. This terrifying power was so great that even destroying the Endless Domain would be easy, not to mention wiping out the Dragon God Temple.


Seeing that Shao Siming was about to make his move, Feng Wushen, his heart burning with anxiety, roared with fierce fury: "If you dare to make a move, as long as I survive, I will have your Yin Yang family become up in smoke!"


"Oh? What a big mouth, I'd like to see you make the Yin Yang family go up in smoke!" Shao Siming playfully sneered, not feeling threatened.


As far as Shao Siming was concerned, Feng Wushen's threat was a complete dream and simply unreal.


The Yin-Yang Family is a great family from the time of ten thousand ages and has stood proud on the continent for so many years, so how could it be destroyed just by a mere Feng Wushen?


With those words, Shao Siming did not hesitate to strike, and terrifying golden energy exploded from the palm of his hand to no avail.


"Move! Move!" Feng Wushen's expression drastically changed and he roared madly.


With hundreds of people present, Ling Xiaoxiao's Divine Transformation Limit was unable to save so many people.




A terrifying explosion of golden energy shook the heavens and the earth, instantly sweeping tens of thousands of meters away and engulfing everyone from the Dragon God Temple, the Immortal Weapon Pavilion, and the Zhang Family.


Shao Siming was relentless and really hit.


Faced with such terrifying energy, everyone in the Dragon God Temple would absolutely go up in smoke in an instant, even the strongest of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion and the Zhang Family would not be able to withstand such terrifying energy, and furthermore, they were still seriously wounded.


Among them, I am afraid that only Ling Xiaoxiao could survive this terrifying energy.


"Ha ha! Everyone is going to hell! Haha." Shao Siming laughed out loud.


Seeing the destructive energy spreading wildly, Feng Wushen froze, the last thing he wanted to see was it continue to happen.



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