Chapter 622 – Holy Spirit Exterminates the Golden Dan

The Genesis Qi fluctuations were like an erupting volcano, erupting incessantly within Zhou Yuan's body, and there were cracks under his feet that spread.


At this moment, Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi fluctuations were terrifyingly strong.


Because it was pushing the Earth Saint Rune, drawing Genesis Qi from nearly 300 miles away from the earth!


It is triple what it was when he killed Fan Yao!


The Earth Genesis Qi flowed and hissed within Zhou Yuan's body, the Earth Genesis Qi was incomparably thick and heavy, and that kind of power directly caused Zhou Yuan's skin to continually disintegrate, but the good thing was that the Zhou Yuan's body had become stronger now, so once the blood marks appeared, they were quickly repaired.


Zhou Yuan's robe protruded, his hair was flying, and his pale yellow pupils were fixed on the gloomy Chai Ying in the sky, his eyes were icy cold. Killing intent spread.


In the sky, suspicion also passed through Chai Ying's eyes as he stared at Zhou Yuan, as from the latter at this moment, he felt a real threat.


"This guy, why does the Genesis Qi rise so alarmingly? I have never heard that the Cangxuan Sect has such a strange genesis technique!" Chai Ying's face was cloudy, and his heart was full of suspicion.


But this emotion, he quickly suppressed it, the important thing now was not Zhou Yuan's means, but suppressing him.


"Trying to kill me? What a mouthful!"


Chai Ying laughed coldly, although Zhou Yuan was incredibly imposing at that moment, it was not so easy to intimidate him!


He might know that if he really lost to Zhou Yuan here, people would say that the Chosen One of the Holy Palace couldn't defeat even a head of the Cangxuan Sect. If he couldn't even defeat them, it would be a huge blow to the Holy Palace's reputation.


So no matter what, he had to kill Zhou Yuan here today!


Chai Ying's palm slowly rose, majestic and strong like a torrent, black and golden Genesis Qi gushing out from his body covering the sky.


To be able to become a Chosen of the Sacred Palace, Chai Ying's strength was naturally extraordinary.


"I'd like to see who's going to behead who today!" Chai Ying's tone was creepy and the killing intent was great.


Zhou Yuan looked at the fierce and fierce Chai Ying, his face was expressionless, he did not speak, his palms slammed together making a crisp sound.


In his body, there was an astonishing Genesis Qi boiling, and finally his mouth bulged a little, it had a faint pale yellow glow. When it exploded, it was filled with an air of danger.


The space around him gradually distorted at this point, clearly due to the violent and incomparable power within his body.


Countless horrified gazes in the skies were cast, all of them feeling the terrifying attack that Zhou Yuan was about to launch.


In the sky, Chai Ying's pupils also shrank slightly.


"Holy Rune of the Earth, Strength of the Holy Spirit!"


At this moment Zhou Yuan's body trembled violently.


Its mouth, which was bulging to the extreme, opened violently and in the next instant, only a vast pale yellow torrent could be seen, roaring, and in that torrent there was a huge pale yellow Spirit visible.


That pale yellow giant was screaming in the heavens and the earth.


That Giant Spirit was faintly familiar, it was indeed the vision that appeared when Zhou Yuan urged his own Omega Holy Spirit Art. The Genesis Qi of the Earth, fused with his Holy Spirit!


In this way, the power of both of them suddenly rose greatly.


The pale yellow giant roared, fast as lightning, majestic and ferocious, and pounced directly on Chai Ying.


Chai Ying's face changed dramatically as he looked at the furious giant. He had previously known that Zhou Yuan's reaction was going to be fierce, but he did not expect that it was still beyond his expectations.


But Chai Ying also knew that he couldn't retreat now, he had to take a momentum-like position and directly break all of Zhou Yuan's attacks. Only then could he keep his face.


"Little Boss, do you really think this Chosen One is afraid of you?" Chai Ying's eyes were cold, he knew that he could no longer hold back at this point, as he took a deep breath, his mouth opened slightly and all he could see was black gold. The light slowly rose, and the last black gold ball, the size of a baby's fist, came out of his mouth.


There were mysterious lines on the black golden ball, and it seemed to be small in size, but when it appeared, the space was distorted if anything.


At this moment, the powers of the different parts of the place also saw this scene, and there was an immediate cry of alarm.


“That is… the most powerful technique of the Golden Hall, the Black Golden Pill?!”


In the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, Gong Wan slowly saying, “This Chai Ying even forced himself to sacrifice all the black gold pills he has cultivated.”


The Sacred Palace, the Golden Sacred Hall has a technique called the Black Golden Pill, which contains the Genesis Qi and transforms it into a pill form, constantly compressing the Genesis Qi into it, if you encounter an enemy you can urge the black golden pill and its power can tear apart mountains and rivers.


However, the Black Golden Pill was the source of power of the Golden Hall disciples, and normally if it were not the most critical moment they would not dare to offer it for fear of being hurt and then shaking the foundation.


“Being able to push the Golden Hall Chosen to this point, this Zhou Yuan is already considered very impressive.” Gong Wan looked towards Zuoqiu Qingyu and Lu Luo.


“However, trouble has also come, since Chai Ying has sacrificed the Black Golden Pill, so it is truly a life and death situation…”


"That Zhou Yuan, can he really block the power of the Black Golden Pill?"


Even Gong Wan was skeptical about this.




The Black Golden Pill floated in front of Chai Ying, his eyes filled with a hideous and murderous intent, and in the next moment he waved his sleeves, only to see the Black Golden Pill blossom into a black halo of light, and in the next instantly swirled.




As the Black Golden Pill spread, the air exploded as much as it could, the void began to distort a little, and black gold Genesis Qi emerged from it. It was like a meteorite crossing the sky.


It was enough to destroy the heavens and the earth.


Obviously, the killing intent in Chai Ying's heart had skyrocketed to the extreme, and without any finesse he directly offered the Black Golden Pill to Zhou Yuan to erase it completely.


Thus, under the gaze of those countless gazes, the pale yellow giant roared, and the Black Golden Dan was like a meteorite landing.


The momentum was fierce to the extreme.


In the end, the two collided...


It was like an explosion of heavenly thunder and earthly fire.




Indescribable shock waves swept through the void, crumbling the mountains and destroying the forests and seas through which they passed...


That devastating impact, which lasted for a full few minutes, finally faded away, and countless lines of sight were fixed in the middle of it all.


It could be seen that in that sky, the pale yellow giant had dissipated, leaving only a Black Golden Dan, silently suspended in the void.




Seeing this scene, the Holy Palace disciples breathed a sigh of relief, seeing this appearance, that Zhou Yuan's attack had clearly been broken by the Black Gold Pill.


In the sky, Chai Ying's face also had a fierce color appearing on it.


"Boy, what do you think you can do to me now?!" He stared at Zhou Yuan with a sullen look, and then raised his palm about to withdraw the Black Golden Pill.


However, the instant he raised his hand there seemed to be a subtle crack in the heavens.


Although that sound was incomparably subtle, Chai Ying's pupils shrank and his face hardened, his eyes staring at the Black Gold Pill in the sky in horror.


Then, in the next moment he could see a few small cracks that were slowly spreading from the Black Golden Pill…


At this moment, the countless lines of sight were also aware of something, and thus their mouths also slowly opened, and their eyes were full of horror.


The entire world was silent.


The Black Golden Pill, it was broken!

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