Chapter 638 – The Great Opportunity Appears

When Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao came out of the Spirit Suppressing Mountain and encountered Zuoqiu Qingyu, the latter three were shocked to see Zhou Yuan's appearance, his gloomy appearance was completely different from the ferocity he had shown when he killed the two Chosen Ones. of the Sacred Palace before.


“Were you injured by the poisonous Qi inside?” Ning Zhan asked in surprise.


Zhou Yuan glanced at Yaoyao who was next to him, whose pretty face was as flat as water, when he immediately smiled awkwardly and said, "No, it could be that the Genesis Qi consumption was too great in the previous fight with those two." "


Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others did not doubt it, after all, in their opinion, Zhou Yuan had killed two Sacred Palace Chosen, and his own Genesis Qi consumption was too great as well. Justly.


"Yaoyao, it's great that you're okay." Zuoqiu Qingyu stepped forward and took Yaoyao's small hand.


Yaoyao also held Zuoqiu Qingyu's small hand with her back hand, a slightly soft smile appearing on her stunningly beautiful jade face. She already knew that Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others had come to save her, which moved her a little.


After all, he knew very well that Zuoqiu Qingyu and the others had taken a considerable risk by acting like this.


"The Holy Palace is the main architect of this incident, but this place is very close to the Heavenly Ghost Mansion, so they should have been involved, and he was also the one who gave us the news about the trap to Yaoyao, they sent us in secret news from the Heavenly Ghost Mansion." Li Chunjun's eyes wrapped in the black cloth swept towards Zhou Yuan and said.


"You should have guessed who the person breaking the news was."


Zhou Yuan nodded, the one who passed the message would be Zhen Xu, since the matter had the participation of the Heavenly Ghost Mansion, so it was impossible for him to show his face. After all, his current status in the Heavenly Ghost Mansion was not very high, so it was impossible for him to obstruct such things.


The fact that he was able to spread the news as a disciple of the Heavenly Ghost Mansion was already the limit of what he could do.


Therefore, to Zhen Xu, Zhou Yuan also had a little gratitude.


These little companions who had left Cangmang Continent together at the beginning did not disappoint Zhou Yuan.


“This time it was thanks to me that the Sacred Palace found the opportunity to design Yaoyao” Zhou Yuan said that he was already aware that Yaoyao would appear here just to help him find the Divine Establishment Treasure so that he could use it to pay off his debts. That was a bit embarrassing for him.


"After that, you have to keep a better eye, if something happens to him, I won't let you out." Zuoqiu Qingyu shook his small fist at Zhou Yuan and threatened.


Zhou Yuan nodded his head with a dry smile.




While they were talking here, there was suddenly a roar of a trembling beast in the sky in the distance, and then, a ray of light pierced the sky and finally transformed into a mysterious ferocious beast that appeared in the skies above, carrying with it a undulating ferocity.


That ferocious beast was covered in golden scale armor, its feet stepped on Genesis Qi, and there was a mysterious black light flowing between its gigantic mouth.


The beast's pupils were filled with violent killing intent, but it soon discovered Zhou Yuan, Yaoyao, and the others who were on the mountain. With a sudden burst of joy.




Its huge body shrank quickly and was finally dragged down.


It landed on Zhou Yuan's head and gave a low roar at Yaoyao, while its claws continuously stepped on Zhou Yuan's head.


Yaoyao could feel the kind of worry in Tun Tun's roar, and there were some traces of war on Tun Tun's body, apparently, after Tun Tun received the news that she was trapped, a war also broke out against a Chosen of the Holy Palace and finally got rid of the enemy and came immediately.


So he smiled lightly and stretched out his small hand to remove it from Zhou Yuan's head, gently rubbing his golden body that had become soft, said: "It's okay, don't worry."


Shortly after Tun Tun arrived, there were four more rays of light that descended from the sky and landed on the mountain, the leader of which was actually Kong Sheng, Zhao Zhun, etc. The four Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect.


"Where are the Chosen of the Sacred Palace?" Kong Sheng looked at Zhou Yuan, then at Yaoyao, his eyebrows wrinkled a little, and he asked directly, although his Sword Peak had some grudges with Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao, but after all, he was in the same direction, now Even being in the Mythical Utopia, Kong Sheng was still able to distinguish priorities, so after receiving Li Qingchan's message, they also tried their best to come.


“It is said that the two Sacred Palace Chosen here are Lei Jun and Tie Demon, these two are not weak and can be ranked in the middle of the pack among the Sacred Palace Chosen.”


Zhao Zhun looked at Zhou Yuan and said slowly, "You are acting recklessly, you dare to come alone without the help of the other Chosen? If something goes wrong, how will I explain it then?"


Zhou Yuan stayed behind, although he was a little grateful that they had rushed to rescue them, but this guy's speech was really a joy every time.


“That Lei Jun and Tie Demon, they were both killed by Zhou Yuan” Instead, Zuoqiu Qingyu who was on the side, spoke.


As soon as this was said, Zhao Zhun and the others were frightened, and then they couldn't help but laugh out loud, "What nonsense are you talking? The other party is two Chosen Ones. And even if they can't beat them, can't they escape?" "


Not to mention the numerical superiority of the opponent and the fact that trying to kill a Chosen One was much more difficult than defeating it!


Even Kong Sheng frowned, apparently feeling that what Zuoqiu Qingyu had said was too unrealistic, wanting to finish off that Lei Jun and Tie Demon. Even among the ten Chosen of the Cangxuan Sect, only a handful of their extremely high-ranking Chosen were able to do this.


Zuoqiu Qingyu shrugged, this kind of action on her was very playful and feminine, then he extended his jade finger and pointed to a crumbling mountain wall in the distance: "There, the person is still hanging there. See."


Kong Sheng, Zhao Zhun and the others immediately looked away, and that was when they saw the corpse that was embedded between the mountain wall where all life had dissipated. They immediately couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air.


Even Kong Sheng, his cheeks twitched violently.


"The other one, Lei Jun was blown to pieces directly by Zhou Yuan, leaving no corpse behind." Ning Zhan, who was on the side, laughed loudly.


There was silence from Kong Sheng and the others, and only after a good moment they came to their senses, Kong Sheng once again looked Zhou Yuan in the eyes for the first time with a complicated look, because if this was really done by Zhou Yuan, So that means that now Zhou Yuan's strength has begun to catch up with them. The first step of the ten Chosen Ones.


Zhao Zhun, on the other hand, was stunned for a long time.


In the past, he had always used his Chosen One identity to pressure Zhou Yuan, but after today, he understood that this behavior was simply a joke, his strength at most was similar to Lei Jun and Tie Demon, however, Zhou Yuan was able to kill both of them, meaning that Zhou Yuan's strength began to surpass him.


Kong Sheng looked deeply at Zhou Yuan and said, "Since it's okay."


"Thank you all for your hard work." Zhou Yuan grabbed his fists and smiled. Although the other party hadn't helped much, he still accepted the support.


"Prepare to retreat, this place is close to the Heavenly Ghost Mansion, now they are somewhat involved with the Holy Palace, it is not advisable to stay here for too long" Kong Sheng said.


Everyone else nodded in agreement.




However, just as they were about to separate, suddenly the world's Genesis Qi seemed to boil violently, a monstrous wave erupted deep within the mountain range, creating a huge wave of Genesis Qi above that height.


The wave spread at a speed visible to the naked eye, bringing the sound of thunder as it rubbed through the air.


This sudden change caused the faces of the people present to change, because that kind of Genesis Qi wave, even they had a heart palpitation.


"What's going on?" Zhao Zhun asked in shock.


Yaoyao's beautiful eyes looked into the depths of the Great Mythical Mountain Range, and a touch of amazement also appeared on her stunningly beautiful face, then she said slowly. "That super limit in the Great Mythical Mountain Range has been broken, and that great opportunity hidden in the deepest depths. It is about to be revealed."


As soon as the words were spoken, even Kong Sheng's pupils shrank.


Zhao Zhun and the others even had excitement coming out of their eyes, they had been waiting in this Great Mythical Mountain Range for a long time, wasn't it because of that great opportunity?


And now, that long-awaited big opportunity that all parties have been waiting for is finally going to appear!


Zhou Yuan also licked his lips as he looked into the depths of the Great Mythical Mountain Range and took a deep breath.


He knew that when that Great Chance was realized, the Mythical Utopia competition would only reach its true hottest and most exciting moment...
















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