Chapter 628 - The Terrifying Avatar

If Feng Wushen were to exert his full strength, this strike would be enough to rival the Heavenly Extreme Realm!


Feng Wushen has that confidence.


With Feng Wushen's cultivation at the seventh level of the Heavenly Human Realm, even with the original high-quality spirit weapon, and with the power to activate like this and take out the Qilin Battle Armor, the combat power was already as high as the peak of the ninth level of the Heavenly Human Realm.


Now that he has refined the strongest immortal weapon, comparable to a quasi-divine weapon, the power that Feng Wushen exploits is absolutely explosive.


Because of this, Feng Wushen had an enormous pair of confidence that he would not be suppressed, at least in terms of power, against the first level of the Heavenly Extreme Realm.


As for speed, Feng Wushen has instant movement!


A terrifying blow that terrifies the disciples of the Immortal Weapon Pavilion.


“When did Old Master reach the seventh level of the Heavenly Human Realm?”


“What a terrifying might! This blow is enough to rival the first level of the Extreme Heaven Realm, right?”


“A seventh level of the Heavenly Human Realm can truly explode with power comparable to a first level of the Extreme Heavenly Realm!”


Seeing the void exploding high up in the sky, the disciples of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion were all terrified of Feng Wushen's terrifying battle and trembled.


Even the genius disciples from the Immortal Weapons Pavilion were startled to the point that their eyes showed fear.


"Not bad, not bad, the power is really very powerful." Feng Wushen laughed heartily, the power of the gloves made Feng Wushen extremely satisfied.


With the Dragon God Gloves inside his body, Feng Wushen made a sign, and the suspended Dragon God Sword floated up.


Feng Wushen tightly gripped the Dragon God Sword, and the quenching power was activated once more and poured into the Dragon God Sword, a monstrous sword intent swept across the sky, and the suffocating sword aura of destruction was extremely dominant.




Feng Wushen grabbed the Dragon God Sword with both hands and swept it into the void, a thousand-meter dark red sword aura rising up like a blood moon.


"A randomly executed sword maneuver has a regal aura!"


"The power of the sword mane is even more terrifying than that blow just now!"


"Old Master's fighting power is terrifying!"


“This terrifying power is comparable to an earth rank martial art sword skill!”


This overbearing sword aura shocked the Immortal Weapon Pavilion disciples once again.


"Old Master is fighting so hard that he almost surpasses me!" Chi Kong was filled with horror, her face as pale as paper.


Even the higher-ups, such as Chi Yuan, were shocked by Feng Wushen's extremely fierce combat power.


If you look throughout the entire Immortal Weapons Pavilion, you simply cannot find a genius disciple as wicked as Feng Wushen.


Even the Young Master of the Pavilion, Chi Kong, is no match for Feng Wushen.


Although Chikong was the young pavilion master of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, with a cultivation level of the second level of the Extreme Heaven Realm, in terms of achievements, he was not even one ten thousandth of Feng Wushen.


"Very good, the power of this sword is even stronger than the gloves." Feng Wushen was filled with excitement, it was obvious that the power of the Dragon God Sword also made Feng Wushen very satisfied.


“If I combine it with my swordsmanship, even the first level of the Extreme Heavenly Realm is no match for me!” Feng Wushen secretly said.


At this moment, Feng Wushen was incomparably excited and couldn't wait to try his hand at a strong opponent.


However, that sword mane that Feng Wushen had just made had only shocked the talented disciples of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion.


"Only forging remains! There are still quite a few forging spirit stones that I bought at the auction." Feng Wushen muttered to himself, and as he spoke, he was already taking out a large amount of forging spirit stones as well as forging materials from his storage ring.


His eyes looking towards Third Elder, Feng Wushen smiled slightly and said, “Third Elder, watch this, even though you are a Seventh Grade Smith, I think you still need to study and learn.”


At these words, the Third Elder nodded respectfully and repeated, "Yes! Master!"


As the Dragon God Sword floated in the void, Feng Wushen beckoned, forging spirit stones and other materials floated into his hand.




The Dragon Flame activated again, a green flame ignited in his palm, and as his soul power activated, Feng Wushen formed an arcane seal with one hand.


A few moments later, in the palm of his hand, the forging material melted at an alarming rate, visible to the naked eye.


"How fast!" Third Elder felt shocked.


Even though Chi Yuan and the others were prepared, they were still shocked by Feng Wushen's terrifying forge.


"Master can't forge as well with a single thought, right?" Chi Yuan and the others speculated in horror.


And so it is.


Just by the time Chi Yuan and the others had guessed it, the forging materials in Feng Wushen's palm had already completely melted down, emitting a blindingly bright white light, and imbuing it with an extremely powerful aura.


With a wave of Feng Wushen's hand, the Dragon God Sword flew up, followed by a wave of his finger, and a brilliant white light entered the Dragon God Sword.




The green flames intensified violently, and Feng Wushen's hands kept changing arcane hand gestures while supplying himself with a constant source of soul power.


A brilliant white light quickly spreads over the Dragon God Sword.


"First Order of the Forge!"


"Second Order of the Forge!"


"Third Forge Order!"




" Forge Order Sect!"


The forging level rose frantically, like a rocket, from the first order to the sixth order forge in the blink of an eye.


"......" The Third Elder gaped, his old eyes almost bulging.


Although Chi Yuan and the others had guessed it, they were still amazed by what they saw with their own eyes.


Feng Wushen's terror had completely changed his perception of humans.


The success of the sixth order forge was expected by Feng Wushen, and there was no trace of happiness, only a faint smile.


The Dragon God Sword was successfully forged, and Feng Wushen continued to forge his gloves, amidst surprised glances from the Immortal Weapons Pavilion.


The forging level of the Dragon God Gloves shot up to the sixth forging level in an instant.


Once instantly elevated to the sixth rank of forging, Feng Wushen's terrifying forging realm once again deeply shocked the crowd of the Immortal Weapons Pavilion.


The Immortal Weapons Pavilion was utterly silent, and it was as if the Third Elder had been put under a stasis spell, motionless, even his breathing seemed to have stopped.


The Third Elder couldn't believe that a Sixth Grade Forge would possess such a terrifying forge realm.


Feng Wushen's forge could be described as the pinnacle of excellence, with achievements so lofty that the Third Elder could not hope to match them.


"How is it possible, Master is only a sixth grade forge, how could he have reached such a terrifying realm?" The Third Elder's heart was shocked and terrified.


Feng Wushen's terror was completely beyond the Third Elder's imagination.


The entire crowd from the Immortal Weapons Pavilion could not believe that Feng Wushen also possessed such a terrifying realm in the forging field.


He can make pills with a single thought, can make weapons with a single thought, and can forge with a single thought, reaching the top of the three fields.


Such a terrifying existence could not be found in the entire continent, including mysterious forces.


If Feng Wushen says second, no one dares to say first!


“ The forging materials are just right.” Feng Wushen said to himself: “There are no more gold coins left to buy materials, the Lord of the Dragon God Temple is very poor.”


If he were anyone else, he would be rich, but Feng Wushen is poor and crazy.


In one day, he not only refined a high-grade Immortal Weapon with a weapon soul, but also raised it to the sixth rank of forging in a breath.


Looking at the surprised look of the crowd from the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, Feng Wushen lightly shook his head.


"Chi Yuan, cultivate well and remember the teacher's words today, they will be of great help to your future refinement." Feng Wushen said softly.


"Yes! Disciple will definitely not fail to meet the high expectations of master." Chibi Yuan said respectfully, bowing deeply to Feng Wushen.


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