Chapter 627 – Fire Lotus

The depths of the cave.


All the eyes of the Cangxuan Sect looked in amazement at Tun Tun who was patting his round belly in that scene, with relief in their eyes.


Apparently, the shock caused by ingesting the Lizard Dragon in a previous bite was really not small.


But Tun Tun ignored their gazes and rubbed his bulging belly, then jumped up and landed on Zhou Yuan's head, no matter how he shook his head, he was lying firmly.


When Zhou Yuan saw this, he could only brush his lips and no longer paid attention to her.


Chu Qing looked at Tun Tun, her eyes shining, and said, “Tun Tun is really a good fighter and cute, Brother Zhou Yuan if you give it to me, the place of head of the Chosen is yours!”


Li Qingchan and the others couldn't help but roll their eyes at the news.


Tun Tun who was on top of Zhou Yuan's head also opened his eyes and looked at Chu Qing obliquely, there was clearly some mockery in his eyes.


Zhou Yuan was also a bit cryptic, this position of head of the Chosen did not matter to him at all, and it was not just a gift, it still had to be approved by the Master Chief!


And if Chief Master Qingyang knew that Chu Qing had exchanged this position, he would definitely spray Chu Qing with dog blood.


"Don't sell stupid things here!" Li Qingchan was not good-tempered, this Chu Qing's prudishness sometimes gave him a headache.


When he noticed that all the people were giving him dirty looks, Chu Qing also approached him with a smile, busy saying, "Just joking... Let's go there quickly! Let's take a look at the last cave."


Saying that, he quickly accelerated his pace and headed straight for that last cave.


The rest of the people saw the situation and followed suit.


A moment later, the crowd gathered outside the cave, and Chu Qing broke in directly.


The cave was extremely spacious and vast, but the crowd searched and reached the deepest depths, but found that it was empty, and there was nothing strange, but the Genesis Qi was even stronger than the outside.


"Where is the seven-color treasure land?" Everyone looked at each other, their eyes filled with suspicion, this was the place guarded by the Dragon Lizard, it must be the most important part of this treasure land. But right now, there is nothing?


Chu Qing also touched her bare head, looking strange.


Kong Sheng and the other Chosen were also a little impatient, they had fought hard against the Holy Palace for half a day to defend this treasure land, it was difficult to accept this result.


"We came here and no one has entered yet" Tang Mu Xin's eyebrows were knitted.


"Should we look carefully?" Someone suggested.


And in the midst of everyone's confusion, Yaoyao suddenly walked out and came to a deeper wall, stretching out her jade hand to touch it, her beautiful eyes slightly closed.


Li Qingchan and the others also cast their eyes at the mountain wall, but then they frowned again, because they didn't feel anything strange...


"Crush here." A moment later, Yaoyao withdrew her palm and said slowly.


The crowd looked at each other in confusion, and finally that Shang Chunqiu walked out, smiling, "Let me do this kind of hard work."


He came to the front of the mountain wall, with his five fingers clenched fiercely, and suddenly his body swelled, and a jade light flowed over his skin, and there was a silver mane faintly visible on his flesh.


An extremely terrifying power rippled and condensed within his body.


In the back, Zhou Yuan looked at Shang Chunqiu's body, his eyes slightly glazed, flesh and blood now silver, this should be the Silver Bone Realm, but this silver bone color of Shang Chunqiu was even more pure. than yours.


Clearly, this was the true Mythical Saint Body.




Shang Chunqiu punched out like an angry Dragon roaring, shaking the air, and the punch was a fierce blow on the incomparably solid mountain wall.




A fist fell, the mountain wall cracked directly, countless cracks spread under the fist, in about ten minutes, the entire mountain wall was occupied...




In the end, the mountain wall collapsed violently.


With a wave of the robe, Chu Qing's Genesis Qi swept and swept away the collapsed rocks.


Everyone's eyes were staring at the collapsing mountain wall, they could only see a reddish color coming from it, and the heat was so intense that even the air was burning.


Astonishment appeared in everyone's eyes.


Because behind that mountain wall, a lake of lava appeared.


The air seemed to be burning as a dense and violent fiery Genesis Qi continued to pour in.


"Surely there is another cave!" Li Qingchan was surprised.


"There is something strange on the mountain wall here, it should not be an ordinary stone since it can protect the detection of Genesis Qi." Chu Qing picked up a piece of the mountain wall that came out from the top, felt it and smiled. .


"It's thanks to Yaoyao" Li Qingchan smiled, I'm afraid Yaoyao's perception was far superior to Chu Qing's, at least now, Chu Qing couldn't even sense that there was something strange behind the mountain wall.


The crowd also nodded in agreement, and then carefully stepped into the mountain wall and stopped at the edge of that lava lake.


And when they came here, with a sweep of their eyes, they immediately saw the center of the magma, and there they saw a fiery red lotus flower, floating on the surface of the magma.


"Here's the baby." Chu Qing caressed her palm and smiled.


The others also had fiery eyes, seemingly equally aware of the majestic Genesis Qi fluctuations contained in that fiery red lotus flower.


Amid everyone's fiery gaze, the fiery red lotus flower was now slowly blooming, and only a cloud of fiery light was visible at the location of the lotus heart, and beyond the fiery light, there was a halo of light. of seven intertwined colors.


Seeing that seven-colored fire light, everyone present was moved.


“Seven-color Divine Establishment Treasure!”


Looking at the seven-colored fire light, not to mention the ordinary disciples, even the Chosen couldn't help but pound their hearts, knowing that by obtaining the seven-colored Divine Establishment Treasure, upon entering the Divine Dwelling they would be able to open the door. Dwelling of the Seven Heavens.


And the House of Seven Heavens, even among the Chosen of this era, only a few of them were absolutely certain to open them.


And while the eyes of the crowd were deathly focused on that seven-colored fire light, they could only see that in the fire lotus, there was some light blooming once again, and near the lotus heart, more than ten lotuses were swallowing light, continuously extracting pure and abundant Genesis Qi from that magma.


The fluctuations of extremely pure Genesis Qi emitted by those flame lotus seeds caused the Chosen to accelerate their heartbeats and dry their mouths.


These lotus seeds were obviously extremely rare treasures as well!


Amidst that fiery gaze, Chu Qing made his move and his Genesis Qi turned into a large hand, directly grabbing the flaming lotus flower from the surface of that lava lake.


The brand new lotus floated and was suspended in front of the crowd.


Chu Qing looked at the lotus flower in front of him, while smiling with his lips: “Now is the time for the long-awaited treasure division…”


This statement was met with an increase in everyone's breathing.

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