Chapter 629 - Tianhe's Arrival

Leaving the Immortal Weapons Pavilion, Feng Wushen headed back to the Zhang family.


This time, the Zhang family tried their best, and the Zhang family's three great divine transformation realms fought to the death to help, and Feng Wushen was incomparably grateful.


The Zhang family had fought to the death to help, and Feng Wushen naturally wanted to return the favor.


In exchange for coming to the Zhang family, Feng Wushen left behind a scroll of weapon refining knowledge.


Feng Wushen did not stay much longer and returned to the Dragon God Temple afterwards.


After this battle, Feng Wushen believes that the Evil Giants and the Yin Yang Family will not attack again anytime soon.


As for the Divine King's Divine Hall, Feng Wushen believed that they had already been surprised by the Evil Giant Clan and the Yin Yang Family, and even if they were powerful, they would not dare to draw attention to themselves with the Evil Giant Clan. and the Yin Yang Family.


In this way, Feng Wushen released a lot of time.


The Tooth of Time has been found, and the next thing Feng Wushen seeks is the power of time.


Only acquiring the power of time can take advantage of the Tooth of Time.


Without the power of time, the Tooth of Time is equal to junk.


Feng Wushen now has a rough idea of where the power of time resides.


However, before seeking the power of time, Feng Wushen had to take advantage of the Divine King's Divine Hall not daring to take a rash step and head to the Hegemony Domain to search for the Black Crow Fire first.


With the decision made, Feng Wushen increased his speed and returned to the Dragon God Temple.


But at that moment, an icy voice came up: "Where is the Master of the Dragon God Temple going in such a hurry?"


"Tianhe!" Hearing this voice, Feng Wushen frowned slightly, and his body stopped.




A figure appeared, it was none other than Tianhe from the Divine King's Divine Hall.


"I really didn't expect you to survive, and even more so, I didn't expect the Dragon God Temple to escape the calamity, although I don't know what happened." Tianhe spoke coldly, her terrifying aura of the fifth level of the Extreme Heavenly Realm had already fixed on Feng Wushen.


When he learned that the Dragon God Temple and Feng Wushen were safe and sound, Tian He had already set his sights on Feng Wushen, but he only waited until now for this great opportunity to reveal himself.


Leng Shen had given repeated instructions not to alert the snake, so as Feng Wushen made his way to the Immortal Weapons Pavilion as well as the Zhang Family, Tianhe did not dare to approach it at all.


's face was grave as he said, “It seems you haven't been scared by the Evil Giant Divine Transformation Realm.”


“Feng Wushen has already broken through to the seventh level of the Heavenly Human Realm, and right now in the Immortal Weapons Pavilion he has even exploded with power comparable to the first level of the Extreme Heavenly Realm! This brat is growing too fast, we must get rid of him! as soon as possible before there are endless problems ahead. Tianhe said fiercely in her heart, her eyes burning with a murderous aura without any disguise.




Without much preamble, Tianhe's body erupted, bringing with it a roaring sound as her figure vanished, leaving a strong whirlwind in its place.


In an instant, the Sky River had already appeared in front of Feng Wushen with astonishing speed.




Tianhe approached in an instant, his aura was majestic, a palm with the power of a mountain overturning the sea rushed at Feng Wushen without the slightest delay, a boom exploded, the terrifying energy burst the void in a blink of an eye.


"Humph! Can you get away?" Tianhe said morosely.


This Tianhe palm did not reach Feng Wushen.


The moment Tianhe struck, Feng Wushen had already launched an instant move to avoid it.


The speed difference between the two is so great that Feng Wushen must rely on instantaneous movement.


With those words, Tianhe's figure flickered and disappeared, chasing after him.


"Shoo shoo shoo!"


The instantaneous movement is carried out constantly, with a strange flickering of silhouettes, tens of thousands of meters away in an instant.


However, Tianhe's speed was terrifying, so to speak, he was also at the fifth level of the Extreme Heavenly Realm and had an absolute advantage in speed.


However, the instantaneous movement of the body is magical and strange, and at the moment of disappearance, the aura cannot be perceived, making it impossible to capture.


For a while, Tianhe's speed, even if it was fast, failed to take Feng Wushen down.


“High Grade Xuan Martial Art! Infinite Heavenly Lock!"


Tianhe bellowed and waved his hands one after another, a chain of energy shot out one after another, intertwining with each other in the distant void to form a huge energy web.


"Shoo shoo shoo!"


One after another, Tianhe struck, and one after another, the energy chains were intertwined into a giant web, linked into giant webs on all sides, forming an extremely large prison.


"Feng Wushen, I don't think you can escape with your speed!" Tianhe said with a slight cold laugh.


The huge cage built by Tianhe in the blink of an eye, each energy string contained terrifying energy, and he was absolutely confident in catching Feng Wushen.


And so it is.


Feng Wushen's figure appeared in the center of the cage, instantly moving even faster, still lagging behind in terms of speed.


"You can't escape! There's no one here to save you." Tianhe playfully sneered, and as she spoke, her terrifying true essence had already come out.


The place chosen by Tianhe was, on the one hand, far from the Zhang family and far from the Dragon God Temple, so even if someone sensed that Feng Wushen was in danger, Tianhe was confident that he could capture him again before they arrived. Feng Wushen 's rescuers .


The terrifying energy shook the void, and as it spread, it tore and collapsed at a speed visible to the naked eye, a terrifying scene.


In a short time, tens of thousands of energy sword qi coalesced, surging with energy that was impressive.


"I'll give you a taste of ten thousand swords piercing your heart!" Tianhe said fiercely, waving his hand without hesitation.


"Shoo shoo shoo!"


Tens of thousands of terrifying energy sword qi, all of them carrying the power of thunder, roared out a furious and ferocious attack.


The terrifying energy of the fifth level of the Extreme Heaven Realm was too much for Feng Wushen to bear, even if he fought to the death against it, given his cultivation level.


The difference in strength is too great.


“By capturing you and taking you back, I will have a chance to break through to the sixth level of the Extreme Heaven Realm after performing a great feat!” Tianhe smiled coldly, as if he had already seen the image of himself breaking through to the sixth level of the Extreme Heavenly Realm.


"Qilin Battle Armor!"


"The true essence protects the body!"


"Dragon God Protection!"


Faced with Tianhe's extremely terrifying attack, Feng Wushen, unable to escape from the cage, resisted with all his might, to the point of activating his Dragon God Body Protection.


On the surface of Feng Wushen's body, a huge blood-red dragon came together to protect him.


“This is…” Seeing the strange monster, Tianhe couldn't help but stare.


"Boom boom boom!"


Before he had time to look, tens of thousands of terrifying energy sword qi had already bombarded the dragon with a deafening blast of earth-shattering destructive energy, destroying the cage and engulfing Feng Wushen.


"No matter how strong your defense is, can it stop my power?" Tianhe was filled with contempt.


In the destructive energy, Feng Wushen's protective true essence was useless and was instantly shattered. Even the Dragon God's protective body was unable to withstand such terrifying energy.


"The Qilin Battle Armor and Dragon God Body Protection can't even resist this power!" Feng Wushen's heart was greatly alarmed.


You know that the Qilin Battle Armor is a divine weapon! The defensive power is extremely terrifying!


At this time, Feng Wushen is like being in a terrifying storm, suffering from the endless tearing of the astral wind.


The dragon was covered in cracks and could collapse at any moment.




Feng Wushen was spitting out blood one after another, his injuries rapidly worsening.


The barrage of tens of thousands of qi energy from the sword can be imagined how terrifying it was.


Facing the fifth level of the Heavenly Extreme Realm, Feng Wushen was helpless.



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