Chapter 629 – Concerns

On a green peak.


Zhou Yuan was sitting on a giant rock, and at this moment, he was looking at the colorful fire floating in front of him with a somewhat sad face; it was the Seven Color Divine Establishment Treasure that they had obtained from the Seven Color Treasure Land. .


"Twelve treasures of six colors..."


Zhou Yuan sighed, although he had finally obtained the coveted Seven Color Divine Establishment Treasure, it was somehow a debt puzzle.


And getting twelve Six-Color Divine Establishment Treasures, even in this Great Mythical Mountain Range, was not such a simple task, after all, Six-Color Divine Establishment Treasures will only appear in the six-color treasure lands, but every The appearance of a six-color treasure land will inevitably lead to many battles, which will undoubtedly consume a lot of time and energy.


"This goal of yours of entering the Mythical Utopia is finally barely achieved, are you still not satisfied ah?" Amidst Zhou Yuan's helplessness, a light and mocking laugh came from the back.


Zhou Yuan turned his head and looked at Yaoyao who was holding Tun Tun, and rolled his eyes in a bad mood, if it weren't for the fact that Yaoyao spoke just now, he had no intention of exchanging for that Divine Establishment Treasure. of Seven Colors.


Yaoyao stood next to Zhou Yuan, and said, "Although the twelve six-color treasures are a bit troublesome, but there is pressure to be motivated."


Although this was said so seriously, Zhou Yuan clearly saw a hint of a smile from the bottom of his eyes.


Zhou Yuan left his mouth open, but didn't say anything else, he knew that Yaoyao was also doing it for her own good, after all, her preliminary goal in Mythical Utopia this time was to obtain a Seven Color Divine Establishment Treasure at the very least, and right now, at least, it has been achieved.


Only, it took some time to pay off the debt of the twelve six-colored treasures.


"Here". Yaoyao extended her jade hand, there were three dazzling clusters of light appearing, with majestic Genesis Qi fluctuations emitting from them, it was three six-colored Divine Establishment Treasures.


"This is what Tun Tun and I got this time, plus one more from you, that's four" Yaoyao said.


Zhou Yuan's eyes lit up at the sight, and there was no pretense at all, after all, the relationship between the two parties did not need this, and if Yaoyao needed it, he could even give the Seven-Color Divine Establishment Treasure to her. without hesitation.


"Now that the knots in the Great Mythical Mountain Range are beginning to be destroyed at various points, and if what is expected is correct, the hidden Great Opportunity should appear soon." Yaoyao stood up, with her waist thin as a willow, her beautiful eyes looking towards the depths of the Great Mythical Mountain Range, and said slowly.


Zhou Yuan's eyes were also looking at the Great Mountain Range, and he was naturally extremely curious and eager to see that final great opportunity.


"That third Holy Rune, it is said to be in this Mythical Utopia as well, but there are no clues in this journey, and I don't know where it is. How can we see it?" Zhou Yuan intoned.


When he obtained the Holy Rune of Earth, he knew that the third Holy Rune must exist in the Mythical Utopia.


After seeing the power of the Earth Saint Rune, Zhou Yuan fully understood the power of the four Saint Runes that had been stripped from the Cangxuan Holy Seal, no matter whether it was the Deciphering Saint Rune or the Earth Saint Rune. Land, at the level of use, he cannot even be considered a stingy.


But even so, these two Saint Runes were already Zhou Yuan's killing weapons, thus displaying their power.


Therefore, as for that third Saint Rune, Zhou Yuan was also incomparably eager for it.


This Mythical Utopia only opened once in a long time, and if he couldn't get it this time, he really didn't know when the next time would be.


"I'm afraid that when that final great opportunity is revealed, it will be the real battle." Yaoyao sat elegantly on the side, gently leaning on a green pine tree, with her jade hand supporting her snow-white chin.


She glanced at Zhou Yuan and said calmly, “Your current strength, defeating a Sacred Palace Chosen who is ranked at the bottom of the rankings, is all you have given… If you encounter the top Chosen of those sects, I'm afraid the chances of winning are not high."


Zhou Yuan nodded slightly, his face condensing a little as he said, “So in this next period of time, I am going to attempt a breakthrough.”


His palm was raised, and only two seven-colored flame lotuses emerged, with fluctuations of extremely pure Genesis Qi emitting.


It was the flame lotus seeds obtained in that seven-color treasure land.


"Although this flame lotus seed is a cultivation treasure, I am afraid that these two alone will not allow you to successfully complete your breakthrough." Yaoyao's beautiful eyes locked and said weakly.


Zhou Yuan scratched his head, he also knew that two flame lotus seeds seemed to be somewhat insufficient, but he had no choice, he could only do his best to test it.


And in Zhou Yuan's helplessness, Yaoyao's small white jade hand reached out to him once again.


Eight crystalline lotus seeds were suspended in Yaoyao's small hand, and a seven-color brilliance emanated from it.


“This…” Zhou Yuan was surprised as he looked at Yaoyao.


"These are the two I won before, you know, this item doesn't do much for me, while the other two are from Tun Tun" Yaoyao smiled lightly.


Tun Tun in Yaoyao's arms made a hum.


"Tun Tun's aren't needed, right?" Zhou Yuan was a little embarrassed, Yaoyao was fine, but Tun Tun was clearly in love with the seven-color lotus.


"It's just greedy, really the effect is not very strong." Yaoyao lifted Tun Tun with both hands, her beautiful eyes blinking gently, her tone soft, "Tun Tun, don't you believe it?"


Tun Tun being stared at by the deadly smile, the hairs all over his body fell back a little, and finally he could only cover his eyes with his paws and make an aggrieved sound.


"Then there are four more, where did they come from?" Zhou Yuan asked in confusion.


Yaoyao smiled, "Of course it was exchanged by Li Qingchan and the others ah, in your name."


Zhou Yuan was frightened, and his heart suddenly felt bad: "What do you mean?"


"Four Six-Color Divine Establishment Treasures for one seven-color lotus... I gave you four of them, which means that you will have to return sixteen, plus the twelve above, make a total of twenty-eight six-color treasures, or even with two seven-color treasures" Yao Yao explained it seriously.


Zhou Yuan was stunned, and a moment later he felt a darkness before his eyes, the debt on him had not begun to be paid, but had instantly doubled and skyrocketed.


Yaoyao saw Zhou Yuan's pale appearance, and spoke with great care, "You don't have to worry about it right now, you just need to raise your own strength first, only then will you be qualified to fight."


Zhou Yuan's mouth went dry, and then his heart looked at Tun Tun with a sense of solidarity, it seemed that between the two of them, Yaoyao was a genuine little devil. He and Tun Tun have nothing to object to.


Tun Tun snorted, that look in his eyes that seemed to say he was worse off.


"Well, there's no need to worry about the debt anyway." Zhou Yuan finally came to his senses and felt dejected.


'No matter what happens, let's make way for the eighth heaven first.'


Only then did Yaoyao's forehead nodded slightly.


"By the way, that Omega Holy Spirit art of yours, haven't you cultivated it yet?" Yaoyao suddenly asked.


Zhou Yuan nodded, his Omega Holy Spirit Art could only be considered a half-finished product, it was not yet truly cultivated, as there were still nine main beast souls left, and he had not smelted yet.


But how easy would it be to fuse those nine main genesis beast souls?


The nine main genesis beast souls were extremely violent, and if one was not careful, they could even destroy the Holy Spirit Seed that he had initially cultivated, so Zhou Yuan had not dared to act rashly.


With a slight movement of his head, a jade bottle emerged with a grasp of his jade hand, and inside the jade bottle, there was half a bottle of blood that was shining with golden light, there was an invisible oppression emanating from it.


"Next time you fuse, you will refine this item and use its power to deter that main beast soul, I'm sure it will go much smoother." Yaoyao said.


Zhou Yuan curiously received the jade bottle, looked at the blood in the jade bottle that looked extremely extraordinary, and said thoughtfully, “This blood… Why does it look familiar?”


A few breaths later, he looked at Tun Tun, who was now lying helplessly on Yaoyao's long legs, and the beast's pupils seemed to be somewhat lifeless.


Yaoyao said, "This is Tun Tun's blood, you won't be able to take that much at once since you won't be able to handle it, so everything is divided into two months, taking it daily for a little bit."


Zhou Yuan was speechless, and finally looked at Tun Tun and sighed.


'Brother, you're still the one who's worse off.'


However, with these seven-colored lotus seeds plus Tun Tun's blood, in the next period of time it seemed that he needed to enter behind closed doors to make the correct preparations so that he could have the power to fight upon entering that Great Opportunity.

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