Chapter 62 – The Ice Jade Hand

The snow-white gloves were removed from Lu Qing'er's hands, and a pair of long, slender, and almost perfect jade hands appeared under the gaze of countless eyes.


The catkins are like snow, clean and white, seemingly untouched by dust.


Lu Qing'er's slender hands have a different beauty, like a piece of art made from sheep jade, flawless enough to make one fall in love with them.


So when Lu Qing'er showed her hands, not to mention the three teenagers present, even Chi Su, who was a girl, froze and a look of envy passed through her eyes.


They had seen many pretty faces, but it was the first time they had seen someone with such pretty hands.


It's a pity that Lu Qing'er usually hides them under her silk gloves.


Furthermore, in Lu Qing'er's small hand, which was like a white jade ice crystal, mysterious ice patterns seemed to be looming, with an extremely cold aura slowly emanating from it.


"Be careful everyone, that is Lu Qing'er's secret technique, the Ice Jade Hand... Although it is only a Ninth Seal at the moment, the power of this technique is already comparable to some rank resonance techniques." general". Shi Kon's hoarse voice sounded at this moment.


When Xiang Liang and the others heard this, their faces changed, and when they looked at Lu Qing'er's perfect jade hands again, they were already filled with fear.


For people like them at the Ten Seal realm, general rank resonance techniques were barely on the same level, except that they couldn't perform resonance techniques of that level with their resonance power, but right now, the secret technique Lu Qing'er's technique was capable of allowing him to exert the power of general rank resonance techniques without even entering the realm of Resonance Masters, so how could he not scare people?


Only then did they understand why Shi Kon, who was obviously not weak, had dragged them to hunt Lu Qing'er, and it turned out that she had such reservations.


Lu Qing'er's face was as cold as an ice floe, and she didn't say another word as her silhouette stretched out, pointing directly towards where Shi Kon was.


It is clear that the intention is to take care of Shi Kon first.


But it was as if he had already expected it, for he saw flashes of lightning on the surface of his body, and then his figure shot backwards in a flash.


The power of the thunder resonance, which is also notable for its speed, is not inferior to the wind resonance.


Seeing this, Lu Qing'er also decisively abandoned the idea of capturing the thief first, and with a turn of her figure, she set her target on Xiang Liang.


When Xiang Liang saw Lu Qing'er sweeping towards him, his face changed greatly, but he didn't have Shi Kon's speed, so he could only let out a roar and a fiery red resonance power surged from his body.


At the same time, the long knife in his hand, which was like a burning flame, directly slashed at Lu Qing'er with rage.




The burning sword light whistled, but Lu Qing'er was unconcerned, only to watch his left hand clasp his fingers together, surging a cold aura and colliding directly with the descending burning sword light.




As if it were a crackling sound, Xiang Liang was horrified as a thick frost spread from his sword, instantly extinguishing the power of his fire resonance, and the frost continued to spread at an extremely fast speed, freezing his body in just a few puffs.


With a single blow, he finished off Xiang Liang, who had eighth strength seal!


The power of Lu Qing'er's "Ice Jade Hands" is terrifying.


So when that Chi Su and Zong Fu saw this, they did not hesitate to turn around and run.


But since Lu Qing'er had revealed his cards, there was no way he would let them escape. Immediately, his jade feet struck as if frost formed under his feet, turning into two cold ice trails that directly froze the two men's paws.


The swirling silhouette vanished and the two fingers of his left hand pointed strongly.


Ten breaths later, two more ice sculptures appeared in the ruins.


In the blink of an eye, three elites who were at the top of the leaderboard were finished off by Lu Qing'er by all means.


Only, after the three had been settled, those faint frost patterns on Lu Qing'er's left hand began to fade.




The sound of clapping could be heard from behind, only to see Shi Kon looking at the scene with a smile on his face and exclaiming, "What a powerful Ice Jade Hand."



Lu Qing'er's face was expressionless as her delicate body shot out, aiming directly at Shi Kon.


This time, however, Shi Kon did not dodge again.


Then, Lu Qing'er extended the palm of her right hand, the cold air hissed, even the air faintly showed signs of being frozen, and finally, enveloped in a domineering and overbearing aura, she struck directly at Shi Kon's chest.


But surprisingly, Shi Kon's body was not frozen.


This was because on the surface of his body, there were furious lightning bolts that jumped out, faintly, as if forming a lightning armor.


"Qing'er, if you had a two-handed "Ice Jade Hand", you could still break my "Wild Thunder Armor", but the power of this hand is not enough." A smile appeared on Shifu Khon's face, this Wild Thunder Armor was also his own reserve card.


If Lu Qing'er was at full strength with her "Ice Jade Hands", Shi Kon would have been cautious in the face of such a tough fight, but now that Lu Qing'er had used half of her strength against Xiang Liang, Shi Kon was no longer afraid.


It could be said that he had brought Xiang Liang and the three of them with the intention of using them to consume Lu Qing'er's "Ice Jade Hands", and now the plan was working as expected.


The lightning light and cold Qi clashed wildly, consuming each other's power, and finally Lu Qing'er's heart sank when she saw that the cold frost pattern above her right hand had also gone out at this moment.


The power of the Ice Jade Hand has been exhausted.




At this moment, Shi Kon struck out like lightning, a ferocious and heavy fist with a low, thunderous sound, directly onto Lu Qing'er's small stomach.


Lu Qing'er's body flew backwards and crashed heavily onto the rocks, blood emerging from the corner of her lips.


"Qing'er, unfortunately, the one who wins in the end, is still me." Shi Kon smiled somewhat apologetically before walking step by step towards Lu Qing'er, who was temporarily helpless.


Seeing this, Lu Qing'er also secretly sighed and looked blankly at the approaching Shi Kon. Although she was very reluctant, she could only choose to surrender helplessly in her heart.


"I'll laugh at your points."


Shi Kon stretched out his hand and was about to grab the crystal plate on Lu Qing'er's chest.




And at that same moment, a dozen balls of light suddenly shot out in front of them, exploding directly between Shi Kon and Lu Qing'er.


A blinding light burst forth.


The sudden attack made Shi Kon freeze for a moment, his eyes stinging, but he quickly reached out and grabbed Lu Qing'er in front of him.


However, the grip fell short.


With his heart startled, he hurriedly opened his stinging eyes, and then saw a figure hugging Lu Qing'er horizontally, quickly jumping towards the ruins, and in a flash of light, disappearing directly.


Shi Kon became furious and took off in pursuit, but when he passed over the broken wall, there was no one.


The laughter on Shi Kon's face at this moment had disappeared, replaced by infinite sadness.


Although the figure had dodged extremely quickly before, Shi Kon recognized it.


"Damn you, Li Luo! How dare you spoil my good deed!"


There was a voice containing rabid fury that slowly emerged from Shi Kon's teeth.

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