Chapter 627 - The Strongest Immortal Weapon

When the Immortal Weapon is first formed, an extremely terrifying aura rises into the sky and rages with destructive force.


The heavens and the earth have changed for the worse.


The golden light rises directly into the clouds and turned into a swirl of cloudy seas.


A spectacular and visually striking scene!


For a moment, the eyes of all the major and minor powers of the Infinite Domain, as well as countless cultivators, looked towards the enormous vortex in the void.


At first glance, everyone's jaws dropped.


In the Zhang family palace, the crowd gasped.


"This is... a high-quality immortal weapon!"


"Has Chi Yuan refined a high-quality immortal weapon?"


"No, this huge aura is more powerful than a high-grade immortal weapon, Chi Yuan can't refine it yet, it must be the Dan Emperor!"


The senior members of the Zhang family exclaimed in astonishment, incomparably surprised.


With such a great aura, Zhang Wushou was pretty sure that it was an Immortal Weapon made by Feng Wushen!


At the same time, the auction, the Heavenly Dao Sect, the Divine Martial Sect, the Zhuge Family, and other major powers of the Infinite Domain were alerted.


“A high-grade Immortal Weapon, this old thing Chi Yuan has refined another earth-shattering Immortal Weapon!” Somewhere in the imposing palace of the Hegemony Domain, an old man slowly opened his eyes.


“This aura is more powerful than a high grade immortal weapon, it seems that Chi Yuan's refining realm is getting stronger, it is only close to being a ninth grade refiner!” On top of a mountain in the Northern Xuan Domain, a white-haired old man was marveling, his old eyes shining in surprise.


“This old monster, Chi Yuan, has refined two high-grade Immortal Weapons in half a year, once he steps on the level of a ninth-grade alchemist, no one on the continent will dare to threaten his Immortal Weapon Pavilion ever! more!" In the Divine King's Divine Hall, the Hall Master frowned deeply, his expression extremely serious.


Looking back to the side of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, all eyes beheld the shocking and spectacular image of the void.


"An immortal weapon has a soul! An immortal weapon has a soul."


"It's the first time I've seen such a powerful immortal weapon!"


"As expected from a single thought in a weapon, the Old Master is really too powerful!"


The Immortal Weapon Pavilion's disciples exclaimed in astonishment, their faces swelling red as the roar rose to the heavens.


“Legend has it that weapon souls are only possessed by divine weapons, but to think that Master could refine an immortal weapon with a weapon soul!” Chi Yuan was surprised and excited, and his body trembled.


"I can't believe such a powerful aura is only a high-grade Immortal Weapon!" The guardian and the elders were surprised again.


For Feng Wushen to be able to refine such a powerful Immortal Weapon, his realm was so high that he had definitely reached emperor level.


"It's not over yet, the Immortal Weapon's aura can still become more powerful." Just when the crowd from the Immortal Weapons Pavilion was incomparably shocked, Feng Wushen's words were undoubtedly the fireworks that ignited the bomb, causing the Immortal Weapons Pavilion to instantly explode!


"And become more powerful?" Chi Yuan nearly collapsed in fear.


"How is it possible...?" The Protector froze instantly, his eyes rolling back in disbelief.


It was like a huge explosion in the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, and all the disciples were so shocked that their screams rose to the clouds.


Feng Wushen smiled faintly and said: "Whether it is refining an immortal weapon or a spirit weapon, or a treasure weapon, it can be forced to increase its power on top of its aura!"


"Raise the power to the force?" Hearing this, the incomparably surprised Chi Yuan and the others gaped again.


The shock that Feng Wushen gave them today, all the shocks they had had in their lives combined were not as great as the one they received today.


With such a terrifying aura, Feng Wushen went so far as to say that he could still raise the aura again.


The immensely bustling Immortal Weapon Pavilion also instantly fell silent due to Feng Wushen's words.


In the Immortal Weapons Pavilion today, everyone felt as if they had experienced a heavenly and hellish reincarnation !


"This is a special refining method, refining weapons that can incorporate ancient powers, or more powerful powers as well as bloodline powers, ordinary refiners cannot refine them unless the refiners themselves possess these powers, the Dragon God Sword that I refined was previously incorporated with the blood of the Dragon race, all of this is why it has great power." Feng Wushen explained how he urged the power of extinction.


Chi Yuan and the others listened to the clouds as if they were listening to a heavenly book.


What Feng Wushen said was simply unheard of for them!


Feng Wushen's hands changed once more, and the extinguishing power was continuously integrated into the gloves, and the Dragon God Sword, the two divine weapons were enveloped in a dark red glow, extremely strange.


And so it is.


When the power of extinguishing was fused with the gloves and the Dragon God Sword, the aura shot up instantly!


"The aura has risen!" Chi Yuan and the others were so agitated that they nearly choked.


What kind of scary smithy is this?


The fact that Feng Wushen was able to refine a high-grade Immortal Weapon with a 100% success rate had already shocked them greatly.


Now it is about fusing the soul of the artifact and incorporating the power of extinction to forcefully raise the aura of the immortal weapon.


How are they not going to be scandalized by this?


Such a terrifying refinement can be called the best in the world.


In the current continent, even if there were refiners more powerful than Chi Yuan, they would not be able to reach a level of refinement as extraordinary as Feng Wushen's.


The Immortal Weapons Pavilion fell silent as everyone was in shock.


When the Dragon God Sword's gloves and aura had peaked and stopped rising, an extremely bright and blinding light burst out, covering the Immortal Weapons Pavilion and reaching the clouds, the void a dazzling divine brilliance!


Such a spectacle is as if the gods came down from heaven.


A terrifying aura spread wildly, and many higher powerhouses were shocked by it.


The Immortal Weapons Pavilion is worthy of being the number one blacksmithing sect on the continent.


Such a fierce and terrifying refinement that no one can match!


Right now, this aura of immortal weapons that spread from the Immortal Weapons Pavilion has shocked many of the great powers on the continent.


"It worked!" Feng Wushen laughed happily, it was the first time Feng Wushen had refined a high-quality immortal weapon that possessed an artifact soul.


(NT: What would these people look like if they knew that this was the second time Feng Wushen had refined an immortal weapon? xD)


Feng Wushen was lucky, as both Immortal Weapons managed to condense their weapon souls.


However, the original forge no longer exists due to refining.


Feng Wushen has yet to forge.


"The strongest immortal weapon! This must be the strongest immortal weapon on the continent." The terrified Chi Yuan exclaimed to no avail.


Feng Wushen smiled slightly and said, “Forging them up to rank 9 is comparable to executing a divine weapon!”


“Half… making a divine weapon.” The crowd from the Immortal Weapons Pavilion was greatly surprised.


Are there really such terrifying immortal weapons in the world?


There is no doubt that Feng Wushen has personally confirmed it.


"Master, you... are you a master of the forge?" Chi Yuan froze for half a day before asking.


"Sixth grade forge master, I must be almost seventh grade too." Feng Wushen smiled slightly, and as he spoke, he was already putting on his gloves.


Feng Wushen can't wait to test the power of the gloves!


"Almost seven degrees?" Chi Yuan, just like the Guardian Elder, was so scared that all three of his souls left his body.


Blacksmith, Emperor Dan, and now a sixth grade smith!


Three fields of terror in one!


Is he still a human being? This is a divine being!


The power of quenching surged up and was incorporated into the gloves, which were bursting with a dark red glow.




Feng Wushen let out a ferocious bellow and threw his fist into the void, the terrifying energy shaking the void into a web of cracks.


When Feng Wushen activated the Extinguishing Power, his power was comparable to the peak of the eighth level of the Heavenly Human Realm.


But the power of this blow was enough to rival the peak of the ninth level of the Heavenly Human Realm!


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