Chapter 636 – A Death Blow

Above the sky, Zhou Yuan was standing in the air, and at this moment, on the surface of his body there was a mysterious shadow of light covering him, and behind the shadow of light were two wings of light that were slowly opening.


And every time those wings flapped, they caused a hurricane.


A mysterious and powerful fluctuation was slowly emitted.


“How is it possible…” and that Lei Jun, on the other hand, had a stagnant face, clearly unable to imagine that his strongest punch was still unable to cause the slightest damage to Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan stared at Lei Jun expressionlessly, the wings of light behind him fluttered slightly, this mysterious light and shadow was naturally the "Omega Holy Spirit Art", except this time, the Omega Holy Spirit Art was in his true full form.


With the help of Tun Tun's blood pressure, in the past few days he finally managed to integrate the last nine main beast souls into the Holy Spirit Seed, and this also meant that his Omega Holy Spirit Technique was truly cultivated.


The Genesis Qi of the heavens and the earth came in a constant stream and was swallowed by that single Holy Spirit Light, which in turn fed back to Zhou Yuan, quickly restoring the consumed Genesis Qi in his body.


When the Omega Holy Spirit Technique was truly cultivated, its power was undoubtedly much more powerful than before.




Lei Jun felt a strong sense of death in Zhou Yuan's body at that moment, so when he regained consciousness, he shot directly back at the first opportunity, pushing his speed to the limit, clearly intending to escape.


He no longer had the slightest intention of fighting.


Zhou Yuan's face was indifferent as he looked at Lei Jun who was like a lost dog, his five fingers slowly clenched, and the cold killing intent in his eyes caused the air around him to turn cold.


The other party had plotted against Yaoyao and trapped her in a dangerous situation, this had deeply touched Zhou Yuan's spine, and at this moment, the killing intent towards these Sacred Palace Chosen, could be said to be strong to the extreme. .


These two, they must die here!


Don't let any of them escape!




The wings of light and shadow of the holy spirit, at this moment vibrated violently, and Zhou Yuan's figure, directly like a ghost, disappeared at an unimaginably fast speed.


Here Zhou Yuan's figure had just disappeared, but in a few moments, Lei Jun's soul jumped only to see that above him, the distorted space had appeared a figure.


Zhou Yuan's face was cold, and his tightly clenched fist hit him.


With that fist, the 39,000 genesis stars within the Qi Dwelling bloomed with radiant light, and the Golden Genesis Qi was like a golden pulp, rushing through the body, eventually following the meridians and spurting out from under Zhou Yuan's fist. .


At the same time, between the heart, a drop of golden blood also bloomed with radiance, countless golden threads of light permeated, connecting with the flesh and blood, majestic power, pouring out.


Under a single blow, he gathered the power of the 39,000 genesis stars as well as the power of the flesh in the Golden Blood Realm.


And the power of the Holy Spirit was also added.


A punch was thrown, and before he fell, the space in front of him already began to tear, caused by the powerful force of the collision.


The majestic wind whistled, Lei Jun was horrified, apparently feeling the force of Zhou Yuan's blow.


"Spare my life! I was under orders!" Lei Jun screamed in horror.


That blow, which brought about the feeling of death, made Lei Jun no longer have the slightest arrogance.




However, Zhou Yuan was chilled and the fist wind roared, eventually crashing down with a punch that brought a wave of void, directly onto the Genesis Qi defense outside Lei Jun's body.




The many Genesis Qi defenses almost burst into pieces in a matter of a few moments.




Zhou Yuan's devastating blow also landed on Lei Jun's body, and in that instant, like a volcano, he erupted with all the power he could muster.


The void stirred.


A cry of misery resounded.




Lei Jun's body was directly turned into blood foam at this moment.


This blow that Zhou Yuan had put all his effort into was so terrifying!


On that mountain below, Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others looked at the blood mist floating in the sky for a long time, without saying a word, the impact of the scene before them was too strong.


They never expected that under Zhou Yuan's blow, he would blow a Chosen One into pieces...


He was a Chosen One of the Holy Palace!


It was hard to imagine what a stir this news would cause if it spread.


In the sky, Zhou Yuan coldly looked at the drifting blood mist, and with a wave of his robe sleeve, he directly blew away the blood mist, and then grabbed a brilliant six-color item from it.


It was a Six-Color Divine Establishment Treasure.


Although Lei Jun had been swept away by him, this Divine Establishment Treasure that existed in his Qi Dwelling had been retained.


Zhou Yuan put away this six-colored treasure and cast his gaze towards the collapsed mountain wall in the distance, where Tie Demon's body was cooling, he curled his palm into a claw and sucked fiercely.


There was another six-color light on Tie Demon's body that rose to the sky and fell into his hands.


This Six-Color Divine Establishment Treasure from Lei Jun and Tie Demon contained extremely pure Genesis Qi fluctuations, and it seemed like it should have already fused with quite a few Divine Establishment Treasures, and was evolving into Seven-Color Divine Establishment Treasures.


Apparently, Lei Jun and Tie Demon had put a lot of thought into their own Divine Establishment Treasures, but unfortunately now they were both working for Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan put them away and suddenly turned his gaze towards a mountain, his sleeve waved and Genesis Qi shot out violently, directly coiling a fine light there.


The light flew out and landed on Zhou Yuan's hand, it was a copper mirror.


"Shadow Transmission Copper Mirror?" Zhou Yuan's eyes were cold as he glanced at the Holy Palace pattern on the bronze mirror, and he knew that this should have been established by Lei Jun and the others before. The copper mirror should also have conveyed as much as possible of the scene that occurred here before.


Thus, Zhou Yuan raised the copper mirror to his face, killing intent still flowing in his eyes, and said weakly, "Have you seen enough? From now on, two Chosen seats of the Sacred Palace will be empty."


As his voice fell, he directly pressed the copper mirror to burst it open.




The instant Zhou Yuan crushed the copper mirror, outside the main camp of that Cangxuan Sect, the image in the sky also dissipated, and that Zhan Taiqing who was sitting on the top of the tree trunk, whose pretty face was smiling. originally, it had now become as gloomy as possible.


The scarlet pupils in his eyes were full of coldness.


Obviously he didn't expect the final result to be like this... the two Chosen of the Sacred Palace were directly killed by Zhou Yuan...


This result was somewhat unacceptable to her.


And compared to Zhan Taiqing's gloom, Li Qingchan also had her small red mouth wide open, and only after a long time did she gradually recover, her beautiful eyes also filled with vibrations.


Zhan Taiqing hadn't thought about this result, so what had he thought about?


A few days ago, Zhou Yuan had to give his all to defeat Chai Ying, but now, it was a succession of killing two Elegidps who were stronger than Chai Ying, how much progress was there in him?


Based on this performance alone, Zhou Yuan's strength was enough to be among the top four of the ten Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect.


Li Qingchan's eyes were somewhat complicated, who would have thought that Zhou Yuan had begun to approach them infinitely in that unconsciousness...


Li Qingchan took a deep breath, suppressing the emotions in her heart, then her beautiful eyes turned to Zhan Taiqing's handsome and gloomy face, to say: "Zhan Taiqing, this time you guys have really hit each other with a rock."


The fall of the two Chosen Ones was no small loss for the Sacred Palace.


However, the Holy Palace brought it on themselves, if they hadn't plotted against Yaoyao, I'm afraid Zhou Yuan wouldn't have exploded with such strong killing intent.


The smile on Zhan Taiqing's originally pretty face had already dissipated, his eyes were icy cold as he looked at the place in the sky where the image had disappeared, then he withdrew his gaze and said indifferently, "It's very good that you were able to make someone suffer." repeatedly to my Sacred Palace..."


"Li Qingchan, tell him to be careful, if he falls into my hands I will drain the blood from his body and make him howl in pain until he dies..."


Li Qingchan smiled weakly and said, "It's good that I heard this, but if it falls into Yaoyao's ears, I'm afraid you won't be so lucky!"


"Oh? That Yaoyao?"


Zhan Taiqing's willow eyebrows raised as he sneered: "In your Cangxuan Sect, apart from Chu Qing, is there anyone else I can see? So, if Yaoyao is still alive, then let her come to me and see how I can channel her." ".


"I think you'll regret it." Li Qingchan said slowly.


Zhan Taiqing's red lips raised a contemptuous curve, the red light on his body flickered, and then disappeared, leaving a voice.


"Yes? Then I'll wait."

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