Chapter 625 - The Granting of Immortal Arts

Closing his eyes, Feng Wushen recalled the images from that time in detail, without missing any detail.


Feng Wushen was wondering how these spirit bodies could suddenly appear.


At that moment, the Nine-Fold Qiankun Tower was blown away by Shao Siming's palm, which took out hundreds of soul bodies, and at that time, the soul bodies were already under Feng Wushen's control.


"Is it because of the great power?" Feng Wushen frowned at the speculation.


While speculating, Feng Wushen boosted the power of quenching and tried to use it to control the soul body.


But, to Feng Wushen's disappointment once again, the soul's body was still not moving in the slightest.


"What do I have to do to control these soul bodies?" Feng Wushen was never able to understand it.


At the same time, what piqued Feng Wushen's curiosity was why these soul bodies were in the Nine-Fold Qiankun Tower, and what the former owner of the Pagoda wanted them to do.


One by one, the coffins were opened, and Feng Wushen tried various methods, but was unable to control these spirit bodies.


Two hours passed, but there was still no progress, which made Feng Wushen feel helpless and depressed.


All sorts of approaches have been tried and ultimately failed.


"It seems that it is Shao Siming's power that has stimulated them, and with my power, I am afraid that I cannot summon it yet." Feng Wushen secretly guessed, and this was the only way to convince Feng Wushen.


Desperate, Feng Wushen eventually gave up.


Of course, it was only a temporary exemption.


"There are quite a few thousand-year immortal spirit stones, it's time to refine the Dragon God Sword and Dragon God Gloves into immortal weapons." Feng Wushen muttered under his breath.


With Feng Wushen's weapon refining prowess, it would be very easy to refine the Dragon God Sword and Dragon God Gloves into immortal weapons.


Once the Dragon God Sword and Fist Set were refined into Immortal Weapons, Feng Wushen's combat power would definitely have an explosive increase, and at that time, Feng Wushen would be absolutely invincible under the Heavenly Extreme Realm.


"There is still the Nine-Fold Qiankun Tower, perhaps restoring the pagoda to an immortal weapon is the only way to understand it better." Feng Wushen secretly thought.


"All the other refining materials are almost gathered, the only thing missing is a piece of immortal jade, the pagoda is temporarily unknown whether it is an immortal or divine weapon, but it has been broken and needs immortal jade to be restored." Feng Wushen muttered, and then walked out of the Nine-Fold Qiankun Tower.


In the space of two hours, the cracks in the various imposing palaces of the Dragon God Temple had all been completely repaired and restored to their former state.


Ling Xiaoxiao and the others had already entered the Nine-Fold Qiankun Tower once more to cultivate.


The Dragon God Temple was cold.


Coming out of the Nine-Fold Qiankun Tower, Feng Wushen flew directly to the Immortal Weapons Pavilion.


Precious and rare treasures like Immortal Jades are not necessarily available at auctions or in the Zhang Family, so Feng Wushen could only head to the Immortal Weapons Pavilion.


"Feng Wushen is really alive!" Hidden in the dark, Tianhe was shocked.


"With such terrifying energy, it's impossible for Feng Wushen and the others to still be alive, what the hell is going on here?" Tianhe was very puzzled, with the strength of the Dragon God Temple, it was impossible to fight against the strongest of the Divine Transformation Realm.


Puzzled, Tianhe was the first to send the news to the Divine King's Divine Hall.


He ordered Tianhe to continue his vigilance and not to attack without full confidence.




Above the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, Feng Wushen appeared in an instant.


"Old Master!" Many disciples from the Immortal Weapons Pavilion cried out in alarm.


"Greetings to Master!"


When Feng Wushen appeared, the Great Disciple of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion and all the disciples respectfully greeted him, respectfully addressing him as Old Master!


In the main hall, Chi Yuan and the others, who were healing, were the first to come out to greet them.


"Hello teacher!" Chi Yuan bowed respectfully.


After the previous battle, knowing that the Dragon Clan valued Feng Wushen highly, Chi Yuan and the others were happy and grateful.


"You are seriously injured, there is no need to be polite." Feng Wushen smiled faintly and went down to the square.


"Today's battle was thanks to all of you fighting to the death to help." Feng Wushen then spoke.


Chi Yuan and the others had fought to the death and earned Feng Wushen's trust.


“Chi Yuan, since I have accepted you as my disciple, I will give you a scroll of immortal arts to help you enter the ninth grade of refiner!” Feng Wushen added, waving his hand, a scroll emitting a faint golden light appeared out of nowhere.


"Immortal Art!" Chi Yuan trembled tremendously, her heart a million times more excited.


The guardian and the elders, as well as all the blacksmiths from the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, were incomparably shocked, each of them looking stiff and unable to speak.


“The reason why I didn't bestow your refinement skills on you or instruct you in refinement at the beginning was because I didn't see your sincerity.”


“With the Earth Middle Grade Blacksmith Skill you are currently cultivating, if you want to reach Ninth Grade Master Blacksmith, I am afraid it will never be possible in this lifetime. With your current Eighth Grade Master Blacksmith realm, cultivation! of the Immortal Art, and by my guidance, within half a year, you will definitely be able to break into the realm of Ninth Grade Blacksmith Master!" Feng Wushen said as he waved his hand and sent the scroll to Chi Yuan.


Before the scroll was opened, Chi Yuan and the others had already sensed the powerful aura.


"Thank you very much, teacher! Thank you very much, teacher." Chi Yuan was so excited that he directly knelt down.


“In the realm of a ninth grade refiner, refining immortal weapons is within reach, but to reach the realm of forming a weapon with a single thought, the realm of a ninth grade refiner is far from enough.”


"Old Master, can I cultivate?" Chi Kong asked as he looked at Feng Wushen with excitement and longing.


“The guardian and elders can cultivate it, and all refiners of the sixth grade and above can cultivate it, the Immortal Art can allow you to quickly raise your refinement realm, only the Immortal Art is not as easy to cultivate as you think, it takes quite a while ". Feng Wushen said nonchalantly.


Hearing this, the guardians and elders, as well as many disciples, became extremely excited and instantly overflowed.


Immortal Art weapon smithing skills, they had never seen before!


The Immortal Weapons Pavilion was the number one weaponsmith sect on the continent, and the strongest weaponsmith skill was only earth grade mid grade, not even high grade, let alone an Immortal Art!


Chi Yuan had dreamed of obtaining a volume of the Weapon Refinement Immortal Technique, but in all these years, he had never seen it.


"Thank you, teacher!"


"Many thanks to Master!"


The guardians and the elders and all the disciples knelt down in emotion.


“I have other things to do in the near future, when I return, I will personally instruct, in the meantime, you guys familiarize yourself with the Immortal Art first.” Feng Wushen then said.


"In obedience to master's order!" Chi Yuan knelt down in a million emotions.


"Get up". Feng Wushen smiled slightly and said, “By the way, does the Immortal Weapon Pavilion have any Immortal Jade?”


Chi Yuan respectfully replied: "Yes, how much do you need, Master?"


"One is enough." Feng Wushen said nonchalantly.


Chi Yuan turned her palm over, and a piece of beautiful crystal jade appeared in her palm, emitting incomparably pure spiritual energy.


"Master, this is a six-hundred-year-old Immortal Jade, the highest in the Immortal Weapon Pavilion." Chi Yuan said respectfully.


Feng Wushen nodded and said: "That's enough."


With a thought, the Dragon God Sword and Dragon God Gloves were taken out and floated to Feng Wushen's side.


Feng Wushen intended to refine in the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, and at the same time he could also use this time to instruct Chi Yuan and the others in immortal weapon refining.


Chi Yuan and the others could see that Feng Wushen intended to refine the Dragon God Sword and gloves into Immortal Weapons and he did so right there in the Immortal Weapons Pavilion.


For a moment, the Immortal Weapons Pavilion was incomparably silent as everyone's eyes fell on Feng Wushen.


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