Chapter 631 – The Retaliation of the Sacred Palace

The sun was setting, and the afterglow was shining on the land.


Meanwhile, Li Qingchan was standing on a hill, as he looked into the distance. Confused, she whispered, "Why hasn't Yaoyao come back yet?"


With Yaoyao's strength, it shouldn't be difficult to explore and fight for a land of six-color treasures, at the speed of the past, a small half-day round trip would be enough.


"Was it because of some other delay?" Li Qingchan said to herself, but she didn't think that anything would happen to Yaoyao, after all, although Yaoyao's own Genesis Qi was thin, but her spirit was strong, beyond any Chosen One.


Even Jiang Taishen, Chu Qing and the others would have a huge headache when facing the power of Yaoyao's spirit.


So even if Yaoyao found herself in a situation, she was able to get out of it with her entire body.


So Li Qingchan didn't pay too much attention to it and turned his attention to other directions.




But at this moment, a clear and long voice rang in the sky. It swooped down and finally hovered over the top of the mountain.




The ice-blue bird swooped down, causing some Cangxuan Sect disciples on the mountain to scream, followed by some disciples rising into the air, trying to stop it.


Meanwhile, Li Qingchan stared at the back of the ice blue bird and saw a pretty green-haired girl. The young girl, whose delicate and charming face was now filled with anxiety.


"A disciple of the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace?" Li Qingchan saw the pattern on the green-haired girl's shirt.


"I'm Lu Luo, Zhou Yuan's best friend, Lu Luo of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace, which one of you is in charge? I'm in a hurry!" Lu Luo said urgently.


Many eyes turned to Li Qingchan.


Li Qingchan also came out and said in a low voice, "I am Li Qingchan from Cangxuan Sect, what do you want?"


Seeing this, Lu Luo hurriedly came down from the sky and landed in front of Li Qingchan, saying urgently, "You guys go and save Yaoyao! Something has happened to her!"


Li Qingchan's beautiful eyes looked at her and said, "How?!"


With Yaoyao's strength, even if she encountered someone and could not defeat them, but no one could stop her from leaving.


"The six-color treasure land that Yaoyao went to was a trap designed by the Holy Palace! It is a Spirit Suppressing Mountain, capable of suppressing spirit, and Yaoyao's strength will be greatly suppressed there!" Lu Luo said urgently.


"The news came secretly from our friend from the Heavenly Ghost Mansion, and we had friends who rushed there, but there were two Chosen Ones sent by the Holy Palace there. There is nothing we can do against the Chosen Ones!"


Li Qingchan's pretty face finally changed and she lost her voice: "Spirit Suppressing Mountain?!"


The next moment, his silver teeth clenched and he said in a chilling voice, “What a vicious Holy Palace!”


He immediately looked at the other disciples and said, "Send a message to the other Chosen, informing them to hurry to the place where Yaoyao is trapped."


At that time, Chu Qing, Kong Sheng, and even Tun Tun were fighting for a treasure land.


When the Cangxuan Sect disciples heard the news, they did not dare to delay and quickly took out some transmission copper mirrors, infusing Genesis Qi, and spread the news of the place quickly.


But soon, they also received a response, and their faces immediately changed.


"Sister Li, the Chosen have sent a letter, your side has suddenly encountered an attack from the Chosen of the Holy Palace, and you cannot escape!"


"In addition, we have noticed movement on the path of the Heavenly Ghost Mansion, and it seems that it plans to turn towards the shooting range of our Cangxuan Sect!"


Li Qingchan's beautiful eyes narrowed, this Heavenly Ghost Mansion actually cooperated with the Holy Palace's action, it seems that these two sides came to some cooperation with the intention of going against their Cangxuan Sect.


This Sacred Palace had suffered a loss some time ago, but it did not expect to retaliate so quickly and so cruelly.


This Jiang Taishen was not really an oil-saving lamp.


“Sister Li, when I came here, Sister Gong Wan of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace said that on the side of the Heavenly Ghost Mansion, my Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace would get involved… There is no need to worry about them. Lu Luo suddenly said.


Li Qingchan's pretty face slowed down a little upon hearing the words and said, "Please express my gratitude to Gong Wan on my behalf."


She was not particularly surprised that the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace had come to her aid, since the Hundred Flower Fairy Palace was very much at odds with the Heavenly Ghost Mansion, and some time ago The Manor of the Heavenly Ghosts had even ambushed Gong Wan.


Now that the Holy Palace and the Heavenly Ghost Mansion have joined forces against the Cangxuan Sect, Gong Wan of the Hundred Flowers Fairy Palace will not remain indifferent, because if the Cangxuan Sect ends badly it would also be detrimental to their Palace of Heaven. the Hundred Flower Fairies.


"What about Yaoyao there? Where is Zhou Yuan?" Lu Luo said.


"Zhou Yuan is still in seclusion now, and even if he isn't, he can't go there easily, the other side is guarded by two Chosen, it won't be any help." Li Qingchan said.


"And then what?" Lu Luo was so anxious that she stubbed her foot.


From the news they had received, the interior of the Mountain was extremely dangerous and was set up with extremely domineering cruelty; if they went there too late, I am afraid that something bad would happen to Yaoyao.


After all, everyone knew that Yaoyao's Genesis Qi was extremely weak, and now that her spirit was suppressed, how could she resist the poisonous gas?


Li Qingchan's beautiful eyes flickered as he said in a deep voice, "I'm leaving!"


Originally she needed to stay at the base camp, but now that the situation was critical, she was the only one who could make a move.


Lu Luo was relieved upon hearing Li Qingchan, and if she made her move, even if there were two Chosen in the Holy Palace on that Mountain, they cannot stop her.


After making a decision, he instructed the other disciples to guard the camp strictly. Stepping on the Genesis Qi, he rushed into the sky and sped off in the direction of the death trap.




However, just as Li Qingchan left, suddenly, there was a red stream of Genesis Qi whistling from the top of the mountain, like a river of blood! With a strong fury, he ruthlessly attacked Li Qingchan in the sky.


The sudden attack caused Li Qingchan's pretty face to change slightly, and she could feel the strength of the person who made the attack, and immediately also not daring to slack off, her figure stagnated, she flexed her fingers, and immediately there were countless winds of Genesis Qi roaring, colliding with the torrent of blood-red Genesis Qi.


Knock Knock!


In the sky, the violent Genesis Qi surged, and only after a moment did it gradually cease.


Li Qingchan stood in the sky, her pretty face cold as she looked at a mountain in the distance, only to see that on the trunk of an ancient tree, a woman in a black dress sat diagonally, now looking at Li Qingchan with a smile on his face.


"Li Qingchan, where are you going in such a hurry?" He smiled as he stared at Li Qingchan, a pair of pupils all scarlet.


Li Qingchan looked at her, her beautiful eyes full of coldness: "Zhan Taiqing!"


That woman in the black dress is Zhan Taiqing from the Holy Palace!


"It seems that your Holy Palace has been designing against my Cangxuan Sect for a long time!" Li Qingchan chilled, this Zhan Taiqing would appear here clearly prepared to stop her.


Zhan Taiqing stretched a lazy waist, her plump chest had full curves, she held her jade hand on her fragrant cheeks and smiled, "Earlier your Cangxuan Sect did something bad. Do you really think that my Holy Palace will swallow that without making her suffer?"


“Today, no one from your Cangxuan Sect will be able to rescue her…”


"That Zhou Yaoyao, I'll have to ask you to watch her... die."


When the last two words fell, Zhan Taiqing's eyes were filled with coldness and cruelty.


Li Qingchan's silver teeth clenched as her beautiful eyes stared at Zhan Taiqing coldly, and in her small body there was an astonishing amount of Genesis Qi that began to rise, no matter what, she must break through Zhan Taiqing's blockage! !


However, she also knew that it was extremely difficult, after all, Zhan Taiqing was ranked higher than her on the Continent Chosen list.


But at this moment, although it was difficult, Li Qingchan still had to try.


When Zhan Taiqing saw this, her red lips curled slightly and she said flirtatiously, "Li Qingchan, are you planning to fight me? Hehehe, have you forgotten that you were once defeated?"




And the instant Zhan Taiqing's voice fell, a golden Genesis Qi pillar suddenly rose on the back mountain of that Cangxuan Sect's main camp. Within the pillar of light, a golden giant python could be seen roaring.


"Sister Li Qingchan, you can tangle with her, I will go to rescue Yaoyao"


On the golden pillar of Genesis Qi a golden light shot out, cutting through the sky, at the same time a majestic sound of killing intent could be heard resounding.


Li Qingchan was shocked when he looked at the golden light that shot out violently.


"Zhou Yuan?"


"Don't go! They have two Chosen from the Holy Palace sitting there..."


However, before his voice fell completely, the golden light had already disappeared at the edge of the sky, making Li Qingchan unable to help but step on his foot.


"Just nonsense!"


(NT: Something good is coming)

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