Chapter 634 – Fierce Power

High in the sky.


Zhou Yuan stood in the air, his palms spread out to the left and right, while to the left and right of him, Lei Jun and Tie Demon maintained their fist stance, fist and palm was as if they were stuck.


If it weren't for the Genesis Qi roaring around the three, shaking the void, the onlookers would have thought that the three were shaking hands in friendship.


However, below, Zuoqiu Qingyu, Li Chunjun, Ning Zhan and the others were looking at the scene with slightly surprised faces, especially the golden star sky behind Zhou Yuan.


The number of stars in that was the number 39,000!


"He, he broke through!" Zuoqiu Qingyu muttered, but he clearly remembered when Zhou Yuan fought with that Chai Ying a few days ago, his own Genesis Qi cultivation was far from being that strong at that time.


At that time, Zhou Yuan's genesis stars were around ten thousand at most, but now, it had tripled!


Apparently, in these short days Zhou Yuan's strength had broken through once again.


The current Zhou Yuan should be at the eighth heaven of the Origin-Alpha Realm… except that the Genesis Qi base of this eighth heaven was simply so strong that it was scalp-numbing. Thirty-nine thousand Genesis Stars, even some Chosen from various sects would not be able to reach this level.


"No wonder he dared to come alone." Ning Zhan sighed and said, "This guy is truly wicked."


He touched the black beast tattoo on his arm and said, "Even if I try my best to open this black beast, I won't be able to defeat it."


Li Chunjun nodded his head slightly and his voice was hoarse, “This sword qi of mine cannot cope with the current he… He is, in fact, walking in front of us.”


"It seems that my cultivation is not enough, I will need more intense cultivation when I return to the sect after this Mythical Utopia ends"


He spoke in a serious tone, clearly he didn't just say it.


But if the people from the Sword Seeking Sect were here to hear this, I'm afraid their faces would change a little, because in their Sword Seeking Sect everyone knows that Li Chunjun's cultivation was... Incomparably crazy, unbearable for normal people, and yet, he kept saying that it wasn't enough...


While talking, high in the sky, Lei Jun and Tie Demon also saw the starry sky behind Zhou Yuan, and their eyes changed!


“This brat, how come his Genesis Qi cultivation has become so strong in just a few days?!” Both of them had crashing sounds in their hearts.


When Zhou Yuan fought with Chai Ying that day everyone saw it in their eyes, at that time Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi cultivation was only around ten thousand and he was able to fight Chai Ying head on with the combination of the three. powers of Genesis Qi, the physical body and the spirit.


But right now, the Genesis Qi cultivation rising from Zhou Yuan's body was not even a little bit weaker than them!


Their eyes were gloomy, there was nothing to hide from their previous punch, they could clearly feel the violent Genesis Qi like an angry Dragon that rushed into Zhou Yuan's body like this.


Under normal circumstances, even a large mountain would be blown to pieces by them.


However, Zhou Yuan's body only trembled for a moment before regaining calm, apparently that was because Zhou Yuan had dissolved the two's attack with one blow.


What level would he have to reach to be able to deactivate all the strength of the two directly in their bodies?


At least, in the case of Lei Jun and Tie Demon, there was no way they could easily introduce the Genesis Qi of an enemy of the same level into their bodies.


But Zhou Yuan did just that on the contrary, and managed to disable it.


At this moment, there was a strong sense of danger in the hearts of Lei Jun and Tie Demon, the jackal that they had thought was weak before directly turned into a ferocious beast that could swallow lions and tigers.




Their minds raced, and in the next instant, their Genesis Qi erupted and they were about to shoot violently.


However, the instant they moved, Zhou Yuan smiled coldly, he was able to dissolve the Genesis Qi that the two had attacked him not only by virtue of his Genesis Qi, but also by virtue of his strong physical body, as well as the subtle control of your spirit.


And now that the two of them had automatically arrived at the door, they still wanted to leave?


He flexed his palm fiercely, the suction power surged violently, directly sucking the two fists hard, and in the next moment, Zhou Yuan's golden Genesis Qi burst into his body, vaguely as if a golden python light was coming out. visible between them.


Zhou Yuan's body suddenly rotated at high speed, as if it had transformed into a golden gyroscope, bringing forth countless images, while Lei Jun and Tie Demon's faces changed dramatically as they were forcibly rotated.


Phew! Phew!


The terrifying rotating force caused the void to twist slightly, and in the next moment Zhou Yuan's arm trembled, only to see Lei Jun and Tie Demon who turned into two shadows of light that pierced the sky, and finally a left and a right, crashing mercilessly against the two mountains.




The mountain cracked and collapsed, and countless rocks rolled down.


The bodies of both of them were deeply embedded in the mountain wall, their clothes were torn apart, and their bodies had blood splashes, looking quite miserable.


The Genesis Qi in their bodies was also shaken by Zhou Yuan's heavy blow, and for a moment, they were unable to break away from the mountain wall.


High in the sky, Zhou Yuan's eyes looked at the two figures with a stern look, did his offensive end here? Apparently not.




Zhou Yuan flexed his fingers and the Heavenly Yuan Brush shot out, infusing a Golden Genesis Qi into it, and in the next instant it directly turned into a golden light, as quickly as it thundered towards Tie Demon who was embedded in the mountain wall. and stabbed him violently.


"Break Genesis!"


The snow-white tip of the Heavenly Yuan Brush was also quickly turning into a pitch black color, shining with a sharp, murderous light.


Tie Demon's face also changed dramatically upon seeing this, and he couldn't care less about the Genesis Qi vibration in his body, roaring and rolling the Genesis Qi in spurts, trying to block the violent shot of the Heavenly Yuan Brush.




However, the countless Genesis Qi defenses were almost as fragile as tofu under the Heavenly Yuan Brush, and as the brush passed by, all of the Genesis Qi blockages were pierced.


The golden light was rapidly enlarging in the pupils of Tie Demon's eyes, and his face was carved with emerging fear, and with his defense destroyed at this point, there was no way to resist Zhou Yuan's thunderous attack at this moment.


"No!" I scream loudly.




However, the Heavenly Yuan Brush did not stop, the golden light passed by and in the next instant it directly pierced Tie Demon's body, and the remaining power did not decrease, it actually ended up piercing this great mountain completely.


The Heavenly Yuan Brush shot out from the great mountain, launching directly into the earth and shooting out a huge pit on that ground.


And on the wall of that mountain, a blood hole emerged between Tie Demon's chest, from which Golden Genesis Qi shot out, rapidly eroding the life from his body, the blood from his mouth ran rampantly, and he extended his palm. He reached out to cover his chest, but in the end he could only feel the life quickly dissipating.


His face was full of fear, it was the smell of death.


Tie Demon struggled to look up into the sky, Zhou Yuan stood in the void and looked down with an expressionless face, causing his heart to suddenly rise with boundless regret. This mission was never supposed to happen in the first place...


Darkness surged from Tie Demon's eyes, and finally his head slowly sank.


The vitality dissipated.


In the distance, Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others watched this scene, their mouths couldn't help but open slightly, the horror in their eyes difficult to hide.


None of them expected Zhou Yuan's counterattack to be so crude and vicious.


It was just a mere encounter, Tie Demon of the Holy Palace, died like this!


It was simply incredible.


High in the sky, Zhou Yuan's eyes were cold as he looked at Tie Demon's lifeless body, and then he headed straight to another mountain wall, where at this moment Lei Jun also stood with a face of shock and horror. while looking at the deceased Tie Demon.


And when he felt Zhou Yuan's strange gaze, Lei Jun's scalp instantly went numb, and in the next instant his figure rose fiercely into the air, and turned into a shadow that turned back.


At that time, Zhou Yuan was so fiercely powerful that it truly scared the Chosen of the Sacred Palace.


"Do you want to leave?" Zhou Yuan's sullen gaze swept towards the retreating Lei Jun, his face expressionless, with a voice filled with impressive killing intent that resonated throughout the world.


"I said that there will be two fewer Chosen Ones in the Holy Palace today!"


"If you are all here together, then you will all leave together too!"


That majestic killing intent, even after killing Tie Demon, had not weakened in the slightest.

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