Chapter 623 – The New Chosen One of the Cangxuan Sect

Fine cracks slowly emerged from the Black Golden Dan amidst those countless horrified gazes, and as the cracks extended to the extreme, the Black Golden Dan was finally pushed to the extreme and finally… It exploded.


Huge sounds resounded.


Black dots of light exploded overwhelmingly, like a firework, and then there was a storm of Black Genesis Qi that raged endlessly.


The entire world was silent.


All eyes were looking at the spreading black points of light.


No one expected that Chai Ying's Black Golden Pill would shatter at this moment!


Apparently, in that fierce confrontation with Zhou Yuan earlier, although he had resisted Zhou Yuan's attack, the Black Golden Dan had paid an unimaginable price.


Out of the valley.


Chu Qing, Li Qingchan, Kong Sheng, and the other Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect looked at this scene with somewhat surprised eyes, a result that no one had expected beforehand.


“This…” Li Qingchan’s beautiful eyes flickered in amazement as she stared at Zhou Yuan’s figure, her stunning and beautiful face gradually changing with some complexity.


In the beginning, he had always maintained a certain imbalance regarding the relationship between Yaoyao and Zhou Yuan, because Yaoyao was too good, and compared to Yaoyao, Zhou Yuan was undoubtedly much weaker, although his battle record was quite good.


Therefore, Li Qingchan had always been puzzled as to why Yaoyao was looking at Zhou Yuan.


But it wasn't until today that she truly understood that the potential within that teenager's body was simply unimaginable to her.


At the other end, Yaoyao did not speak but her red lips lifted slightly in a shallow smile, and her clear, empty eyes looked at the slender figure.


That look, it seemed as if the entire world did not believe in Zhou Yuan, yet she always had faith in him.


Chu Qing stared at Zhou Yuan's figure and sighed, saying, "This younger brother of ours is really not simple, after this battle my Cang Xuan Sect will have one more Chosen One."


Zhou Yuan had tested himself forcefully, and at this moment, no one was able to utter even half a word of doubt.


Even Kong Sheng was silent, as his eyes were also filled with vibrations.


In contrast to the vibrant exclamations of Chu Qing and the others, in the sky beyond that valley, the people of the Sacred Palace looked increasingly uglier one by one.


Even Jiang Taishen, the easy smile he always had on his face slowly restrained itself, and his eyes, which were staring at the young figure in the distance had an indifferent light flickering in them.


"What a useless thing." Zhan Taiqing's willow eyebrows woven, faintly.


Jiang Taishen said, "It seems that this person has some mysterious methods, no wonder the Palace Master wants him."


Jin Chanzi's eyes were sharp as he stared at Zhou Yuan's figure and said slowly, "But no matter how he bounces, he will be a prisoner of my Holy Palace."


Now that the Palace Master has personally given the order, no matter what, they must capture Zhou Yuan back to the Holy Palace.


Jiang Taishen and Zhan Taiqing also nodded their heads slightly, although Zhou Yuan's previous performance was extremely amazing, but to the three of them, to say that this would cause them any inconvenience would be a bit false.


The far side of the valley.


While the various parties were in the midst of vibrations, Gong Wan of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace was also silent, thinking that this scene was also out of his expectations.


The other Chosen women on the side also looked at each other, their eyes filled with wonder.


"This, how could he shatter Chai Ying's Black Golden Pill?" A Chosen One couldn't help but say.


Although Chai Ying was at the bottom of the Holy Palace Chosen list, his strength was not to be underestimated, and to shatter his Black Golden Pill, that meant that Zhou Yuan's previous attack was so strong that it was even beyond the limits of the Black Golden Pill.


And this, looking at the Chosen of their Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, there were probably only a handful of them who could do it.


But Zhou Yuan, he was just a head of the Cangxuan Sect!


They looked surprised, and then their eyes shifted to Zuoqiu Qingyu and Lu Luo. 'This time, there are actually so many demons...'


Zuoqiu Qingyu and Lu Luo had also performed very well in the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, and although they were not as good as the current Zhou Yuan, over time they could definitely rise to the position of Chosen.


Therefore, they discovered that the young women and teenagers who had left that pale continent were all so bright this time.


Zuoqiu Qingyu and Lu Luo looked at each other, but their eyes were full of shock, and it was obvious that this result was not what they had imagined.


In their opinion, Zhou Yuan's ability to entangle that Chai Ying with each other was already extremely powerful, they never thought that Zhou Yuan would be able to crudely shatter the opponent's Black Golden Pill.


"This guy..." Zuoqiu Qingyu's small hand rested on his bare chin, and then he said to Lu Luo, "He's really getting more and more wicked."


Lu Luo also nodded vigorously in agreement.




Amidst the countless shocked gazes, Zhou Yuan also looked at the black dots of light filling the sky, as he exhaled deeply and on the surface of his body pale yellow air currents slowly rose.


It was as if his body was boiling, it was because the Earth Genesis Qi was too fierce before, causing his body to tear as well.


But the good thing was that his body entered the Golden Blood realm, while the Taiyi mark loomed, emitting majestic vitality and repairing the wounds on his body.


“The Earth Genesis Qi drawn from this Earth Saint Rune is too thick and overbearing, and is extremely picky on the flesh.” After these two applications, Zhou Yuan had become more and more knowledgeable about this Earth Saint Rune. Land.


The earth's Genesis Qi was indescribably thick and heavy after being compressed and hammered, so without a strong physical body, it would be difficult to bear.


Drawing three hundred kilometers of Genesis Qi from the earth was now the limit Zhou Yuan could endure, and if there was more he feared his body would burst.


Enduring the severe pain in his body, Zhou Yuan's gaze swept towards Chai Ying's figure in the sky.


Chai Ying's eyes, staring dazedly at the black spots of light in the sky, trembled as his body trembled and blood finally gushed out of his mouth.


The Genesis Qi fluctuations that surged throughout his body also withered at an astonishing rate at this moment.


"Impossible... Impossible..."


Blood and hoarse voices continued to come out of his mouth, it was clear that this result was simply unacceptable to him, he could not imagine that he had lost at the hands of an unknown head of the Cangxuan Sect!


The Black Golden Pill was the result of years of careful cultivation, and now it has been shattered.


"Chosen of the Sacred Palace..."


Down there, Zhou Yuan's eyes were staring at Chai Ying like a blade and slowly said, "Look with me here, you won't be able to pass today."


As Zhou Yuan's words fell, in the sky the Qi and blood in Chai Ying's body could no longer be suppressed, and a mouthful of blood gushed out, and his vision darkened as countless shocking gazes watched him fall from the sky. darling...


This battle between the Chosen One of the Holy Palace and the Head of the Cangxuan Sect… The final result was beyond everyone's expectations.

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