Chapter 633 – One Against Two

Outside the mountain where the Cangxuan Sect's main camp was located.


Zhan Taiqing raised his scarlet eyes and looked in the direction Zhou Yuan had left before, his small red lips curled up playfully, he smiled and said, “This Head of your Cangxuan Sect is truly extraordinary in courage.”


Li Qingchan's pretty face was tense, and deep in her eyes, there was also a touch of urgency. In her opinion, Zhou Yuan was too reckless, and she had to know that outside of that mountain, the Holy Palace had arranged two Chosen to guard it.


However, she also understood at that moment that being anxious was of no use, as she took a deep breath and said coldly, "Since Zhou Yuan dares to go, then his momentum, you shouldn't rejoice too soon."


At this moment, he could only hope for Zhou Yuan's strength.


" TRUE?"


Zhan Taiqing smiled lightly, then raised his jade hand slightly, a copper mirror appeared in his hand, Genesis Qi was infused, and there was a glow of Genesis Qi that shot out, directly projecting images into that void.


It was seen that in it, Zhou Yuan was standing in the air, and in front of him, were Lei Jun and Tie Demon.


"Since you are so confident, let's see a good show. Of course, if you want to fight, I can also accompany you, oh, but I'm sure you know that it's a waste of Genesis Qi." Zhan Taiqing smiled lightly.


Li Qingchan's beautiful eyes looked at the image in the sky, she knew that Zhan Taiqing was doing this on purpose to show the Cangxuan Sect disciples in the back, she wanted these disciples to see Zhou Yuan being defeated, like a way to shake the morale of the Cangxuan Sect.


But Li Qingchan also knew that he couldn't stop him.


But the good thing was that he had already sent out the news, if Chu Qing, Tun Tun and their side freed their hands, they would be the first to give support.


Her beautiful eyes looked at Zhou Yuan's figure, her jade hand slowly grasped.


"Zhou Yuan, you have to hold on longer."




When Zhou Yuan's voice containing deep killing intent spread throughout this mountain range, the two people, Lei Jun and Tie Demon, who were standing on the top of the mountain, were first frightened and the next moment they were laughing. with the stomach.


They never expected that Zhou Yuan would not only not choose to run away from the two, but would dare to say such stupid words in front of them.


Did he really think that just because he had defeated Chai Ying before, he could despise the Chosen in his Sacred Palace so much?


Chai Ying's strength was something that both of them were able to overcome, and Zhou Yuan was able to defeat Chai Ying, but not necessarily gain the benefit of his hands.


And, most importantly, the current ones... There are two of them!


Two Chosen, this Zhou Yuan, how dare he speak so loudly to them?!


The two laughed wildly for a long while, but finally they gradually stopped, looked at each other, and the corners of their mouths also had a cold and sinister curve that slowly rose.


"Brat who doesn't know the meaning of heaven and earth, we two would like to see what qualifications you have to be so arrogant in front of us today"




As their voices fell, in the next moment the majestic stormy Genesis Qi surged directly from their bodies, and the ground beneath their feet cracked continuously.


The violent pressure of Genesis Qi soared.


Genesis Qi intertwined behind them, hiddenly transforming into a sky of stardust.


In the distant mountains and forests, Zuoqiu Qingyu, Li Chunjun, and Ning Zhan looked at this scene, their faces all seemed extremely heavy, judging from the scale of the starry sky, the number of Genesis stars in the bodies of this Lei Jun and Tie Demon were probably about 45,000.


This was indeed stronger than the previous Chai Ying.




Genesis Qi erupted, Lei Jun and Tie Demon's eyes became extremely cold, they did not choose any solo fight, their figures violently shot up almost at the same time.


It was obvious that they planned to directly join forces to defeat Zhou Yuan as quickly as possible.


After taking a loss from Chai Ying earlier, it was clear that the Holy Palace no longer underestimated Zhou Yuan, the head of the Cangxuan Sect.


Lei Jun and Tie Demon transformed into two shadows of light that swept across the sky, one left and one right, quick as lightning, shooting at Zhou Yuan, Genesis Qi surging and whistling, bringing loud thunderous sounds.


Zhou Yuan stood in the void, his face expressionless as he looked at the two attacking at the same time, with killing intent in his eyes, Golden Genesis Qi began to surge from his body at this moment.


It didn't even seem like he was retreating in the slightest.


It seemed like he was planning to take the two people's attack hard.


When this scene fell into the eyes of Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others below, it caused their faces to change slightly. Extremely disadvantageous, if Zhou Yuan was sensible, he should avoid his opponent and look for opportunities to attack them one by one, but right now, it is difficult to face the opponent's combined forces! What about the offensive stance?


"This guy! How did you become a reckless man all of a sudden?!" Zuoqiu Qingyu couldn't help but step on her foot, her delicate little face filled with anxiety, although she had seen Zhou Yuan defeat Chai Ying before, but at that moment Zhou Yuan had apparently also given everything she had.


But now, Lei Jun and Tie Demon, the two Chosen of the Sacred Palace had joined forces to attack, far from being comparable to that Chai Ying.


Under his gaze, Lei Jun and Tie Demon crossed the sky, hissing and punching, Genesis Qi unfolded.


Each of these two's punches possessed the power to collapse a mountain, and now that they had exploded at the same time, the air where Zhou Yuan was standing seemed to be squeezed and exploded as much as possible.


Two streaks of light quickly enlarged in Zhou Yuan's pupils, but he remained motionless and expressionless, just the coldness of his gaze made people shiver a little.


"Arrogant thing, give me your death!"


Lei Jun and Tie Demon were also enraged by Zhou Yuan's almost unconscious posture, their hearts rose with killing intent, and in the next instant their figures directly appeared like ghosts to the left and right of Zhou Yuan.


Genesis Qi was emitted, directly blocking Zhou Yuan's path of retreat.


At the same time, the fist light containing his full force punch was already mercilessly exploding towards Zhou Yuan.


At this moment, Zhou Yuan who was finally starting to move, just extended his two palms, directly hitting the two fierce fist lights that were coming.


He was really going to take it hard!


The corners of Lei Jun and Tie Demon's mouths had sardonic smiles rising, Zhou Yuan's actions like this simply looked for death in their eyes.


They believed that in the next second, the light from their fists would blow up the bones of this Zhou Yuan's entire body, all of them raw.




In the next instant, under the colorless faces of Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others, the attack that the two Sacred Palace Chosen had poured all their strength into collided with Zhou Yuan's outstretched palm.


The violent and incomparable Genesis Qi storm raged, and the striking light drowned the figures of the three men.


The mountains below were even lifted halfway by the aftershocks.


Even the place where Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others were stood was affected by the waves, and the ancient trees were uprooted, the three of them hurriedly circulated their Genesis Qi and stabbed their bodies into the ground in a deadly manner, so they were not lifted from the ground. .


They, however, couldn't care less, their eyes staring at the source of the Genesis Qi explosion in the sky.


They could only see there, the radiant light of Genesis Qi gradually faded, and the sky came into view once again.


Then, intense consternation appeared on the faces of the three of them.


"How could this happen?..."


Above the sky, Zhou Yuan's figure remained motionless, and to his left and right, the heavy fists of Lei Jun and Tie Demon were held tightly by Zhou Yuan's two palms...


But Zhou Yuan, who had received the full force of the two, had not even moved.


The originally fierce faces of Lei Jun and Tie Demon also had a touch of disbelief on them, because at the moment of the previous encounter, they felt as if they had rushed into a black hole, and there were no signs of destroying Zhou Yuan's flesh. as they had imagined.


Zhou Yuan's face was unfazed, his eyes had a blooming golden light, and the Golden Genesis Qi was now spit out without reservation, and for a moment, the golden light behind him turned into a sky of stars.


Among that sky of stars, the stars blinked the number of...


Thirty-nine thousand!

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