Chapter 619 Out Of Control

Destructive golden energy, covering tens of thousands of meters of void and spreading out at terrifying speed.


The consequences would be unthinkable if it spread throughout the country.


In the void, the figures of all the people, all of them, disappear in the golden energy.


"Keep the hills green for fear of not burning wood!"


Being the first to avoid it, Fu Yang chose to give up as the terrifying energy continued to spread.


Shao Siming's strength is so terrifying that even three Fuyang are no match for Shao Siming.


If you don't go now, when will you go?


"Father mother!" Feng Wushen, who was frozen in extreme panic, roared in extreme grief and rage, the power of quenching surging uncontrollably, his eyes flickering blood red.


All the power within his body exploded, and Feng Wushen's aura rose rapidly, breaking through to the eighth level of the Heavenly Human Realm in an instant.


With the Qilin Battle Armor and Gloves as well as the Dragon God Sword summoned, Feng Wushen's aura shot up once more, breaking through the limit again and reaching the pinnacle of the ninth level of the Heavenly Human Realm.


A monstrous, murderous aura, regal in its intensity.


Feng Wushen is willing to fight to the death!


But even when it exploded with terrifying exterminating power, it still couldn't break free from Shao Siming's control.


"What a powerful Ancient Power, ranked at least in the top five!" Feeling this overbearing and rampant Ancient Power from Feng Wushen, Shao Siming's heart felt a pang of fear.


“This boy's ancient power contains the Dragon bloodline as well as other ancient power! And his battle armor truly has the aura of the Qilin clan! Who the hell is this boy? A cultivation at the peak of the sixth level of the Heavenly Human Realm, and even more power at the peak of the ninth level of the Heavenly Human Realm!” Shao Siming's heart was shocked more and more.


At this time, he began to take an interest in the origin of Feng Wushen.


He is not a dragon, but he possesses a dragon bloodline, and at the same time he possesses two ancient powers.


It is absolutely impossible for an ordinary person to possess three such terrifying forces at the same time, which shows that the origin of Feng Wushen is not at all as simple as it seems.


"Xiaoxiao! Qingyang!" Feng Wushen roared in rage and pain.


"Stop yelling, they won't hear you if you yell any more." The Young Master said morosely.


Shao Siming had lived so long that he did not know how many cultivators he had killed, and some five hundred people were simply insignificant to him.


Shao Siming was right, Feng Zhengxiong and the others had lost their hearing.


At this moment, the aura of the crowd from the Dragon God Temple could no longer be perceived amidst the terrifying ripples of energy.


Feng Zhengxiong and Xiao Qingqing and the auras of the others were not even perceived by Feng Wushen.


Has the Dragon God Temple been overthrown?


As the terrifying ripples of energy gradually dissipate, the collapsing void quickly recovers, and space once again lights up.


However, the crowd from the Dragon God Temple, including Feng Zhengxiong and Xiao Qingqing, had disappeared.


Even Ling Xiaoxiao, who possessed Limit Divine Transformation, had disappeared.


Could Shao Siming's terrifying energy still break through Ling Xiaoxiao's Divine transformation limit?


Feng Wushen froze once more, grief flooding his heart once more, that ripping pain so severe that it was worse than death.


"The Yin Yang Family! The Yin Yang Family!" The furious and unreasonable Feng Wushen roared in frantic fury.


The death of Feng Zhengxiong and Xiao Qingqing caused Feng Wushen to completely lose control.


With a fierce face and a murderous aura, Feng Wushen roared at Shao Siming: "I can't forgive you at all! Absolutely."


"Just for you?" Shao Siming had a look of contempt on his face as he turned and released his grip on Feng Wushen's paws.


The furious Feng Wushen's aura kept rising, and his power was becoming more and more terrifying.


Shao Siming looked in surprise at Feng Wushen, who was standing right in front of him, so terrifyingly elevated that Shao Siming was shocked.


Even the Yin Yang family had never seen such a terrifying genius.


"He... He's breaking through." A great shock went through Shao Siming's mind.


That is! Feng Wushen, who was so enraged that he lost his mind, sure was breaking through in his cultivation, and that too while Feng Wushen was out of control.


His aura shot up wildly, and in just a few minutes, Feng Wushen had broken through to the peak of the sixth level of the Heavenly Human Realm and entered the seventh level of the Heavenly Human Realm.


through to the seventh level of the Heavenly Human Realm, Feng Wushen's combat power instantly shot up by more than several times, and the realm of combat power, I'm afraid it was already half a foot of the level of the Extreme Heavenly Realm.


"It's unbelievable that this guy says he's broken through!" Shao Siming's expression was a bit stiff.


"Give me your life!" Feng Wushen roared madly, gathering the strength of his entire body into his fist.


“Ancient Dragon God Fist!”


With a roar, Feng Wushen launched an extremely ruthless punch at Shao Siming, the wind from his fist turning into a gale rushing through him, his aura surging and churning.


Although Feng Wushen knew that he was powerless to shake Shao Siming off, the out-of-control Feng Wushen had nothing on his mind but revenge.


You can't beat it, but you have to.


Even if it means death, Feng Wushen doesn't care!


The power of Feng Wushen's punch was enough to knock back a first level Heavenly Extreme Realm strongman!




A fierce and robust punch smashed into Shao Siming's chest with a loud crash, the domineering and fierce energy spread, but unfortunately it was powerless to shake Shao Siming.


This blow from Feng Wushen was irrelevant to Shao Siming.


When the punch was unsuccessful, Feng Wushen again poured all the power in his body into the Dragon God Sword, which erupted into a dazzling dark red glow with a vast aura.


The destructive intent of the sword rises to the heavens, and an extremely domineering sword power spreads out from the Dragon God Sword, like a god of war in the nine heavens, with a mighty might that shakes the heavens and the earth. .


“This is… Immortal Art!” Sensing the destructive intent of Feng Wushen's sword and its earth destroying power, Shao Siming could see it with a single glance.


"Soul Destroyer Sword Skill! Destroy the soul and cut through the vault of heaven."


With a ferocious roar, Feng Wushen grabbed the Dragon God Sword with both hands and swept towards the nearby Shao Siming with an extremely hard and ruthless attack.




Hundreds of meters of enormous dark red sword aura expanded in an instant right in front of Shao Siming 's body , exploding directly in front of him in a blaze of radiant energy that engulfed the two of them.


“This guy really doesn't want to die, he can't bear such a close distance, right? But the Immortal Art is extremely domineering, exerting it with all his might, it's comparable to the first level of the Heavenly Extreme Realm!” Shao Siming was secretly surprised in his heart.


Of course, it was just a shock, this power couldn't hurt Shao Siming in the slightest.


The power with which Feng Wushen was exploding in his insane and uncontrolled state was naturally even more terrifying!


After the terrifying energy ripples dissipated, the unharmed Shao Siming appeared in Feng Wushen's eyes.


The difference in power was so great that even if Feng Wushen had gone all out, it would have been of no use.


On the contrary, Feng Wushen was already heavily injured, and with the power of the sword mane just now, he himself also suffered a ripple effect, and his injuries deteriorated again.


“Feng Wushen, follow me back obediently and you will be able to suffer less flesh and blood, with this amount of power you have, not to mention revenge, you are not even qualified to die by my hand.” With an icy gaze fixed on Feng Wushen, Shao Siming said slowly.


"Either you die. Or I die." Feng Wushen roared with mad fury.



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