Chapter 633 - Cloudwind City

The northern border of the Infinite Domain.


Feng Wushen's group had already reached the border between the northern limit of the Infinite Domain and the Hegemony Domain.


"Master, the boundary of the Hegemony Realm is ahead!" Lan Yue said in a low voice.


Feng Wushen nodded and said: "Go."


Without pausing for a moment, Feng Wushen's group followed the planned route to the Hegemony realm, flying all the way to the Northern Abyss.


When you enter the Domain of Hegemony, you are not far from the Northern Abyss.


"There's a town up ahead, so you can take a break."


After flying some distance, Feng Wushen saw a city and made a point of taking a short break.


The northern and southern borders of the Hegemony Domain are relatively remote, and the forces are all second-rate and third-rate, with little risk.


This is the reason why Feng Wushen chose this path.


In short, try to avoid clashes with the forces affiliated with the Divine King's Divine Hall, so as not to attract the strongest of the Divine King's Divine Hall.


Cloudy Wind City.


Although it is a remote city, being relatively close to the Magical Beast Mountain Range, there are many strong people gathered in the city.


“Such an isolated city has a Heavenly Extreme Realm powerhouse.” Nangong Zhan said in surprise.


"The Magical Beast Mountain Range is not far to the east, these cities are their temporary landing places, and the other cities are similar." Feng Wushen said nonchalantly.


As he entered the city, Feng Wushen said, “If I am lucky, I can buy a lot of precious herbs and various materials within the city, as well as high-ranking vicious beasts, it just so happens that I need some herbs and materials, a lot of people. he does not know the prices of precious and material herbs, and even some powerful heavenly treasures."


“It is also because of this that some alchemists travel to the major cities near the Magical Beast Mountain Range to collect medicinal materials, and even many families do the same, as was the case with the Feng Family in the past.” added Feng Weshen.


's group arrived at a restaurant with unfamiliar faces, attracting the attention of many cultivators.


"What a face, who are they? They have such a terrifying aura."


“They are all mighty of the Heavenly Human Realm!”


“A genius from the Hegemony Domain! It must be a genius from our great powerhouse from the Hegemony Domain.”


In an instant, the tavern was abuzz with surprised and astonished gazes that fell on Feng Wushen's group.


At these gazes, Feng Wushen and the others did not care at all.


“Some masters, inside… Please come in.” The shopkeeper who came up to receive them said uneasily, obviously scared and not daring to be the slightest bit careless.


The shopkeeper respectfully led Feng Wushen's group to the first floor via the balcony.


Wherever Feng Wushen's party passed, the other guests avoided them, and no one dared to mess with them.


Even the hearts of the strongest in the Heavenly Human Realm were secretly shocked.


"What a beautiful woman, like a fairy." A man stared at the three women of Ling Xiaoxiao and Miao Qingqing, without even blinking.


"Don't you want to live? It's a powerhouse of the Heavenly Human Realm, a genius of a great power. You want to die far away, don't come to harm me!" A man standing next to him immediately scolded him in a low voice and slapped his head so hard that he immediately covered his mouth in fear.


Amongst the restaurant, there were quite a few Heavenly Human Realm cultivators, but they were too far away in comparison.


"Some gentlemen, what do you want to eat?" The clerk asked respectfully.


Feng Wushen nonchalantly ordered some of the restaurant's signature dishes, then asked, “Shopkeeper, is there anyone in town who sells medicinal herbs?”


"Yes Yes". The shopkeeper nodded repeatedly and said respectfully, "There are also quite a few herbal shops in the city, and there are alchemists, refiners, and smiths acquiring treasures on every corner."


"Thank you". Feng Wushen said nonchalantly.


"This master, is the alchemist, a fourth grade alchemist, if you need herbs, you can ask him to buy enough, and there is also a sixth grade alchemist in our city, a master alchemist from our Cloudy Wind City!" Just as Feng Wushen's words fell, the shop assistant suddenly pointed at an old man walking into the restaurant.


As he said that, the shopkeeper had already rushed downstairs to meet the old man and respectfully said, “Master Wang Dan, there is a customer who wants to buy medicinal herbs, do you think I should sell them?”


"Oh? Who is it that has enough to buy herbs?" asked Wang Dan Shi.


"It's me". Feng Wushen got up and said, then came down from the first floor.


Wang Dan Shi looked at Feng Wushen and asked, "I wonder what herbs little brother needs?"


Feng Wushen said nonchalantly, “Master Wang Dan just take out all your herbs, if there are any you want, I'll know at a glance.”


"One look and you'll know? Hmph! Big mouth, I'm afraid you won't know the old man's herbs." Hearing Feng Wushen's tone, Master Wang Dan seemed a bit displeased and spoke a bit arrogantly.


Although he guessed that Feng Wushen was an alchemist, Wang Dan Shi did not egg him on.


How strong can a yellow-haired boy be in alchemy?


Feng Wushen smiled slightly and said: "Then Master Wang Dan, feel free to take a look at it, if I can't recognize the herbs, I will buy them all, the price is up to you, what do you think?"


"Good! Don't regret it." Seeing Feng Wushen's confidence, Dan Shi Wang agreed to do it.


With a wave of his hand, dozens of different kinds of medicinal herbs flew out of Wang Dan Shi's storage ring and floated up into the air.


Feng Wushen swept a glance and shook his head, "There are no herbs I want, these herbs are too common and not worth much, sorry for the meddling."


After saying that, Feng Wushen wanted to turn around and go up to the first floor.


"Ordinary? Worthless?" Hearing Feng Wushen's words, Master Wang Dan was stunned, and then his old face turned grim as he angrily chided, “Brat, stop right there! How dare you say my herbs are coarse and worthless! What do you mean? If you don't tell me clearly, you won't be able to get out."


"Master Wang Dan don't be upset, these herbs have no value to me, I don't mean anything else, don't get me wrong." Feng Wushen said nonchalantly.


These herbs are bought cheaply by Wang Dan Shi, and then sold at a high price to earn a certain amount of gold coins.


These despicable tactics are clear to Feng Wushen, but he does not want to reveal them.


“Brat, this Heavenly Orchid Fragrance Sheet is the main medicine for refining the Fourth Grade Golden Xuan Pellet, it is worth 30,000 gold coins! You don't understand, don't talk nonsense.” Master Dan Wang angrily rebuked, not compromising on his appearance.


"That's it, that's it! It's 30,000 gold coins, and I just sold a plant a few days ago!"


"I sold them all yesterday for 35,000 gold coins!"


In the tavern, someone spoke in a low voice, confirming that the Heavenly Orchid Fragrance Sheet was indeed 30,000 gold coins.


"Thirty thousand gold coins?" Feng Wushen shook his head and said, “Master Dan Wang, I think you are lying, right? Although the Heavenly Orchid Fragrance Sheet is said to be the main medicine for refining the Fourth Grade Golden Xuan Pellet, it can cost more than 30,000 gold coins."


"What? More than thirty thousand?" Hearing Feng Wushen's words, the crowd in the tavern changed their expression greatly.


Feng Wushen nonchalantly said, “This thirty-year Heavenly Orchid Fragrance Sheet is worth sixty thousand gold coins, and the Golden Xuan Pellet possesses the powerful effect of increasing cultivation speed, thus the herbs used to refine this pill are all very expensive, much more expensive than many of the fifth grade pill herbs."


"Sixty thousand gold coins?" The crowd in the restaurant seemed to realize something, and their gazes simultaneously turned to Master Wang Dan.


Master Wang Dan's old face was a bit gloomy at the moment.


"Master Wang Dan, do you want me to continue?" Feng Wushen asked with a smile…


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