Chapter 624 – The Sacred Palace Retreat



Chai Ying's figure descending from the sky landed heavily on the ground.


With his own Black Golden Pill shattered, Chai Ying had obviously suffered an unimaginable amount of trauma, and now that the Genesis Qi in his body was withering, it was clear that he was no longer capable of fighting!


Countless silent gazes gazed at the figure that fell, not knowing whether it was dead or alive, the entire world remained silent like this.


Everyone looked towards that upright young figure with a calm face, this time, the gazes of the different parties were astonished.


Even the Chosen from the various sects had their faces surprised and serious.


The Chosen from the various sects had heard of Zhou Yuan's previous achievements before, but that was all, because in their opinion it was just a boss fight, and it meant nothing to them.


It was as if the lions and tigers didn't care about a fight between jackals and wolves.


But at this moment, they had to restrain that condescension as they realized that this young jackal in their eyes... Had the fighting power to kill lions and tigers.


Zhou Yuan, the head of the Holy Genesis Peak of the Cangxuan Sect, had become something comparable to a Chosen One!


For the first time in all these years, they encountered a Boss who was able to fight and kill a Chosen One in a head-on battle!


It was only at this moment that the Chosen from those various sects truly began to pay attention to Zhou Yuan.


It was because they knew that if they didn't pay attention to him, the next time they met they might be the next Chai Ying.


When Chai Ying fell without knowing whether he was alive or dead, the other part of the battlefield at the mouth of the valley also became a little uneasy, and those were Zhao Zhun and Chi Lei.


At this moment, both Zhao Zhun and Chi Lei were staring in that direction, and the horror in their eyes was clear.


Obviously, both of them were somewhat unable to accept this result.


When Zhou Yuan sneakily tried to become an alternate guard earlier, Zhao Zhun was the one who opposed it the most because in his opinion, Zhou Yuan just wanted to come and keep contribution points, this kind of competition between Chosen, where did he get Zhou Yuan, a boss, qualifications?


So when Chai Ying rushed at Zhou Yuan earlier, Zhao Zhun had decided that Zhou Yuan would end up in a bad situation, but there was nothing he could do about it, after all, he was equally entangled and distracted.


However, he never expected that while his side was doing its best to deal with Chi Lei, the other side of the battlefield was already in a victory.


And... That result was something he didn't even dare to imagine.


"How could he defeat Chai Ying?!"


The same words, almost by coincidence, came out of Zhao Zhun and Chi Lei's mouths.


However, Zhao Zhun was shocked and disbelieving, while Chi Lei had an extra touch of fear.


The current situation was out of his control in a matter of moments.


Their original plan was for Chai Ying to quickly finish off Zhou Yuan, and then they could join forces with him to finish off Zhao Zhun. Everything would fall into the hands of their Holy Palace, and the Cangxuan Sect had to submit to a gentle bow.


But now the situation had gone awry, and Chai Ying had not only failed to finish off Zhou Yuan, he was finished... So his plan was a complete failure.


With cold sweat appearing on his forehead, Chi Lei no longer dared to take the initiative to attack Zhao Zhun, but instead began to retreat with his vigilant gaze looking towards Zhou Yuan and Zhao Zhun.


In the distance, Zhou Yuan waited for the boiling blood in his body to gradually calm down, then opened his mouth to spit out a cloud of blood foam, there was still a tingling pain coming out of his body. If he had been a normal person, he would have already lost his power to fight.


However, it was good that Zhou Yuan had cultivated the "Taiyi Mark", and the intense vitality in his body was quickly repairing his injuries.


He raised his head and fixed his gaze on Chi Lei in the distance, then his body moved and in a few flashes, he appeared next to Zhao Zhun.


"Zhao Zhun, hasn't it been resolved yet?" Zhou Yuan smiled weakly and asked.


Zhao Zhun turned slightly blue and growled, if it were in the past, he would definitely give a reprimand, but now, he understood that the Zhou Yuan of now was no longer the boss of before...


The moment he defeated Chai Ying, he possessed the requirements to become a Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect.


Therefore, in terms of status, Zhou Yuan was no longer inferior to him, he no longer had any capital to look down on Zhou Yuan, whether it was strength or identity...


That Chi Lei saw that Zhou Yuan had arrived, and his face became even heavier, the Genesis Qi in his body surging around him, in a cautious mode.


However, Zhou Yuan only gave him a glance and did not make a direct move, but instead raised his gaze in the direction of Chu Qing and the others. When he finished, the situation was extremely clear.


If the Holy Palace did not want to plant Chai Ying and Chi Lei here, then they would have to retreat.


Chu Qing saw Zhou Yuan's gaze, and also nodded slightly, turning his gaze towards the Jiang Taishen outside the boundary, and sighed, saying "Jiang Taishen, I'm really sorry, it seems that the two Chosen Ones you sent with so much effort were unable to complete your mission"


Jiang Taishen's eyelids drooped and his face became indifferent as he said, "Chu Qing, you are not very proud of yourself."


Chu Qing smiled and looked lazy, "What to do now, you can make your own decision, if you still want to continue fighting, I, the Cangxuan Sect will accompany you."


Now that the situation was in the hands of their Cangxuan Sect, the initiative was in their hands, and if the Holy Palace continued to bother them, unless they really wanted to ignore everything and strike to death. But here the different sects were gathered watching the tiger in the dark, and the Sacred Palace does not have the courage to risk it.


That's why Jiang Taishen planned to use his tactics to send Chai Ying and Chi Lei trying to break it from within and make the Cangxuan Sect soften, but unfortunately his plans were foiled.


If the Sacred Palace still planned to fight, Chai Ying and Chi Lei, the two Chosen Ones would surely die.


In fact, whether they lived or died Jiang Taishen did not particularly care, even if they died, it would not cause the current situation of his Sacred Palace to worsen to such a point.


Jiang Taishen's eyes closed slightly, and after a moment he slowly opened them, then the smile on his face appeared again and he said in a soft voice, "Chu Qing, this time. Our Holy Palace has admitted it. "


"This seven-color treasure land is not intended for my Holy Palace."


He was also a decisive person, knowing that it was useless to drag him, and since that was the case, he chose to give up.


The other Sacred Palace Chosen looked unhappy, but they did not dare to disobey Jiang Taishen's will so they could only gradually converge on their Genesis Qi, as they also understood that their Sacred Palace was already at a disadvantage in today's battle for the Treasure Land of Seven Colors.


When Chu Qing saw this, he smiled lightly and then said, "If that's the case, then you guys should retreat, my Cangxuan Sect will release your two Chosen."


Jiang Taishen's face was calm, and he didn't say anything else, but that gaze suddenly swept towards Zhou Yuan's figure in the valley, his eyes narrowed, while he said weakly, "Zhou Yuan is it? He's not there." bad, today's matter will be remembered by my Sacred Palace."


As his words fell, he turned around and left with his feet on his Genesis Qi without paying attention to that Chai Ying and Chi Lei.


He was not worried about Cangxuan Sect killing the two, because just as he did not want to anger Cangxuan Sect here, Cangxuan Sect did not dare to anger them either.


Zhan Taiqing turned to follow him, Jin Chanzi's golden vertical pupil staring at Zhou Yuan from afar, the coldness and cruelty in his eyes are not hidden in the slightest.


“Zhou Yuan, I hope you can leave this Mythical Utopia alive.” He smiled indifferently, and the killing intent between his words could barely be concealed as it spread.


Immediately, he also turned around and left.


So in a short span of no more than dozens of breaths of time, the Holy Palace disciples retreated cleanly.


With the retreat of the Holy Palace, the various sects hidden among the mountains became a little regretful, understanding that even the Holy Palace had returned with nothing. This seven-colored treasure land was no longer available for anyone to take.


Thus, those various sects also began to retreat.


However, before leaving his gazes fell on the slim and straight young figure of the valley, Zhou Yuan's name will spread across several sects.


The Cangxuan Sect, the new Chosen One, Zhou Yuan.


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