Chapter 635 - One Punch

Feng Wushen did not even take Wang Dan Shi's threat to heart.


"Everyone is hungry, so let's eat." Feng Wushen said nonchalantly.


“Brother Feng, I thought my temper had changed for the better, but who was to say that I would turn around and attack.” Liu Qingyang laughed.


Beidou Tianye said while eating: "This old man is embarrassing and still doesn't know how to repent after giving him a lesson, the Hall Master should have killed him, this kind of person doesn't deserve to be an alchemist at all."


“The people from Cloud Wind City willingly sold it, and that old man didn't force it, so I can't blame him for that, I can only say that that old man has no conscience.” Feng Wushen shrugged.


As Feng Wushen's words fell, the boy from the next shop hurried to say in a low voice: "Master, don't blame the little guy for talking too much, that Wang Dan Shi is not to be trifled with, he also has an Alchemist of Sixth Grade behind, our Alchemy Master from Cloudwind City, I advise you to leave now, lest you incur a disaster."


At that, Liu Qingyang smiled: "Okay, don't worry about us, go and do your job."


"Um..." The clerk stared weakly, then obediently withdrew.


"They are too arrogant, aren't they? Offending Master Wang Dan and still daring to pretend that nothing has happened!"


"If they don't leave, they won't be able to leave later."


"You really don't know what you're doing, do you really think that just because you are geniuses of a great power that you can go on a rampage in Cloudy Wind City?"


In the restaurant, the crowd was talking again, although they thought that Feng Wushen's group came from a great power, they still did not have a high opinion of Feng Wushen's group.


Because, there is a powerful sixth grade alchemist in Cloudwind City!


And so it is.


Wang Dan Shi, who came out of the tavern, immediately recruited a lot of powerful people, as well as many alchemists, refiners, and smiths.


The network of connections was extremely large, and for a while, within Cloudwind City, almost all of the powerful people converged in one piece.


Among them are also the strongest from the Human Heavenly Realm as well as the Extreme Heavenly Realm.



The strongest people from the Heavenly Extreme Realm have come, so it is clear that Master Wang Dan has a strong appeal.


Of course, a fourth grade alchemist could never have such a powerful appeal, and a fourth grade alchemist was not yet qualified to invite a powerhouse from the Extreme Heavenly Human Realm, even the Heavenly Human Realm.


However, Cloudwind City's sixth grade alchemist has an unusual relationship with Master Wang Dan.


This is why Master Wang Dan has such a powerful appeal.


At this time, a large group of powerful people are heading to the restaurant, and wherever they pass, the streets are filled with people who panic and avoid them.


With such a strong lineup, no one would dare to stop her.


"What's going on? Why has Master Wang Dan brought so many strong people with him?"


"How many people! Who has offended Master Wang Dan? Isn't this a death sentence?"


"Go see what's going on."


On the streets of Cloudwind City, many cultivators were shocked and frightened as the crowd followed them.


There were as many as fifty or sixty people strong with Master Wang Dan!


It didn't take long for the 50 to 60 strong people led by Master Wang Dan to block all the streets outside the restaurant, and together with the cultivators from Cloud Wind City who had come to watch, the streets were blocked on all sides.


"Don't let a single one of them go!" Wang Dan Shi shouted angrily, and fifty to sixty strong men instantly dispersed, sealing the entire restaurant.


In the restaurant, many cultivators panicked, and they all fled the restaurant for fear of getting into trouble.


For a while, the restaurant was cold and clear, except for the shopkeeper and the shopkeeper, there was only Feng Wushen's group.


Temple Master , many strong people are coming." Nangong Zhan frowned slightly.


Yi Tianqing said with slight concern, “Temple Master, three Heavenly Extreme Realms have come.”


"What are you afraid of, you can't break Xiaoxiao's limit anyway!" Liu Qingyang shrugged, without any fear.


Not even the Divine Transformation Realm could break through Ling Xiaoxiao's limit, let alone a Heavenly Extreme realm powerhouse, who would not be afraid of so many Heavenly Extreme realm powerhouses coming.


"A few masters, outside of... There are a lot of strong... people." The terrified shopkeeper panicked, his voice tinged with tremors.


"Don't be scared, don't be scared, go about your business, don't worry." Liu Qingyang waved his hand.


“Er…” Seeing that Feng Wushen's group did not care in the slightest, the shopkeeper froze, staring at Feng Wushen's group.


What kind of people are these? So many powerful people had come, and there was even a presence from the Extreme Heavenly Realm, and Feng Wushen and the others were still acting as if nothing had happened!


The clerk couldn't understand it.


This group of people are either horrible or stupid, the shopkeeper thought.


But no matter how you look at it, Feng Wushen and the others don't look like fools.


"Brat, come out and die!" Outside the tavern, Wang Dan Shi yelled angrily, having brought so many strong people with him, Wang Dan Shi was very confident.


Soon after, Feng Wushen's group came out of the restaurant entrance, their faces impassive.


"Who are they? So faceless, they must not be from our Cloudwind City."


"What a young and impetuous person, even Master Dan Wang dares to offend, he just doesn't want to live."


"I'm afraid that they have some origins, they are young, and they have both broken through to the Heavenly Human Realm, and there is one who cannot tell their cultivation level, so they must not be simple."


The crowd on the street, their eyes fell on Feng Wushen's group, most of their faces, showing gloating.


"So it's you brats, how dare you offend Master Wang Dan." A fifth level man from the Heavenly Human Realm said morosely, his fierce gaze fixed on Feng Wushen.


Feng Wushen spread his hands and said: "So what?"


"Go dead!" The fifth level man from the Heavenly Human Realm coldly yelled, his eyes narrowed slightly, and at the moment his fierce power was urged, he had already broken out.


The man's speed was astonishing, and he arrived in the blink of an eye, his palm containing terrifying power, relentlessly shooting at Feng Wushen.






However, what instantly covered the man's face in horror was that before his attack could hit Feng Wushen, a whirlwind-like explosion occurred, and the fifth-level Heavenly Human Realm powerhouse spat out blood from his mouth. as his body burst into a black line.


Wang Dan Shi and other powerful ones, not expecting it, flew out in an instant, taking down a crowd of cultivators.


The fifth level man from the Heavenly Human Realm fainted on the spot from the severe injuries sustained.


In a flash of lightning, and unseen by the crowd, the Heavenly Human Realm fifth level man was miserably defeated.




At the sight of this scene, everyone present, withdrew a breath of cold air in horror, dazed with fear.


The entire hall was instantly silent, and Master Wang Dan was stunned to the point of being speechless.


Dan Shi Wang couldn't believe that Feng Wushen had such terrifying strength.


Even the strongest of the Heavenly Human Realm, as well as the Heavenly Extreme Realm, couldn't help but be surprised by Feng Wushen's overbearing strength.


“This boy is so powerful in battle, his cultivation level is not at all below the fifth level of the Heavenly Human Realm.” A powerhouse from the Extreme Heavenly Realm said in shock.


"This son didn't even use his true essence, and the power of his fist alone is so terrifying, it's amazing."


“They only fear that they have some origin, such geniuses are not ordinary great powers at all, they only fear that they are related to the Divine King Divine Hall.”


With their eyesight, they could naturally see that Feng Wushen and the others were not ordinary people.


"What are you still standing up for? Kill this brat for me!" Dan Shi Wang roared furiously, he really did not believe that dozens of powerful people could not cope with Feng Wushen's few people.



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