Chapter 632 - The presence of Devils

's group flew towards the Hegemony Domain at the speed of fire.


"Tianhe is most likely hiding nearby, so be more careful." Feng Wushen admonished.


Although Tianhe hasn't been seen for a month, it never hurts to be cautious.


The trip to the Northern Abyss deserved to be visited by Feng Wushen, regardless of whether or not the Black Crow Fire existed.


The tempting power of the dark fire, the divine fire of the times and the first of all fires, is immense.


Feng Wushen took out the map and drew a line on it with his finger, saying, “We will go through the northern border of the Endless Domain, avoiding the Divine King's Divine Hall, and there are fewer great powers spread out in this area.”


"Brother Feng, this is the Magical Beast Mountain Range of the mainland, we can enter the Magical Beast Mountain Range to search for the Blood Jade Bodhi!" Ling Xiaoxiao pointed to the map, which was also marked with the words Demonic Beast Mountain Range.


“Not bad, one Blood Jade Bodhi is enough for me to break through to the eighth level of the Heavenly Human Realm!” Feng Wushen smiled faintly and said.


“Xiao Xiao, didn't you say that the Blood Jade Bodhi is only available to pythons who are at the level of the Divine Transformation Realm? That's the Divine Transformation Realm, are you sure we're not going for death? ?" Liu Qingyang asked in surprise.


At that, Ling Xiaoxiao smirked, “Don't forget that Brother Feng has the dragon bloodline, the dragon race is the king of all beasts, one of the spirit beasts, those ferocious beasts, terrifying though they are, they have to snatch away when they see Brother Feng."


"Carried away?" Liu Qingyang froze, seeming to think of something, and said sweetly, “No wonder when we went to the Lake of Spirits not a single demon beast was seen, it was because of the dragon bloodline.”


"Miss Xiaoxia, is the Dragon Clan very strong?" Beidou Tianye looked at Ling Xiaoxiao and asked.


Ling Xiaoxiao laughed lightly: "Very loud! The Evil Giant Clan, the Giant Clan, the Elf Clan, the Yin Yang Clan, the Baili Clan, the Ancient Phoenix Demon Clan, the Qilin Clan, all these mysterious transcendent powers are not as powerful as the Dragon Clan."


Speaking of this, Ling Xiaoxiao looked at Lan Yue and smiled: "Sister Lan Yue is a member of the elf tribe, she should know it too."


"Actually there are still many great terrifying powers!" Yi Tianqing was filled with horror.


“Are they all more powerful than the Divine King Divine Hall?” Nangong Zhan asked curiously .


Lan Yue spoke, “The strength of the Divine King Divine Hall, should be similar to that of our race of elves, I am not too sure exactly, the Divine King Divine Hall is the king of the surface of the continent, while Among the mysterious forces, the Dragon race is king, but there is another powerful force that can compete with the Dragon race."


"Able to fight Dragons?" The crowd was shocked, and their horrified eyes looked at Lan Yue for the first time.


With such a terrifying force, there really are mysterious forces that can take on Dragons!


This is just terrifying.


Lan Yue nodded and whispered: "The Devils!"


"Race of Devils!" Liu Qingyang and the others were very surprised.


"The Devil Race is terrifyingly strong and has always wanted to eliminate the major powers of the continent to establish the Devil Race and rule this continent, and if the Dragon Race had not joined other powers, I am afraid that the continent would have been the dominance of the Devil Race a long time ago." Lan Yue said.


“From what our clan chief said, the continent has erupted in many great battles with the Devil Race over the years, with heavy casualties, and finally the Dragon Race and various other great powers joined hands to force the the Devil Race to regress, but after all these years, the Devil Race is still terrifying." Lan Yue added.


"This race of devils is too terrifying isn't it? Dragons can't even suppress it?" Beidou Tianye swallowed a mouthful of saliva in horror.


Ling Xiaoxiao said seriously, "The devil tribe is as strong as a cloud, they cultivate the devil technique, their cultivation level increases very quickly, and the number of strong people cultivating is countless, in the battle then, the boss of the Dragon Clan and the head of the Devil Clan fought a battle, in the end they were both defeated, and with several other major powers joining hands, this forced the devil race back, after thousands of years, it is feared that the tribe of the devil will soon revive again."


"When the devil race revives, there will be a great war that cannot be avoided, and when that happens, the continent will definitely be filled with blood, and living things will be annihilated." Lan Yue said.




Yi Tianzheng and the others were scared and terrified just hearing it.


The existence of devils was unheard of for them.


The terror of the devils was beyond his imagination.


“With such a terrifying Devil Race, why didn't they take the opportunity to destroy the Devil Race when they were forced to return?” Miao Qingqing asked, forcing panic in her heart.


"The Devils are too strong, no one dares to face the Devils rashly, once caught, the consequences would be unthinkable." Ling Xiaoxiao shook her head.


"Xiaoxiao, what power are you then?" Liu Qingyang asked, looking at Ling Xiaoxiao with a face full of expectation, wanting the answer immediately.


With this question, Liu Qingyang could be said to have asked the most heartfelt question out of the crowd.


All along they had been very curious about Ling's identity, but they never knew exactly who he was.


The fact that Ling Xiaoxiao and the Dragon Clan Protector knew each other and were on good terms meant that the power behind Ling Xiaoxiao must be very terrifying as well.


"You'll find out sooner or later." Ling Xiaoxiao smiled mysteriously.


"......" Ling Xiaoxiao's reply caused Liu Qingyang and the others to instantly suffer tens of thousands of points of damage.


Feng Wushen helplessly shook his head and said nonchalantly: "It's not our turn to interfere in these matters, don't think about it so much, speed up, and don't waste time."


"Shoo shoo shoo!"


A loud popping sound rang out as a group of Feng Wushen streaked past, disappearing high up in the sky in a blink of an eye with extremely terrifying speed.




Northern Abyss.


A majestic mountain rises between the clouds.


"Baili Yufeng! Are you lying to me? We have been searching for more than a month and nothing has been found." At the top of the mountain, Pang Xu Huai roared in grim rage.


With an icy gaze on Pang Xu Huai, Baili Yufeng nonchalantly said, “Did I find it?


"You!" Pang Xu Huai was furious, with a grimace on his face, but he did not dare to take offense.


Baili Yufeng's strength, which Pang Xu Huai had learned long ago, was impossible to surpass.


If we turned the other cheek at this time, we would not only not get the treasure, but we would be putting our lives on the line, which would be a great loss.


"Don't look at me with those eyes, if you don't want to go blind." Baili Yufeng said morosely, her icy gaze scaring Pang Xu Huai's heart.


"Bastard! You wait for me." Pang Xu Huai roared low in his heart, forcing out his monstrous anger.


"There must be something else we haven't looked for carefully, or maybe you've found something and you haven't told me." Baili Yufeng's icy eyes turned back to Pang Xu Huai.


Hearing this, Pang Xu Huai first froze, and then clenched his teeth and said angrily: "Baili Yufeng! I think you have discovered something and have not told me."


"Stop your nonsense, keep looking, detect carefully, and see if you can find the sealing formation or any other aura." Baili Yufeng said morosely, and then blinked and disappeared.


"How outrageous! Just outrageous." Pang Xu Huai roared through clenched teeth, so furious that his lungs burst with anger.


Fierce eyes filled with murderous aura and fists clenched tightly, Pang Xu Huai gritted his teeth and said, “When I break through to the ninth level of the Extreme Heavenly Realm, you will be the first to die!”

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