Chapter 619 - First Battle Against a Chosen One

Black gold Genesis Qi surged out of Chai Ying's body like a storm, the Genesis Qi filled with a stiff and oppressive air.


"Thirty-eight thousand genesis stars..."


Zhou Yuan's face also became serious at this point, the other bosses although they had entered the ninth heaven, their genesis essence was around ten thousand at most, but Chai Ying's genesis stars was twice the amount. of the other bosses.


The foundations of a Chosen One were not to be underestimated.


"I'm afraid it's too late to be afraid now."


Chai Ying stared at Zhou Yuan with cold eyes, clearly taking Zhou Yuan's expression change as a sign of fear as he stomped his foot, and countless black and gold Genesis Qi roared out.


“Black Gold Genesis Qi!”


Phew! Phew!


The countless black gold Genesis Qi seemed to have turned into thousands of arrows, directly tearing the void and overwhelmingly enveloping Zhou Yuan.


Chai Ying came from the golden hall of the Sacred Palace, the Genesis Qi that this hall practiced was known for its rigidity, and the Genesis Qi was like golden iron, easily piercing through mountains.


Zhou Yuan looked at the countless violent shots of black gold Genesis Qi, his eyes condensed slightly, his body quickly faded, and then, like a wisp of smoke, he dodged violently.


"Can you escape?"


Chai Ying sneered, his sleeve flicked, and countless black and gold Genesis Qi followed him like a shadow.


As Zhou Yuan retreated violently, there was his spirit light flickering between his eyebrows, and the power of the advanced corporeal stage was also being unreservedly stimulated by him at this moment.




Under his feet, the ground suddenly cracked and a wall of earth rose violently, and above it, intertwined with the power of an invisible spirit, seemingly lifted by Zhou Yuan with his spirit.


Bang! Bang!


Black gold devilish Qi whizzed past, and a wall of earth was directly pierced.


However, the Black Gold Devilish Qi was also consumed in a wave.


Zhou Yuan's figure stopped, he looked at the abstruse black gold Qi, his hands clasped together, his mouth bulged, and in the next moment dark golden flames burst out of his mouth, like the breath of a Dragon.


"Heavenly Sun Fire!"


(NT: Alv, they described it the same as a fireball jutsu xD)


Dark golden flames swept across the void, even the space distorted a little, showing its high temperature.


The flames collided with the black gold Qi, the two did not make a loud sound, but the black gold Qi in the middle of the flames melted silently…


When the flames died down, the sky cleared.


Chai Ying's feet stepped on the Genesis Qi, standing in the void, he looked at this scene, a touch of surprise flashed across his eyes, obviously not expecting his black gold Qi to be burned cleanly by the other party.


Originally, once he used such means, almost no one could stop him under the level of Chosen.


“I didn't expect you to also cultivate spirit” Chai Ying sneered, earlier he had also sensed that Zhou Yuan had first used his spirit to consume his black gold Qi before finally using those golden flames to incinerate him.


"It's just a little trick, do you really think it will do any good?"


Chai Ying's hands made a seal, and the black gold Genesis Qi roared out, directly forming a huge black gold palm that was filled with a rigid Qi, and even a mountain would be shattered into pieces.


"Great Black Palme d'Or!"


(NT: Lots of hand seals, this looks like a Naruto fight :v)


Obviously, this Chai Ying had no intention of toying with Zhou Yuan, and was ruthless in his actions, intending to kill Zhou Yuan directly here with the fastest possible speed.


Furthermore, after the previous contact, he had already found out the details of Zhou Yuan's background, although Zhou Yuan was capable of possessing such an extremely excellent Genesis Qi base in the seventh heaven, but unfortunately, the Genesis Qi bases around ten thousand was not in Chai Ying's eyes at all.




The black golden palm hissed downwards, bringing with it the sound of a sonic boom, and before it fell, the ground below had already begun to collapse and crack.


Countless eyes in the heavens were watching this scene with shock in their eyes, and apparently all of them also saw Chai Ying's assassination attempt.


This rather made them feel some sympathy for that Zhou Yuan, even a mountain would have to be reduced to nothing if such a strong and terrifying palm fell, let alone Zhou Yuan.


“This Chai Ying really has no half-hearted intention to hold back” Gong Wan of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace exclaimed, facing a Boss and directly applied a genesis technique as soon as he did so, this Chai Ying was also a character. ruthless.


“That friend of yours is going to suffer” He looked aside at Zuoqiu Qingyu and Lu Luo.


The two girls looked at each other without speaking, but the intense worry in their eyes could not be hidden, after all, even from such a distance they could clearly feel how terrifying Chai Ying's attack was.


"Let's hope Zhou Yuan has the means to counter him." They sighed lightly and could only hope so.


Inside and outside that valley, Chu Qing, Li Qingchan and the others were also watching the scene, their faces slightly worried, while Kong Sheng's eyes were somewhat gloomy as he said, "He's not even going to dodge, is this a plan to fight hard?"


"What nonsense, if you rely on your speed and get entangled with Chai Ying, it may still take longer, acting tough is simply seeking death"


Yaoyao's beautiful and cold eyes projected, red lips opened slightly, "Since you are ignorant, then talk less."


Kong Sheng was stagnant and still wanted to speak, but looking at Yaoyao's gaze, he felt that if he continued to mock Zhou Yuan, Zhou Yuan would have to take action against him, so he could only snort coldly.


"Let's see how else you're going to patronize him!"




The huge black and gold palm descended from the sky, Zhou Yuan's figure was quite small beneath it, he raised his head, his face was also somewhat heavy, was this the power of a Chosen One, in fact he far surpassed the Boss level. .


"Thirty-eight thousand genesis stars, using a genesis technique, is truly tyrannical"


Zhou Yuan took a deep breath, but there was no fear in those eyes, instead, a burning desire to jump arose.


When Zhou Yuan entered the Cangxuan Sect on his first day, he was told that the Chosen were powerful, which was the level that all the young generation in the entire Cangxuan Heaven were striving to reach.


At this time, Zhou Yuan was also thinking about when he would be able to possess the power to counter the power of a Chosen One.


A year ago, he hadn't been able to give a very precise answer, but today, Zhou Yuan knew... today, he was starting to possess her.


Golden Genesis Qi slowly rose from Zhou Yuan's body, and a starry sky could be seen faintly coiling and screaming within him.


Within the Qi Dwelling, ten thousand genesis stars bloomed.


"Jade skin, silver bones..."


His mouth opened slightly, his voice low.


As his voice rang out, his skin blossomed with jade light, and his bones within his body also began to glow with silver light.


"Golden blood..."


Between the heart, the golden blood drop vibrated, golden threads of blood spread out, and above Zhou Yuan's skin, golden lines of light emerged, causing the current to make him slightly mysterious.


At this moment, he was standing on the ground, the rocks under his feet were already somewhat unable to withstand the energy seeping from his body, and he began to crumble.


This was the first time that Zhou Yuan unreservedly urged the power of his flesh after entering the Golden Blood Realm.


It was true that his Genesis Qi base was no match for Chai Ying, but he still had the power of his body! The power of the spirit!


Under the gaze of those countless gazes, Zhou Yuan looked towards the black gold palm suppressing her, and in the next moment, he whistled, stomped his foot, and actually charged!


In fact, he chose to take the initiative.


A radiant golden light erupted from Zhou Yuan's body.


"Break Genesis!"


He clenched his five fingers and saw white snow hairs spread out from the Heavenly Yuan Brush directly enveloping his fist, before it gradually turned into black colors.


"Ten thousand whales!"


Zhou Yuan's eyes were burning as he threw out a fist, the sound of a whale could faintly be heard echoing through the skies.


The space under the fist gradually distorted.




Amidst the countless shocked gazes, Zhou Yuan thrust out his fist, colliding directly with the giant black gold palm that descended from the sky.

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