Chapter 623 - You can go now

"Dragon Protector!"


Shao Siming was filled with horror, and his three souls scattered.


The visitor is the Protector of the Dragon Clan!


"The Protector Dragon?"


Hearing Shao Siming's terrified scream, the crowd at the Dragon God Temple was left in shock.


"Dragons... The Dragons." Chi Yuan was completely stunned, his heart trembling.


"What breed are the dragons?" The crowd was baffled.


They didn't know about the Dragons, but they scared me a lot.


"The Dragon Clan is the most powerful race in the world, and the Yin Yang Family is not worth mentioning in front of the Dragon Clan." Ling Xiaoxiao said softly, her pretty face revealing a smile upon seeing the Dragon Clan Protector.


"The most powerful race?" The crowd was shocked and completely stunned.


Chi Yuan, as well as Zhang Wushou and the others, all froze in fear as they looked at the Dragon Protector.


"Uncle Long Jian!" Ling Xiaoxiao greeted the Dragon Protector, her pretty face covered in a happy smile.


"Uncle?" Hearing Ling Xiaoxiao address the Protector of the Dragon Clan, the crowd jumped again.


Ling Xiaoxiao actually knew the Dragon Protector! She even called him uncle.


What kind of terrifying existence is the power behind Ling Xiaoxiao?


"Xiaoxiao, so you still remember Uncle Long Jian, you haven't gone to the Dragon Clan for a long time." As his eyes looked at Ling Xiaoxiao, Long Jian's face revealed a smirk.


"Xiaoxiao does not go out to grind, there is less time." Ling Xiaoxiao laughed.


Long Jian floated past Shao Siming, who did not dare to move, his face terrified.


When they saw Long Jian floating in, the crowd of the Dragon God Temple shuddered and was incomparably astonished.


Chi Yuan and the others also showed respect, not daring to be disrespectful in the face of an absolutely terrifying powerhouse.


Even Young Master was scared like this, not to mention them.


“Uncle Long Jian, you really are something, your cultivation has risen quite a bit again!” Ling Xiaoxiao laughed happily.


"You're still so good ! No wonder your Grandpa Long misses you often." Long Jian was filled with happy smiles.


Looking towards Feng Wushen, Long Jian smiled and said: "Your cultivation has increased very quickly, when you understand space travel, remember to visit the Dragon Clan, the clan chief wants to see your growth."


"Definitely". Feng Wushen nodded.


These words from Long Jian immediately shocked Chi Yuan and the others, for the Dragon Protector to think so highly of Feng Wushen!


Chi Yuan felt that he was betting on the right thing!


If the Yin-Yang Clan is strong, is it stronger than the Dragon Clan?


Feng Zhengxiong and Xiao Qingqing looked at each other, seeing the surprise in each other's eyes and secretly thinking, “Could it be that this person is the master Feng Wushen was talking about?


Although he is not a master, he is only related to the master behind Feng Wushen.


Otherwise, wouldn't Long Jian know that Feng Wushen's cultivation level was rising rapidly?


With these words, Long Jian undoubtedly made people think that he had been secretly watching Feng Wushen and had been double watched by the Dragon Clan.


Everyone in the venue, including Shao Siming, was terrified by Long Jian's words.


The Dragon Protector has been keeping an eye on Feng Wushen!


Chi Yuan's heart trembled more and more and at the same time he was ecstatic.


Chi Yuan had gone out of his way to help each other, even to the point of risking the fate of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, and his approach had earned Feng Wushen's complete trust.


The Zhang family also bet on the right thing!


What they couldn't imagine was that the Dragons valued Feng Wushen so highly.


“Uncle Long Jian, that bastard tried to capture Brother Feng, if it wasn't for Uncle Long Jian's timely action, we would all have died at his hands!” Ling Xiaoxiao's icy gaze turned to Shao Siming and said.


Hearing these words, Long Jian's gaze turned to Shao Siming, and with a single glance, he scared Shao Siming back a few steps in fright.


Just one look had scared Shao Siming to such an extent, it was clear how terrifying Long Jian's strength was.


"Long Jian, is Feng Wushen a member of your Dragon clan?" Forcing fear into his heart, Shao Siming asked.


Without answering, Long Jian raised his hand slightly, palm facing Shao Siming.


This move by Long Jian scared Shao Siming.


"The true essence protects the body!"


“Seven Souls Heavenly Fate Armor!”


"Immortal Art! Ice God Shield!"


Shao Siming exerted all the power of his bloodline to gather an energy shield, took out his Immortal armor and released another Immortal Art energy shield.








A relentlessly terrifying energy gushed out, and in an instant, the energy shield that Shao Siming had gathered, the Immortal weapon that had been taken out, and the Immortal Art that had been released, all shattered into pieces, ending in a gush of blood.


Shao Siming was seriously injured on the spot!


Strong! Devastatingly strong!


They had already experienced how terrifying Shao Siming's strength was.


Chi Yuan and the eight other powerful Divine Transformation Realm, as well as hundreds of terrifying soul bodies, were unable to hurt Shao Siming.


But when Long Jian attacked, he ignored all of Shao Siming's defenses and shattered even his Immortal Battle Armor.


With a single lift of his hand, he was able to seriously injure Shao Siming, Long Jian's cultivation so terrifying as to be unimaginable!


"You are not qualified to speak!" Long Jian said nonchalantly.


As soon as Long Jian made his move, he completely shocked Shao Siming with one sentence.


Despite being seriously injured by Long Jian, despite being so looked down on by Long Jian, Shao Siming did not dare to show any resentment or anger.


Long Jian's terror was very clear to Shao Siming, and he did not dare to mess with him.


Not to mention Shao Siming, even the high priests and protectors of the Yin Yang family would have to back off when they saw Long Jian.


With Shao Siming stunned, the crowd at the Dragon God Temple felt immense relief and pain.


Shao Siming covered his wound and forced himself to endure the severe pain.


"Uncle Long Jian, well done! Shameless people like him need to be taught a good lesson, if not, they really believe that their Yin Yang family can take over the sky!" Ling Xiaoxiao said with relief.


"The Yin-Yang family has become more and more rampant lately." Long Jian looked lingeringly at Shao Siming.


"Treasure hunting is a matter of skill, if you can't grab it, you can't grab it, so what kind of skill is it to rely on the strong to bully the weak and harass your underlings? It will only bring shame to your Yin Yang family!" Long Jian said nonchalantly.


Shao Siming did not dare to retort, let alone speak.


Long Jian's strength was so terrifying that Shao Siming worried that speaking would cause his own death.


When Long Jian wanted to kill him, Shao Siming couldn't resist.


“Go back and tell the Yin Yang Heavenly Emperor that the Yin Yang Family has a lot of guts, to come to the Ancient Dragon Clan!” Long Jian said morosely.


Without saying a word, Shao Siming wanted to cast his body spell and leave.


But as soon as Shao Siming's figure disappeared, Long Jian grabbed him through the air and pulled him back, dragging Shao Siming directly with him.


“Hiss…” Seeing this scene, the crowd from the Dragon God Temple let out a breath of cold air, horrified.


With such a strong cultivation level, Shao Siming could definitely leave the Infinite Domain in an instant with a flash.


And Long Jian then reached out and pulled, directly dragging Shao Siming back, what a terrifying force!


"I'm not done talking, you're not going anywhere!" Long Jian said in a morose manner, incomparably domineering!


"Forward!" Shao Siming said in a suppressed tone, holding back the monstrous anger in his heart.


Facing Long Jian, Shao Siming did not have any temper and could only act like a grandson.


"You can miss!" Long Jian said nonchalantly.


Long Jian had dragged Shao Siming away just to say this!


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