Chapter 632 – Best Friends

On the outskirts of the Mountain.


A hidden mountain forest, there were several figures gathered here, their gazes heavy, all of them looking at the Mountain in the distance.


At that moment, on the Mountain, turquoise poisonous gas rose and spread, and the air could be felt even from afar.


"Half a day has passed... Nothing bad is going to happen to Yaoyao, right?!" Among the several figures, there was a silhouette whose small and delicate face was filled with urgent anxiety at that moment.


It was Zuoqiu Qingyu.


Furthermore, there were also the blind swordsman Li Chunjun, Ning Zhan and the two, who at this moment were also frowning.


"Hasn't Lu Luo's side returned yet?" Ning Zhan asked.


Zuoqiu Qingyu shook his head, they gathered here because they had received news from inside the Heavenly Ghost Mansion, and they certainly knew the source of the news, which should be Zhen Xu.


The current Heavenly Ghost Mansion was quite close to the Holy Palace, and I am afraid that this time, when Yaoyao was trapped in this Mountain that was now close to the Heavenly Ghost Mansion area, it was not without the intervention of the Heavenly Ghost Mansion . of the Celestial Ghosts.


So Zhen Xu did not appear, but he still secretly passed the news to Zuoqiu Qingyu, Li Chunjun and the others.


And regarding Zhen Xu's actions, Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others expressed their understanding, after all, now that Zhen Xu was in the Heavenly Ghost Mansion, with his status, he could not change anything, under such circumstances he could still risk passing the news, with his indifferent character he was already considered to value that friendship with Zhou Yuan.


"Let's wait for half a column of incense."


Li Chunjun was silent for a moment and said, "If the Cangxuan Sect has not yet come to the rescue, let's prepare to try to force our way through the mountain."


Zuoqiu Qingyu was surprised and said, "Are you crazy? There are two Chosen from the Holy Palace guarding the mountain outside."


"Chosen?..." Li Chunjun stroked the heavy black sword on his back, pursed his lips and said, "I have been holding back a mouthful of sword qi for several years within the Sword Seeking Sect, but I want to try the power of a Chosen One."


"You... The Contained Sword Technique, but it cannot be used lightly! Otherwise, it is easy to give up your efforts!" Zuoqiu Qingyu reminded with a pretty face.


Li Chunjun smiled weakly and did not respond, but his pursed lips were quite unyielding in sharpness.


Ning Zhan sighed, slowly raised his sleeve, only to see that on his arm, there was actually a horrible black light pattern engraved, that light pattern was real, emitting a terrifying and violent air.


"Since you have spoken like this, Sword Blind, then I can only fight to the death." Ning Zhan said.


"My master sealed the soul of the Black Spirit beast into my arm, asking me to gradually hone its hostility and one day be able to use it for my own use..."


"But right now, it can only be opened in advance"


However, if he was unsealed before, not to mention that kind of power right now, even if he could withstand it, without the Hall elders by his side right now, once the Black Spirit came out, if he wanted to run away he simply didn't have it. the strength to capture it again.


When the time comes to return to the North Sea Dragon Hall, it will be difficult to explain.


Li Chunjun's eyes wrapped in the black cloth swept towards Ning Zhan, seemingly smiling as he said, "No regrets?"


Ning Zhan shrugged and smiled: "Who have I feared, Ning Zhan?"


Zuoqiu Qingyu, who was on the side, sighed lightly upon seeing this, how did he not know that although both Li Chunjun and Ning Zhan had their cards in hand, the odds of winning against the Chosen were probably still not high, they were obviously aware of This, but they still chose to make a move, this, however, made Zuoqiu Qingyu's heart warm a little, these little friends who left the Cangmang Continent together, dispersed into their respective sects.


"While you guys move, I'll sneak into the Mountain and see if I can get Yaoyao out," Zuoqiu Qingyu said.


Li Chunjun nodded and looked towards Ning Zhan, saying, "Are you ready?"


Ning Zhan gripped the heavy Red Gold Rod behind his back, with a fervent battle intent in his eyes.


"Do it!" Said.


They all knew that once they made their move, it was irreversible.


But at this moment, they had no choice but to do so.


The three of them took a deep breath, and in the next moment, they were going to push out the Genesis Qi.




However, at that instant, a piercing sonic boom suddenly sounded in the skies, and Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others looked up in shock, and it was then that they saw in that extremely distant direction, a golden ray of light chasing the moon and the stars, and finally appeared directly in the sky outside that Mountain.


"Cangxuan Sect is here?!" Zuoqiu Qingyu was surprised.


"Only one person came? I wonder which Cangxuan Sect's Chosen is. However, that Sacred Palace has two Chosen sitting here" Li Chunjun said slowly.


Under his gaze, high in the sky, the glow of Genesis Qi dispersed and a thin figure stood in the sky.


And when their eyes fell on the figure's face, the three of them were filled with shock and lost their voices, "Zhou Yuan?!"


(NT: Li Chunjun should have known beforehand since ps is blind and could perceive Zhou Yuan's aura immediately xD)


Because that young figure standing in the air was indeed Zhou Yuan, who had arrived as fast as he could!


"It's the only one?" Zuoqiu Qingyu's pretty face changed slightly as he said, "This guy is too impulsive, although he defeated a Sacred Palace Chosen before, but right now there are two Sacred Palace Chosen outside the Mountain and their statuses are higher than that one." Chai Ying!"


None of them expected that the only one who had rushed here was Zhou Yuan.


Li Chunjun's eyebrows were also slightly wrinkled, turning around, "It's good to be here, it can relieve a lot of our pressure, I can join forces with Ning Zhan and temporarily stop the other Chosen One."


High in the sky, Zhou Yuan's gaze also swept towards Zuoqiu Qingyu, Li Chunjun and the others, then he smiled at them, as his voice came out enveloped in Genesis Qi.


"You are disciples of other sects, you don't need to make a move so as not to attract trouble"


Right now Li Chunjun, Ning Zhan and the others were, after all, from the Sword Seeking Sect and the North Sea Dragon Hall, these two gigantic sects had always remained neutral and did not want to get involved in the fight. between the Cangxuan Sect and the Holy Palace.


And if Li Chunjun, Ning Zhan and the two were to interfere as disciples of the two sects, they would inevitably attract some rebuttal.


"Right here, leave it to me, besides... Thank you." Zhou Yuan's soft voice reached the ears of the three.


The fact that the other party could appear here was already enough to move him a little.


Li Chunjun and Ning Zhan looked at each other, somewhat surprised, "He, it seems like he's going to fight the other two Chosen on his own?"


Zuoqiu Qingyu hesitated and said, "It seems so."


"You're not angry enough to lose your mind, are you?" Ning Zhan scratched his head.


Zuoqiu Qingyu was stuck, not that it wasn't impossible, don't look at the fact that Zhou Yuan was normally quite calm, but right now the Sacred Palace was plotting against Yaoyao, this was definitely running into Zhou Yuan's spine.


"Let's see what happens, if Zhou Yuan can't handle the enemy, then we will give him a hand" Li Chunjun said slowly.


(NT: It makes me laugh when he says "Let's see" xdxdxd)


The other two, too, nodded their heads slightly.


At the high altitude, after Zhou Yuan instructed the three, their eyes gradually cooled, they headed to a peak somewhere outside the Mountain where at that moment, two figures were standing with their hands in the air, looking at him with mockery in her eyes.


"I thought the Cangxuan Sect would come with a Chosen One. Turns out he's a brat who doesn't know how big the sky is." The Chosen One of the Sacred Palace, Tie Demon laughed sarcastically.


That Lei Jun stared at Zhou Yuan and also smiled slightly as he said, “It seems that defeating Chai Ying earlier has made you arrogant to a fault, do you know that we are both higher than Chai Ying in the Holy Palace Chosen ranking?” ?"


Both of them clearly already treated Zhou Yuan like something on a plate.


High in the sky, Zhou Yuan was expressionless, he looked at the spirit poison filling the mountain, and with a grasp of his palm, the Heavenly Yuan Brush appeared in his hand, rapidly expanding and tilting the tip of the pen.


"What is your rank, I have no interest in knowing..."


"All I know is that from today, your Sacred Palace will have two less Chosen"


His voice, which sounded slowly, with a majestic killing intent poured out.


(NT: OOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!, toooooo!!! Zhou Yuan is going to fuck two Chosen Ones today :v)

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