Chapter 622 - Protector Dragon

There was a flash of white light and the entire space was instantly dead.


The destructive power outage was swept away, and with it the power of the spell.


The white light faded, leaving nothing behind.


It's creepy as hell.


Feng Wushen was filled with dismay, he was still unclear on the situation.


Although he did not know what that white light was, what Feng Wushen could be sure of was that that white light was terrifying, far superior to Shao Siming's.


Shao Siming was filled with horror, like a great enemy.


The young master seemed to know what was going on, and his body trembled with fear.


With Shao Siming's terrifying strength, there were definitely only a handful of powerful people on the continent who could terrify him.


"What man? Come out with me." Shao Siming yelled coldly with a frown, wearing a harried expression.


As a fifth level powerhouse of the Divine Transformation Realm, Shao Siming possessed the ability to fight beyond the seventh level of the Divine Transformation Realm, but he was unable to detect the mysterious powerhouse he had just struck.


This shows that this man's cultivation is far above Shao Siming's!


As Shao Siming's voice fell, Feng Zhengxiong and everyone else in the Dragon God Temple appeared out of nowhere, as if some kind of bandage had been thrown over the Dragon God Temple.


"Father! Mother! Xiaoxiao!" Feng Wushen's eyes suddenly widened in surprise and ecstasy.


Although Feng Wushen did not know what had happened, he was now certain that the crowd from the Dragon God Temple was still alive!


"This can't be! In fact, they're still alive!" Shao Siming said incredulously, looking a bit dazed.


The destructive energy just now, not to mention the destruction of the Dragon God Temple crowd, would not even be a problem in destroying the Endless Domain, but the Dragon God Temple crowd had strangely survived.


"Could it be..." Panic surfaced again on the Shao Siming's expression.


The people from the Dragon God Temple were all alive, but equally full of doubts.


"The sky just now, why did it suddenly disappear?"


“I thought we were all dead, the sky disappeared just now as the terrifying power of the Young Master spread out!”


"What the hell is going on here? The sky is appearing again."


The crowd from the Dragon God Temple was baffled to the core, no one knew what had happened.


However, the faces of Chi Yuan, Zhang Wufeng, and the others were covered in panic, as if they had sensed something.


"The Temple Master hasn't been taken yet!" Nangong Zhan pointed to the void and said excitedly.


"Brother Feng!" Liu Qingyang shouted excitedly.


"Cool!" Seeing that Feng Wushen had not yet been captured by Shao Siming, Feng Zhengxiong and Xiao Qingqing and the others were completely relieved.


The sudden disappearance of the sky from before, with the dim collapsing sky not being seen and Feng Wushen not being seen, had troubled them greatly.


"What's that?" Yi Tianqing suddenly exclaimed in horror as he looked at the hundreds of soul bodies in the void.


"A soul body?" Zhang Wushou and the others had a surprised expression on their faces.


Zhang Wufeng was surprised: "Where did so many powerful soul bodies come from?"


“What a terrifying soul body, dozens of Divine Transformation Realm, and the rest are all Extreme Heavenly Realm!” Chi Yuan couldn't help but be surprised.


Such a terrifying lineup, which ten Immortal Weapon Pavilions could not match, startled the crowd from the Dragon God Temple, their hearts trembled, and their eyes showed fear.


None of the people knew where these hideous spiritual beings came from.




Ling Xiaoxiao dodged first, blocking in front of Feng Wushen, her icy gaze fixed on Shao Siming.


Feng Zhengxiong and the rest of the Dragon God Temple, as well as Chi Yuan and the others, also flew.


"Brother Feng, are you alright?" Ling Xiaoxiao asked with concern.


"I'm fine, thank goodness I have these soul bodies to help me, otherwise I'm just afraid he would have taken me." Feng Wushen nodded, forcibly suppressing the ecstasy in his heart.


With the crowd from the Dragon God Temple still alive, Feng Wushen was completely relieved.


"Brother Feng, what about these powerful soul bodies?" Ling Xiaoxiao asked curiously, and the gazes of the crowd turned to Feng Wushen.


"Duster, why aren't these soul bodies moving at all?" Xiao Qingqing asked in horror, feeling scared just looking at them.


Feng Wushen shook his head and said, "I'm not sure exactly, but he came out of the Nine-Fold Qiankun Tower."


"Qiankun Tower?" The moment they heard the words, the faces of the crowd all froze, staring at Feng Wushen in astonishment.


Obviously, the crowd couldn't believe that there were so many bodies of terrifying souls in the Nine-Fold Qiankun Tower; they had often cultivated in the pagoda, why had they never seen them?


"I'm confused now too, let's talk about it later." Feng Wushen stared, not understanding why these soul bodies existed in the Nine Fold Qiankun Tower, let alone why the soul bodies were under his control.


"Brother Feng, someone should have saved us right now." Ling Xiaoxiao's jaw dropped, but she didn't know what kind of person it was.


"Not bad, this person's cultivation is extremely high, and that aura is fleeting." Chi Yuan stared.


"You should be talking about the same person, and this person also saved me." Feng Wushen nodded.


Only this mysterious person never appeared, and everyone present, including Shao Siming, couldn't sense this person's presence.


"Who the hell is that? Why don't you show yourself?" Shao Siming roared, his peerless fierce gaze sweeping around him.


But when Shao Siming's roar fell, the faces of the Feng Wushen crowd instantly stiffened, as if they had seen something, and their eyes rolled back.


On top of the Shao Siming's head, a strange figure appeared, like a puzzle, spelling out a figure.


The presence of this man went unnoticed by the young master.


Strong! Absolutely strong!


The man who appeared was a middle-aged man, dressed in magnificent brocade and wearing a hair crown, who was not angry and quite powerful.


This man, just standing there, gives the impression of invincibility and is quite scary.


"So it's him!" Feng Wushen frowned slightly, from the memory of the Evil Dragon God, Feng Wushen quickly recognized this person.


“Pavilion Master Chi Yuan, do you recognize this person?” Zhang Wushou asked fearfully, as a strong person from the Divine Transformation Realm, although the mysterious person had no energy fluctuations in his body, it made Zhang Wushou deeply scared.


Chi Yuan froze and shook her head, and her pale face was covered in horror; as one of the giants of the continent, he had never seen this mysterious man.


"This is scary! I feel like I can't breathe." Liu Qingyang had long since been scared.


"Young Master didn't even notice!" Yi Tianqing trembled.


The person who appeared had no energy fluctuations, but this person's aura was so terrifying that you didn't have to get close to feel the piercing pain caused by air compression.


I am afraid that the mysterious man's cultivation level has reached the peak of the continent!


Exasperated, Shao Siming looked around and suddenly saw the stiff and surprised eyes of the Feng Wushen crowd.


Shao Siming stiffened, and only then, with extreme difficulty, did he look up.


At the first glance, the young master's expression changed radically.


"Were you looking for me?" When he met Shao Siming's frightened gaze, the man opened his mouth to ask, his voice flat but instantly causing Shao Siming to fall into the abyss.


Seeing the man who had appeared at some point on top, Shao Siming's body trembled once more, and the panic in his eyes grew stronger and stronger.


"Protector Dragon!" Shao Siming spoke in horror, his face already pale.



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